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Your guide to getting engaged. Find resources and expert advice on your journey to engagement from choosing the perfect ring to popping to question to photographing and announcing the proposal. We guide you step-by-step though the beginning of your forever!

zola save the dates for newly engaged couples
20 Do’s and Don'ts Right After You Get EngagedA lot goes into wedding planning, don't do it all at once. Here are the must-do to-dos the first month after you get engaged.


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best diamond shape for your finger type

The Best Diamond Shape & Size For Your Finger

Q & A

Different diamonds look different on different fingers. The diamond experts at The Clear Cut share which diamond shapes look best on which finger sizes.

woman hugs partner after engagement

So, You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring—Here's What to Do

Q & A

If you don't like your engagement ring, don't panic. Here are nine tips for how to deal without hurting your partner's feelings.

where you can wear your engagment rings

Where You Can (and Can't) Wear Your Engagement Ring

Q & A

Diamond experts share all the places you can wear your engagement ring and where you shouldn't wear your ring. Plus, tips for keeping your engagement ring like new.

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Ring

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring? Considerations & Tips


How much you spend on a wedding ring will vary based on factors like diamond quality, material, and design complexity.

black and white photo of wedding ring on hand

How to Find an Affordable Wedding Ring? and 5 Affordable Wedding Sets


Looking for ways to save and spend smarter on your wedding rings? Look no further than our complete guide on finding affordable wedding rings.

gold wedding band and three diamond eternity wedding bands on a white sequined fabric

A Guide to Wedding Rings

Q & A

From how much you should expect to spend on a wedding ring to tips for how to choose the right one for you, check out this guide on wedding ring styles, types, and materials.


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