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  • Gifts, experiences, and cash funds, all in one place
  • Shoppable right on your free wedding website
  • One-on-one support you won’t find anywhere else

Why Engaged Couples Choose Zola's Wedding Registry

One Store Curated for You

We have everything couples want in one place: classic wedding gifts, experiences, and honeymoon funds.

No Guesswork

Simplify every step with thoughtful tools, from our registry list and checklist to our free thank you note manager

Above-and-Beyond Service

Expect free shipping and returns, price matching, and extraordinary customer support for you and guests.

Smarter Exchanges

Unique to Zola: Exchange any registry gift before it ships to save tons of time (without guests finding out).

20% Off Post-Wedding

The best completion discount of any registry. Use it as often as you want for six months after your wedding day.

Free Wedding Websites

Streamline your planning with an easy, custom template that seamlessly integrates your registry.
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Why We Built Zola Registry

Picking Out and Receiving Gifts Should Be Easy


But before Zola, it wasn’t. No store had everything couples wanted. And no place recognized what engaged couples Crave in a registry service while planning their weddings.

So we talked to tons of couples and built what they wanted:
One store with gifts, experiences, and cash funds. Smart ways to personalize their online registry to delight guests. Flexible (and free) shipping and so much more. We made registering easy for couples and their guests, so all of you can enjoy this special time.