Best Wedding Destinations in the U.S. and Abroad

Getting married in a special place guarantees spectacular memories. See the best destination wedding locations around the globe to find your special place.

By Jennifer Prince

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Your first thought after getting engaged may be to have your wedding in your hometown. After all, it’s the easiest and most familiar choice. However, if you decide you want to get married somewhere else, the whole world is at your fingertips. Destination weddings are on the rise as people cut down their guest lists and favor the micro wedding trend. No matter your reason for wanting to get married in a unique place, here is our guide to the best wedding destinations around the globe.

Should I have a destination wedding?

Destination weddings can be full of excitement and once-in-a-lifetime memories. At the same time, it’ll cut your guest list down and transfer much of the wedding cost to your friends and family. If you both grew up in the same place—and most of your friends and family are there—a hometown wedding might make sense.

But if neither of you has a set home base or many of your guests will have to travel anyway, consider getting married somewhere different. Destination weddings are perfect if you plan to have a smaller guest count, but no one is stopping you from sending invites to a big guest list. Just understand that not everyone might be able to swing it. Have honest, upfront talks about the goals and budget for your big day, and go from there.

Best U.S. destination wedding locations

Here are the best places for destination weddings in the U.S., from California Wine Country to a private island in the Florida Keys.

D-Argenzio Winery

California Wine Country

Although Sonoma and Napa are perfect for having a vineyard wedding, other areas, such as Los Angeles and Livermore Valley, also have beautiful wineries. These areas are ideal for wine enthusiasts, but they also have other attractions that folks enjoy visiting throughout the state. If you love urban areas, San Francisco and San Diego are also lovely options in California.

Popular venues:

The Barn at Harrow Cellars

di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art

D'Argenzio Winery

Edmund's Oast Restaurant

Charleston, South Carolina

If you seek Southern charm, Charleston is the perfect place to have a destination wedding. The downtown area has lovely parks and beautiful urban spaces. However, if you want to wed at a manor home or along the water, you can do that in Charleston, too. It is a great area with plenty to do for guests and couples alike.

Popular venues:

Seabrook Island Club

Poogan's Courtyard

Edmund's Oast Restaurant

Hampshire House

Coastal New England

From spring to fall, coastal New England is bursting with colors and flavors coupled with gorgeous views. Get married on a Maine Windjammer or blend urban with coastal in Boston. With so many cities and quaint areas along the Atlantic ocean, seaside couples have several options.

Popular venues:

Hampshire House

The Endicott Estate

Lakeview Pavilion

Black Forest By Wedgewood Weddings

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Outdoor lovers can find gorgeous views and excellent resorts all year round in Colorado, which is known for its mountains. Additionally, there are a variety of venues that serve as fabulous locations, such as The Broadmoor, which has over a dozen sites, including outdoor vistas and indoor ballrooms. More rural options include farms, ranches, and manor homes to suit a variety of tastes. In addition to Colorado Springs, other wedding hotspots in the state include Aspen and Denver.

Popular venues:

Black Forest By Wedgewood Weddings

Almagre Venue

1 C Barn

Sunset Gardens

Las Vegas, Nevada

Head to Las Vegas for the perfect event for two—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Couples can choose a quick, quaint chapel wedding or do something a bit more lavish. There is no lack of things to do in the area, from Vegas-style shows to visiting the nearby Grand Canyon.

Popular venues:

Adorn Events

Sunset Gardens

A Simple Affair

House of Broel

New Orleans, Louisiana

For a bit of French inspiration and creole flavors, head down south to New Orleans. Weddings there take on a culture all their own, with famed second-line parades traversing the streets as folks get married. The weather is lovely, and couples can also pick between a coastal venue or one with a more urban feel.

Popular venues:

The Mazant

Chateau LeMoyne - French Quarter

House of Broel


New York City, NY

If you and your partner love concrete jungle settings, it almost doesn't get much better than New York City. Marry on a hotel rooftop, such as The Library Hotel, or head to Central Park if you love the outdoors. You can even honeymoon in the city, and guests can take in a show or go to one of the many museums.

Popular venues:

The View at The Battery

Arte Cafe


Agave of Sedona Wedding & Event Venue

Sedona, Arizona

Arizona is known for gorgeous red rock, which makes a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. If this appeals to you, Sedona is the place to go for your big day. The area also has pine forests for a bit of a different vibe. Either way, Sedona—and other regions, such as Mesa—are perfect for couples who love the outdoors.

Popular venues:

Agave of Sedona Wedding & Event Venue

The Venue at Chilleens

T Luxury Venues

Kona Kai Resort & Gallery

Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

You may not be able to afford your own private island, but you can have your wedding there. As one of the best destination wedding spots in the U.S., get married right on the beach. Stay in thatched-roof bungalows and enjoy world-class cuisine in this tropical paradise.

