How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost in 2023?

Learn how renting a tuxedo offers a smart and stylish solution for looking your best at formal events without the commitment of buying.

By Jennifer Prince

Tuxedo Rental Cost
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Unless you’re a butler or Bond—James Bond—you probably don’t have a tux stashed in your closet. Therefore, being asked to be in the wedding party can send even the most well-dressed guy into a frenzy. However, rentals are a breeze and are much more economical than purchasing something that will merely hang in your closet.

What Pieces Are Available in a Wedding Tuxedo Rental?

The first things that come to mind with a wedding suit rental are the jacket and pants. Of course, it’s natural, as these are the traditional pieces that encompass what a tuxedo is all about. However, there are other pieces that you can rent for a complete ensemble.

When you’re dealing with your wedding tux rental company, check to see what pieces they offer. Basic rentals may include the tuxedo solely, yet other companies may have extra accessories included in their rental price.

  • Jacket: Of course, the tuxedo jacket is the central piece to a tux rental and will significantly impact your look. A variety of colors and cuts—such as slim fit—are available. If you’re a wedding guest at a black-tie event, feel free to showcase your style. However, if you’re in the wedding party, consult with the couple on their wishes for your look.
  • Pants: Fortunately, tuxedo companies don’t just send pants along with their tuxedo jackets. These are sized separately to ensure a fabulous fit so that guys can be comfortable in something that truly suits them.
  • Shirt: Don’t sweat it if all of your white shirts have armpit stains. With a tuxedo rental, you can opt for a crisp, white shirt to come along with your order.
  • Shoes: When wearing a tuxedo, you need to look your best from top to bottom. While many guys may not have a pair already in their closet, the acceptable dress shoe is patent black leather. Just take note: These usually cost extra.
  • Waist Cover: Often, it’s best to have this included in your rental in the form of either a cummerbund or vest. Doing so ensures that the pieces coordinate well with the tuxedo itself. And this is an either-or situation, as you wouldn’t wear a vest and cumberbund at the same time.
  • Tie: Bow ties are the norm, and—yep, you guessed it—these are also available to rent. A plethora of colors and patterns can be at your fingertips, so explore all that your rental company has available.
  • Studs and Cufflinks: Studs are the black “dots” that serve to close the shirt instead of buttons. The same reigns true with cufflinks. A reputable tuxedo rental company should offer coordinating closures.
  • Suspenders: For an added extra touch or to keep your pants up while dancing sans jacket, opt for rented suspenders.

How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost?

There are quite a few factors that will affect your tuxedo rental prices. From the pieces you acquire—as in solely a jacket and pants vs. the full ensemble—to quality, the cost varies greatly. In short, you can spend as little as $50 for a bare-bones, cheap tuxedo rental or you can find a mid-range tux for about $250. Luxe tuxedos are more costly, with some ranging up to $400, but luckily, that’s not the norm.

If we’re talking about the average price, you can expect to budget $90 to $180 for your wedding suit rental. However, several factors will influence how much your tuxedo rental costs.

  • Type of tuxedo you’re renting
  • Rental company you choose
  • Chosen accessories
  • Fees, such as shipping and upcharges
  • Duration of rental
How Much Does a Tuxedo Rental Cost? Photo Credit // Judah Avenue

Is It Better to Rent or Purchase a Wedding Tuxedo?

If you have several friends getting married at black-tie events, investing in a tuxedo can save money in the long run. Renting a tux over and over again can get pretty pricey. Consequently, if you’re in the wedding party, it may be best to forgo purchasing. Each couple may require a different tux style, so don’t get stuck with both purchase and rental costs.

P.S. If you’re in the market to buy a tuxedo, our tuxedo pieces are very economical.

Tips for a Successful Wedding Tux Rental

1. Research Both Local and Online Tuxedo Rentals

Check with the bride to see where she purchased her wedding gown. Quite often, bridal shops will offer wedding tux rentals as a service to the guys in the wedding party. A local menswear store may also be a good option. And if you’re willing to do a bit of measuring, online tuxedo rentals can be convenient. Some will even send you a sample for sizing beforehand to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Consider the Duration of Your Tux Rental

Most tuxedo rental prices are for a set amount of time. Although this is usually a 24- to 48-hour window, check with your rental company to see how much they charge to extend the rental. With online rentals, there’s a bit of leeway, since shipping time is factored in. Often this is easier than trying to return a tuxedo in person post-wedding—especially if you’re traveling.

