Androgynous Wedding Attire: A Gender-Neutral Style Guide for 2023

Don't know where to shop for androgynous wedding attire? We've compiled a list of 10 places to shop plus moodboards for every wedding style.

Deciding what to wear as a wedding guest is definitely not as easy as sampling everything at the buffet table. But finding an outfit you love will make you feel your best and boost your confidence.

If a gender-neutral style is your style of choice, there are plenty of ways you can create a look that will make you feel your best. From classic to laid-back, we'll show you just how and where to find androgynous wedding attire and how you can style it depending on any wedding theme.

How to Find Androgynous Formal Wear

Whether you're an experienced wedding attendee or this is your first time celebrating your favorite lovebirds, finding the perfect wedding attire can be overwhelming. Here are some steps on how to find androgynous wedding attire.

1. Set a Budget

To help avoid overspending and narrow down your options, the first step in finding the perfect androgynous wedding attire is to set a budget.

Decide how much you're willing to spend on the wedding outfit, taking into account not only necessary adjustments, such as tailoring, but also any accessories, shoes, and makeup you'll have to purchase. Do some research by looking at stores online and local boutiques to help you come up with a budget that makes sense.

2. Decide on Your Preferred Style

Although having a budget will help you narrow down which stores to go to, having a general idea of what style of clothing you're looking for will help you figure out where to go. Consider your preferred style choices, what makes you feel the most comfortable, and the wedding theme.

Having a look in mind will make the process easier and faster. Find inspiration by looking at current fashion trends and social media accounts of people with a similar style as yours.

3. Consider How Much Time You Have

Lastly, consider how much time you have to find your gender-neutral wedding outfit since it will likely dictate whether you should shop online or in person. If you're short on time, might need your outfit tailored, or want to try it on first, find a couple of local stores to go to. Otherwise, shopping online can give you a wide range of options to choose from—just be sure to account for shipping times.

Where to Get Androgynous Wedding Attire

If you're still looking for places to shop for an outfit, there are many stores focusing on androgynous formal wear. These stores' main purpose is to provide you with an array of gender-neutral pieces, from formal wear to casual pieces, that will help you look and feel your best. Here are some that we recommend:

1. Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch seeks to create fitting clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Their attire is designed to fit bodies of all shapes and sizes. They offer a wide range of androgynous formal wear, from dress shirts to suits and blazers. Prices range from $150 to $400 and offer a variety of silhouettes and colors.

2. Bindle & Keep

Bindle & Keep offers suits that are made just for you. If you want to have a suit created for your exact measurements, Bindle & Keep will do fittings both in person and online. They divide their suit options into three different pricing tiers varying by fabric, which ranges from $995 to $1,395. If you're considering custom-made androgynous wedding attire from Bindle & Keep, make sure to order ahead of time as their turnaround time is between 10 and 11 weeks.


If you're looking for a place where you can buy your everyday clothes but also find formal wear for your special event, WILDFANG is a good option. Its mission is to rethink gender norms and focus on androgynous outfits. At their store, you'll be able to find blazers, dresses, and even accessories at a more affordable price, ranging from $70 to $200.

4. Duchess Clothier

If you're looking for another made-to-fit option, Duchess Clothier creates androgynous outfits for every body and occasion. Their store is located in Portland, OR, where you'll get plenty of separate suit and shoe options, but they also let you create your own look by mixing and matching pieces. The price for their suits starts at $1,120 and they offer packages that also include dress shirts, ties, and pocket squares.

5. The Tailory New York

Another custom suit option with online fittings is The Tailory New York, a women-owned clothing company that combines custom tailoring with modern fashion design. If you're looking for a bold and ambitious look, The Tailory has different clothing styles and colors, from modern fairytale to street chic. Their suits and tuxedos start at $1,450.

6. SuitShop

If you're looking for a more affordable option, or even considered renting, SuitShop can provide you with high-quality clothing for a price that will make you feel as good as you look. At SuitShop, you can own a suit for as little as $199, and you'll get a variety of options to choose from with inclusive sizing. Plus, you can try your androgynous wedding attire for free for seven days.

7. Birdy Grey

Although Birdy Grey fancies itself a bridesmaid dress retailer, they also offer options for suits and tuxedos that are tailored to perfection. At the online retailer, you'll also see a variety of shoes and accessories that are perfect for any wedding theme. Their gender-neutral wedding outfits are also affordable, starting at $199.