Popular venues:

Kona Kai Resort & Gallery

Dream Bay Resort

Little Palm Island Resort

The Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua


From white sand beaches (or black sand—take your pick) to gorgeous ocean sunsets, Hawaii has everything you need to make your destination wedding a trip to remember. Its year-round gorgeous weather opens up your calendar, letting you and your guests enjoy mountains, rainforests, and volcanoes any time of year.

Popular venues:

Turtle Bay Resort

The Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua

Waikiki Leia

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Islands off the Georgia Coast

If you’re not a Bahama mama or a Caribbean kid, but you love surf, sand, and romance, an island off the Georgia Coast might be the best destination wedding spot for you. Relax on remote beaches tucked away from the crowds. Just you, natural beauty, rich history, and 20 or so of your closest friends and family.

Popular venues:

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Jekyll Island Club Resort

Alta Lodge

Park City, Utah

Get married where the great outdoors is a way of life. Plan a winter wedding and ski into your future as a couple, or soak in the majestic mountain scenery in spring or summer. Just a 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City airport, your guests won’t have to struggle to get to this remote, spectacular spot.

Popular venues:

High Star Ranch

Alta Lodge

The North Star House

Lake Tahoe

On the border of California and Nevada, this all-season destination boasts world-class skiing, fragrant pine forests, and a crystal-clear lake with rocky shores and stunning views. The airport in Reno is an hour away by car, and there are hundreds of resorts picture-perfect for your U.S. destination wedding.

Popular venues:

The North Star House

Granlibakken Tahoe

Creekside Meadows

Tahoe Paradise Park

Best international wedding destinations

Yearning to get married outside the U.S.? See the top spots for a destination wedding abroad, including places in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica

Caribbean Islands

These islands are easily reachable from the states. Plus, their time zones aren't remarkably different from the US, making it ideal for families with kids. There are many resorts throughout the islands, and—of course—the Caribbean is known for idyllic weather and stunning views. Grand Turk, Antigua, and St. Barts are all popular wedding destinations within these islands.

Best venue: Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica



Places such as Dubrovnik, Lokrum, and Hvar boast incredible vistas, old buildings, and waterside venues. The country truly has an old-world feel for couples who love European destinations. As far as your honeymoon, you can choose to explore Croatia or head to a neighboring country for a different experience.

Best venue: Dubrovnik Palace Hotel in Dubrovnik

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Amalfi Coast


It's almost unfair to pinpoint just one location in Italy, as the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como are extremely popular. Both areas offer luxurious ocean landscapes coupled with old-style, historic venues that may not be on everyone's radar screen. Your guests will enjoy exploring Italy, and it's also a fabulous place to honeymoon.

Best venue: Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen


Weather, resorts, and water all make Mexico a fabulous place to get married. Choose an all-inclusive seaside resort for convenience. Conversely, head to an inland city, such as San Miguel de Allende, for an urban location. While you're there, incorporate fresh, traditional foods into your big day for authenticity.

Best venue: Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen

La Mamounia in Marrakech


Marrakech is well-known for destination weddings, but don't overlook other areas such as Essaouira or Rabat. This North African country offers everything from weddings in the sand, at a hotel, or on the beach. Marrakech also has beautiful buildings, so be sure to head to the city, even if it's just for your honeymoon.

Best venue: La Mamounia in Marrakech

Pousada Palácio de Estoi in Faro, Algarve


Although neighboring Spain gets most of the kudos, Portugal has many worthy spots for a destination event. For all of the benefits of the city, head to Lisbon. Couples that adore wine country will love the Douro Valley. Sintra is the perfect destination for a fairytale wedding with its multiple palaces. Portugal also has a lovely coastline for those who want to wed by the water.

Best venue: Pousada Palácio de Estoi in Faro, Algarve

Rayavadee in Krabi


From lush landscapes to natural wonders, Thailand is filled with unique spots to have a destination wedding. Areas such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi offer gorgeous views and beautiful weather. Thailand is also fabulous for either a luxurious, upscale event or more of a laid-back, earthy wedding. The choice is yours!

Best venue: Rayavadee in Krabi

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom houses England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Many couples head to these areas for the untouched scenery and rolling hills, especially along the coast. Plus, you and your significant other can say "I do" in a castle. However, if you prefer a cityscape, London is a hotspot for international weddings.

Best venue: Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire

Fairmont Banff Springs

Banff, Canada

Get married in a hotel that looks like a wedding cake, nestled amid soaring mountain peaks. If you've ever dreamt of getting married in a fairytale setting, Banff is a chance to do it while staying close to home. The drive from the airport is a long one at 1.5 hours, but there are frequent buses.

