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A woman stands smiling in the mirror of a bridal dress boutique after trying on a wedding dress, indicating she researched the average wedding dress cost.
Average Wedding Dress Cost (Plus Ways to Save)Today’s average wedding dress cost is between $1,500 - $2,500. We’ll give you a full breakdown of wedding dress costs, plus ways to save on your dream dress!

Wedding Hair & makeup

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wedding hair and makeup cost

A Guide to Wedding Hair & Makeup Costs


How much does a professional wedding hair & makeup artist cost? Find out with our ultimate guide to wedding hair and makeup costs.

Who Pays for Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup

Who Pays for Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup?


What’s the proper etiquette to getting bridesmaid hair and makeup done on the big day? Read on to find out.

How Long Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Usually Take?

How Long Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Usually Take?


When scheduling your big day, it’s important to factor in hair and makeup. Here’s how long wedding hair and makeup takes.

bride crying at her wedding and wiping wedding makeup

How to Ugly Cry and Keep Your Makeup Intact

How To

If you're prone to heavy tears, your makeup might take a hit on your wedding day. Professional makeup artists share how to fix your makeup after crying.

Top Wedding Face Masks To Try Before The Big Day

Top Wedding Face Masks To Try Before The Big Day


To get healthy-looking skin for your wedding day, face masks are a great addition to add to your pre-wedding skincare regimen.

couple fights sweat on wedding day

(X Number) Ways to Fight Sweating On Your Wedding Day


You’ve got enough to worry about on your wedding day—don’t let a little perspiring leave you hot and bothered. Here's how to keep your cool and fight sweat on your wedding day.

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