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Congrats Newlyweds! As your wedding celebrations come to an end, you might be asking yourselves some questions on topics like combining finances, navigating post-wedding blues (it's a thing!) or buying a house and preparing to start a family. Find expert marriage advice to guide you through the start of your forever and beyond.

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Mixed race bride and groom looking at each other lovingly on their big day
Relationship advice

20 Best Marriage Advice Tips from Experts and Old Couples

We spoke with a marriage therapist and couples about their best marriage advice for engaged couples, newlyweds, and couples celebrating another year of marriage.

newlywed couple man and woman embracing and touching foreheads right after their wedding ceremony
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10 Things You Should Do as a Newlywed

From financial planning and taxes to insurance and legal documents, follow this 10-step list to help you get your newlywed life up and running smoothly in no time.

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90 Newlywed Game Questions + How to Play

Discover the fun of the Newlywed Game! Learn about this hilarious couples' quiz and explore 90 fun question ideas to spark laughter and connection.

wedding memory book
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What's a Wedding Memory Book?

What’s a wedding memory book, and why do you need one? Here, we answer these important questions for newlyweds.

couple getting married
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Post-Wedding Blues Are Real—Here's 5 Ways to Beat Them

When the wedding planning and the wedding come to an end, many couples experience post-wedding blues. Here, an expert shares tips for finding happiness after your big day and moving past the post-wedding blues

Create Your Wedding Album in 10 Minutes
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How to Create Your Wedding Album in 10 Minutes

Wedding album planning just became a whole lot easier with Zola’s Album Wizard.

newlyweds move in together
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7 Tips for Moving in Together After Marriage

If you’ve never lived together before marriage, moving in can be an adjustment. Here are expert tips on how to communicate, set boundaries, and enjoy your newlywed home.

Couple In the Rain Wedding First Car
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5 Tips For Newlyweds Buying Their First Car

Your little coupe or well-traveled truck might have been perfect for your single life. But after you say “I do,” you and your partner might be ready for a car that fits both your needs—and your future family’s, too.

Most Important Things in a Relationship
Relationship advice

18 Things That Are Important In a Relationship

What are the most important things in a long, healthy relationship? Read on to find out now.

Most Popular Wedding Album Sizes
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Most Popular Wedding Album Sizes

Ready to put your wedding photos in an album? Here are the most popular wedding album sizes for couples, as well as factors that can determine which wedding album size you choose.

Celebrate Your Engagement Through a Breakup
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How To Celebrate Your Engagement When Someone Is Going Through a Breakup

Getting engaged is a joyful time, but it can be hard to fully experience that joy when someone you love is going through a breakup. Here are some of our tips to help you through it.

Modern Bathroom newlywed family insurance finances
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How to Buy Renters Insurance

You can get renters insurance entirely without speaking to anyone else: Some insurers automate the whole process through an app or website.

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