Best venue: Fairmont Banff Springs

Nobu Hotel, Ibiza Bay


Spain is an enchanting country packed with historic charm, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cityscapes. In the northern region of Vizcaya and the Basque Country, you'll discover a blend of tradition and natural beauty. If you’d rather have a city wedding, try Barcelona or Madrid instead.

Best venue: Nobu Hotel, Ibiza Bay

Domestic vs. international weddings

One of the most significant decisions you'll make when considering destinations is how far you want to travel. Destination weddings are often regarded as international, but there are plenty of gorgeous locations throughout the U.S. to say, "I do." Here are a few things to think about when you're deciding whether to go overseas or remain stateside.

Considerations for the couple

  • Stateside destinations do not require a passport. When considering an overseas wedding, be sure that you and your partner have up-to-date passports. You will also have to allow your guests enough time to get or renew IDs if theirs have expired. Of course, if you have family outside of the U.S., they'll require a passport to enter.
  • International weddings are not necessarily more expensive. The typical school of thought is that overseas means a bigger budget, but that isn't always the case. If a lot of your family would have to fly to your hometown, booking a ticket to a destination wedding may cost about the same. Plus, many resorts and more popular locations already have packages to make the wedding itself more economical for couples. So, don't rule out an international destination wedding due to budget, as it could end up being around the same amount as a domestic event.
  • You may not be able to visit an international location beforehand. It's advantageous to do a site visit before your special day; however, if you have an overseas wedding, that may not be possible due to cost and time constraints. Although not seeing your venue beforehand isn't necessarily a negative, as many destination wedding locations have entire teams of experienced folks who are used to planning weddings from afar. In addition, you can chat virtually and have video conferences to put your mind at ease before the big day.

Considerations for wedding guests

  • Guests with kids may have trouble attending an international event. Of course, it depends on the age of the children in question, but some parents don't want to leave their kids at home for long periods. Conversely, they may not want to foot the bill to bring the entire family to your overseas wedding. Domestic events tend to be easier on those with kids, although it all comes down to family dynamics and how comfortable the parents are.
  • Guests may want to plan their vacations around your big day. If your guests know well ahead of time, they may want to plan their vacation around your destination wedding. This can be a big plus for them with either an international or stateside event. Although, if you are honeymooning and having your wedding in the same location, this could prove to be negative if you don't want to mingle with friends and family after the big day.

Types of wedding destinations to consider

Before deciding on your final destination, think about the type of wedding you'd like to have. After all, the weather, views, convenience of travel, expense, and many other factors may influence the venue you select.

Waterside wedding destinations

There's just something about getting married by the water. Whether you choose the beach, a lake, or a river, the waves are calming and the views unmatched. There are several oceanside venues, although if you love the feeling of sand between your toes, you can always wed on the beach. One thing to consider with outdoor waterside locations is to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, such as rain or a hurricane. Plus, folks visiting from out of town could potentially schedule their annual vacation around your big day if plenty of water activities are available.

Urban wedding destinations

Some folks would gladly trade sand and sea for a rooftop that showcases a city skyline. Most urban destinations have the advantage of a wide selection of vendors that can service your big day. Often, folks can walk to shops and restaurants and immerse themselves in a city if they decide to stay. Urban locations also have various venue options, such as art museums, converted warehouses, and luxe ballrooms.

Mountain wedding destinations

If outdoor activities, such as hiking, birdwatching, and rock climbing, seem like the ideal vacation, then you and your partner may want to consider getting married in the mountains. One of the biggest perks about a mountain location is that they are frequently open year-round. Summertime in the hills is lovely, lush, and green. Conversely, winter is chilly, yet snow makes for a beautiful, billowy wedding backdrop. Bonus points if the area has wintertime activities, such as skiing and snow tubing.

Adventure wedding destinations

Adventuresome weddings aren't for the faint of heart, and they are also best for those with a small guest count. However, you and your significant other can hike in your wedding attire, fly to a glacier on a helicopter, or even include snorkeling into your big day. At the very least, destinations filled with adventure will never leave your guests wondering what to do if they decide to stay for a long weekend.

Resort wedding destinations

Love the idea of an all-inclusive big day? Think about having your wedding at a resort, which doesn't always mean being on a tropical beach. Many venues are tucked into mountains and rural areas. The benefit of choosing a resort is that you most likely will be able to plan from afar. Additionally, you can feel like a guest at your own wedding as the staff implements everything flawlessly. Holding all of your events in one location is a big bonus for guests, too.

Estate wedding venues

Sprawling vineyards, large mansions, and maze-like gardens are often at estate-like places. If you head overseas, these locations can even include castles and other expansive historic homes. Often, venues like this will have multiple rooms for getting ready. Additionally, they may have a ballroom or gorgeous botanical gardens to hold a beautiful wedding.

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