How to Create Your Wedding Album in 10 Minutes

Wedding album planning just became a whole lot easier with Zola’s Album Wizard.

By Jane Chertoff

Create Your Wedding Album in 10 Minutes
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The beautiful photos from your wedding should be cherished forever. (And displayed for the world, not hidden on a digital drive on your computer!)

When it’s time to create your wedding album, don’t stress too much, though. You don’t need to spend endless hours or even months on the project. Creating your wedding album is about picking and choosing your favorites and getting them organized in a seamless way.

To make the process as easy as can be, Zola's Album Wizard can help you create your lasting keepsake in no time. Here’s how to put everything together in just 10 minutes.

1. Choose the Layout and Format That Speaks to You

Choose the album cover color, cover material, and size of the book that you think would work best displayed in your home. Then pick a photo layout that matches your unique style. Keep it fun and playful with photo collages or more formal with full-page displays. Or, go for a mix of the two.

2. Upload Your Photos

You probably have hundreds of photos to work with. Upload them to the photo wizard, so you can sort easily and choose your favorite moments.

Note: The number of photos below are only suggestions—you may want to include more or less of each moment of the day, depending on what’s important to you. If you’re doing a collage format for all, or part, of the book, you can include more photos per page, too.

210427 Zola Album3 Photo Credit // Zola

3. Set the Scene (2-6 photos)

To open the album, choose a few photos from your wedding venue or location that set the scene for the day. Did someone capture the sunrise, sunset, a passing thunderstorm, or even a rainbow? Include those.

4 Getting Ready (6-15 photos)

Next up: Getting ready shots. These often look great in a collage format, as they capture things that happened behind the scenes and a less formal look at your family and friends.

5. First Look (5-10 photos)

Your first look is such a fun detail to include in your album. Include a few of your favorites shots of the two lovebirds together here.

6. Details Photos (4-12 photos)

You can include a few photos that show the details of the venue, the flowers, table setting, and ceremony site here.

Zola 10.27.20 Photo Albums9160 Photo Credit // Zola

7. Family and Wedding Party Portraits (6-16 photos)

Choose your favorite family and wedding party shots and include them next.

8. Ceremony (10-15 photos)

Include all the highlights of when you got hitched, including walking down the aisle, your vows, the kiss, and that legendary single tear.

9. Cocktail Hour (4-12 photos)

Pick your favorite post-ceremony celebratory moments and include them here.

10. Reception (15-25 photos)

The reception photos should include the toasts, dance floor shots, favorite photos of family and friends, cutting the cake, and any other special traditions or moments you want to include.

11. Send-Off (2-4 photos)

Close out the album with your grand exit.

12. Review

Now that you’ve picked out your favorites, be sure to review the layout and confirm you’re happy with how everything looks.

Tip: You may want to make some photos in black and white for a dramatic effect, or make them full-page spreads instead of smaller photos, depending on how you want the final product to look.

13. Order and Print

Once you’re happy with the final layout, you’re ready to order and print.

*Use Zola’s Album Wizard to create the album of your dreams in no time and with no tears shed, except, of course, for the ones you may cry looking back at your gorgeous day. *

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