3. Know About Any Extra Fees or Potential Penalties

That length of time mentioned above? It’s best to stick to it or make arrangements beforehand if you need extra hours. Penalties can be relatively stiff and often start at $20 per day. After all, the rental company needs to clean and press suiting before the next customer’s usage.

Be aware of shipping fees, although many online tuxedo rentals offer this for free. However, if you’re renting or returning on a tight timeline, there may be a rush charge. A deposit is often required to secure your reservation beforehand.

In the dreaded case of a lost jacket or ripped pants, replacement and repair costs can also be jarring. Therefore, some companies charge a reasonable damage fee on each tux rented to account for small repairs. Read your contract, and ask about potential situations to be aware of what you’re getting into.

4. Rent All of Your Tuxedos From the Same Location

Having the wedding party get wedding tuxes from the same place ensures cohesion, especially when it comes to fabric. Also consider adding in the fathers of the bride and groom into the rental process for the sake of ease. Doing so can make returns simple as one person can be designated to pick up and drop off the tuxes.

5. Ask About Any Rental Perks

Including anyone and everyone into one rental can be of benefit. Many locations offer discounts for a certain number of rentals. Quite often, the groom can even score his suiting for free, which significantly helps with the budget.

Tuxedo Rental FAQs

What is the rental process like?

This may differ from company to company, but we can give you the basic run down. If you’re renting from a store, plan on visiting the location at least three times. The first to find your ideal tuxedo (e.g. color and fabric) and get fitted, the second to pick up and try on your rental, and the third to return it. If you find that something doesn’t fit the way you’d like, you might need to add an extra visit, but three tends to be the average.

If you’re renting online, you’ll be provided with photos or interactive tools that allow you to create your perfect ensemble. You’ll also be asked for your measurements. Then, you’ll either be offer an at-home try-on or be prompted to place your order. Once the wedding is over, you’ll mail the rented items back. Remember to read through any added fees and don’t hesitate to speak with a representative about any questions.

How far in advance should I place my order?

That’s right: Just like those who order and rent dresses to wear to a wedding, those looking to wear rented tuxedos need to be considerate of their timeline. At the very least, you should place your rental order two months in advance. With that in mind, you should probably start window shopping around five or six months out. That is, if you weren’t requested to rent a specific tux. This will allow you enough time to find a style you like, get measured, and try on your rental once it arrives in store (or at home, if you’re renting from online).

How should my tuxedo fit?

Groomsmen and others who don’t often wear tuxedos may not be aware of how exactly their formal wear should fit. Don’t fear. If you’re concerned about an ill-fitting tux, there are people you can turn to. If you choose to rent from an in-person store, a store associate will have all of the professional knowledge needed to find you the correct fit for a wedding. Don’t hesitate to ask for their advice, especially if you anticipate you’ll like a little more breathing room. If you’re renting from an online company, you should be provided with detailed measurement instructions and home try-on options. If you’re still questioning your fit, you can reach out to online representatives for advice.

What accessories do most rental companies offer?

The majority of tuxedo rental companies will not only offer the basic pieces (dress shirt, waist cover, jacket, pants), but a selection of accessories all in one place. Most often you’ll be able to find shoes, bow ties and ties, and suspenders. That being said, ask while you still have ample time to find what you need, should your rental company not have something.

What fees should I be aware of?

Not all companies (online and in-person) will have the same list of fees. However, there are a few that you should keep an eye out for when window shopping and placing an order. They are: Rental extend fees, shipping (or rush shipping) fees, cleaning fees, damage/repair fees, and replacement fees. It’s paramount that you check for added costs, lest you get surprised by an unexpected charge.

Weddings are quite the highlight, as family and friends gather to celebrate a special couple. Choosing a wedding tux rental can ensure that you arrive in style. Whether you’re the best man, the groom’s father, or a guest, look your best—and rival Sean Connery circa 1965—on the big day.

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