8. Peau de Loup

Peau de Loup's goal is to make clothes for bodies and not genders, offering high-quality and limited clothing that accommodates curves. Aside from finding your androgynous wedding attire there, you'll also be able to get shoes, accessories, and casual clothing. Their formal wear is affordable, with prices starting at $98.

9. Sharpe Suiting

Sharpe Suiting will help you achieve a look that will both fit your body and your style. They specialize in wedding attire and use their trademarked body measuring formula called “Andropometrics” to deliver you a custom suit. The process of purchasing a custom outfit will take around eight weeks, and a two-piece suit starts at $1,800.

10. HauteButch

Another brand that creates masculine clothing to fit women's bodies is HauteButch, a queer Black-owned brand. This small company creates innovative and diverse styles that represent who you are. They sell suits, vests, and accessories in a variety of styles and colors, with suits starting at around $200.

How to Personalize Androgynous Formal Wear for Every Wedding Type

No matter how you express yourself, your wedding attire should fit the wedding type you’re attending or planning. Whether that is a classic chic wedding or a beach getaway, there are different ways you can personalize your androgynous formal wear according to the theme.

When deciding on what to wear for the wedding, consider each element of your wedding attire, including accessories, shoes, and colors. You can also add your own personal touch by using elements that you usually wear—like your favorite watch or a pop of color that looks good on you.


Classic weddings are more traditional and elegant, and sometimes will require black tie wedding attire. Whether your invite mentions a dress code or not, invest in looks in black, gray, or dark blue with solid fabric. If the wedding is during the summer, you might opt to wear lighter tones such as light gray or beige.

Your look should be elegant and fitted, so if you’re going for a suit, consider wearing solid wool fabric, a black bowtie, and a collared white shirt. To complete your look, wear classic black leather shoes and gold and pearl jewelry, if that’s true to your style.



Rustic weddings are full of natural and wooden touches, which means you can go for a less formal look and have fun with textures. Look for clothing with lighter tones such as light blue and brown. For a more casual look, you could also forgo your blazer and wear only a vest with a collared shirt.

Add some texture to your look by choosing cotton or tweed blazers. Then complement your outfit with vintage brown leather shoes and patterned pocket squares. This is also your chance to wear your favorite shiny, gold jewelry or a leather watch.



Beach weddings are relaxed and calm, which means you get to enjoy the sea view and salty air with a more casual, bright look. Opt for light tones, like a pastel blue or green, or go for more colorful attire with florals.

Invest in clothes with linen fabric so you can fully enjoy the ocean breeze. You might even want to roll up your sleeves or wear some nice shorts. Make your look even more beachy by adding colorful pocket flowers, accessories with seashells, and white loafers.



Modern weddings are more fashionable and bold, so if you like trendy styles or a monochromatic look, this is your chance to shine. In a modern wedding, you have the opportunity to be more creative by trying different fabrics or wearing a statement piece.

Consider bold colors like dark green or burgundy, or try an all-black outfit with cuffed pants. Then complete your look with fashionable loafers or shiny black shoes and a gold watch.



Garden weddings are fun and whimsical, so bring a playful spirit to your wedding attire. Consider floral and pinstripe fabrics, or go for a solid dark blue or purple look. Choose a breathable fabric, especially if the wedding will be outside during the summer.

Complete your look by adding a tie in a pastel tone, or ditch the tie and go for an open collar style. Add flower accessories or a simple white pocket square to go with stitched vintage shoes.



Romantic weddings are nothing short of dreamy and elegant. Go all in with a look that could've come out of a fairytale by wearing pastel pinks and blues and a blazer with silk details.

Try suspenders, and match them with some classic leather shoes. For accessories, you can add delicate flower pins or shiny jewelry with diamonds and a gold watch.



Boho weddings are more unconventional and relaxed, so this is your chance to rock a more laid-back look. Find outfits with lightweight and breathable fabrics and play around with different colors.

Don't be shy when adding flowers or feathers to complement your look, or try a suede boho hat and match it with brown loafers. As for accessories, consider jewelry with colorful stones or gold fringe.


Finding the right wedding attire doesn't have to be complicated. As long as you wear something you love and feel comfortable in, you'll radiate confidence walking in the venue. Luckily, you know exactly where to shop for androgynous wedding attire and how to personalize it according to each wedding theme.

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