90 Newlywed Game Questions + How to Play

Discover the fun of the Newlywed Game! Learn about this hilarious couples' quiz and explore 90 fun question ideas to spark laughter and connection.

By Monica Mercuri

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The Newlywed Game, based on a game show of the same name, is a party game where you quiz the couple to see how well they know each other. It’s a popular choice for entertainment at wedding-related events as it lets couples take a walk down memory lane, recalling favorite moments and fun facts about each other.

It’s also a hilarious ice-breaker and allows guests to learn more about the happy couple, with questions like “Who is a better gift giver?” and “Who said I love you first?”

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 90 of the best Newlywed Game questions for a wedding shower or engagement party as well as tips for playing. In addition to interesting and funny Newlywed Game questions and printables, we’ve included even more free party printables at the bottom of this post — click here to jump directly to those games.

How to Play the Newlywed Game

Hosting a wedding-related event? Break the ice with The Newlywed Game. Sometimes also called the honeymoon game or couples quiz, this activity is a fun, simple, and affordable way to add humor to a celebration.

The point of the game is to discover who knows their partner best by correctly predicting their responses to revealing questions. Here’s a quick overview of how to play:

1: Make Sure the Couple is on Board

First and foremost, reach out to the couple and confirm they’re willing to play the Newlywed Game at their event. The game should be fun and light-hearted, but since the questions can reveal personal information in front of a large group, it's best to gauge comfort level ahead of time.

2: Gather Intel via Email

Once the couple has agreed to play along, email them individually with a list of questions for them to answer about themselves a few days before the event. Remind them not to discuss the questions at all and to keep their responses a secret.

3: Designate a Host to Emcee the Game

The Newlywed Game is the most entertaining when it’s played as a game show. Find someone willing to explain the rules to a crowd, ask tough questions, and make light of the responses along the way. The more personality and humor the emcee can add on the fly, the better.

4: Play the Game and Keep Score

Now it’s time to quiz the couple. Pass out fill-in-the-blank scorecards to each individual. These questionnaires will ask them facts about their partner, and they’ll want to correctly guess the response their partner emailed over a few days before.

Each time an individual correctly guesses an answer to a question about their partner, they receive a point. The individual who has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

90 Newlywed Questions for Couples

Ready to get started? Below you’ll find a list of 90 Newlywed Game questions for couples. In the event of a tie, we’ve included a tie-breaker round with more challenging questions.

We’ve also included free printable fill-in-the-blank questionnaires you can print and use at the event.

Romantic Questions

To start, let’s delve into your romantic history with this list of “remember when” questions.

  1. Where did you two meet?
  2. Who made the first move?
  3. Where did you first kiss?
  4. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would your partner rate your first date?
  5. How often do you go on dates now?
  6. Who's the better kisser?
  7. What did your partner wear on your first date?
  8. Who said I love you first?
  9. What movie did you first watch together?
  10. Who is a better gift giver?
  11. What song most reminds you of your partner and why?
  12. What’s your partner’s favorite physical feature on you?
  13. What’s your spouse’s perfect date night like?
  14. What is your dating anniversary?
  15. What is your partner’s favorite vacation you went on together?
  16. When did your partner first know they loved you?
  17. What is your partner’s pet name for you?

Favorites Questions

Do you know all of your partner’s favorite things? Prove it!

  1. What is your partner’s favorite food?
  2. What is your partner’s favorite dessert?
  3. What’s your spouse’s favorite color?
  4. What is your partner’s favorite tv show?
  5. What is your partner’s favorite holiday?
  6. What is your partner’s favorite alcoholic beverage?
  7. What is your partner’s favorite soda?
  8. What’s your spouse’s favorite ice cream flavor?
  9. What is your partner’s favorite sports team?
  10. What is your partner’s favorite band?
  11. What is your partner’s favorite movie?
  12. What is your partner’s favorite animal?
  13. Who is your partner’s favorite actor or actress?
  14. Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?
  15. What is your partner’s favorite scent?
  16. What is your partner’s favorite podcast?
  17. What is your partner’s favorite board game?

Guess Who Questions

In this round, get inside the mind of your partner to answer “guess who?” questions.

  1. Who takes longer showers?
  2. Who is the better cook?
  3. Who is better with kids?
  4. Who is the better singer?
  5. Who is a better planner?
  6. Who is more addicted to their cell phone?
  7. Who is tidier?
  8. Who is a better driver?
  9. Who exercises more?
  10. Who is more street smart?
  11. Who is more artistic?
  12. Who is more outgoing?
  13. Who is more of a risk-taker?
  14. Who is a bigger foodie?
  15. Who is more likely to win Jeopardy?

Finance Questions

Money is an important part of every relationship. Do you know your partner’s finance habits and preferences?

  1. Would your partner rather spend money on experiences or possessions?
  2. How many credit cards does your partner have?
  3. Is your partner better with money than you?
  4. If your partner won the lottery, what’s the first thing they would buy?
  5. What is your partner’s dream vacation spot?
  6. Does your partner buy generic or name brand products?
  7. If your partner found unmarked cash, would they turn it in?
  8. What hobby does your partner spend the most on?
  9. How many kids does your partner want to have?
  10. Who is your partner’s biggest financial influence?
  11. Where does your partner want to retire?
  12. Does your partner drive a more expensive car than you?
  13. Has your partner ever donated plasma for money?
  14. Who is more charitable?
  15. Does your partner follow a monthly budget?

Random Facts Questions

These quiz questions will reveal how well you know random facts about your partner.

  1. What was your partner’s first car?
  2. What was the name of your partner’s first pet?
  3. Does your partner snore?
  4. What is your partner’s biggest fear?
  5. What’s your partner’s hidden talent?
  6. What is your partner’s go-to karaoke song?
  7. Is your partner more likely to arrive early or late?
  8. What is your partner’s love language?
  9. What is your partner’s sign?
  10. If your partner had a superpower, what would it be?
  11. What is your partner’s worst habit?
  12. What is your partner’s dream date?
  13. Does your partner prefer dogs or cats?
  14. What would be your partner’s last meal?
  15. What decade does your partner want to live in most?

Tiebreaker Questions

Tied up at the end of the game? Use this list of challenging questions to declare a winner.

  1. What was your partner’s GPA in high school?
  2. What’s your spouse’s shoe size?
  3. What’s your spouse’s pet peeve?
  4. What’s the full name of your spouse’s best friend?
  5. Were you your partner’s first love?
  6. How often does your partner dream about you?
  7. Who was your partner’s favorite teacher?
  8. What did your partner want to be when they grew up?
  9. What was your spouse’s first job?
  10. What is your spouse’s dream job?
  11. What’s the first movie your spouse ever watched?
  12. What was your partner’s favorite age?
  13. Was your partner rebellious as a teenager?
  14. What is the happiest moment of your partner’s life?
  15. As a child, what was your partner’s favorite movie?
  16. How would your partner choose to get famous?
  17. What is your partner’s greatest accomplishment?
  18. What is your partner’s favorite time of day?
  19. Who would your partner trade places with and why?
  20. How does your partner want to be remembered?
  21. Is your partner a better listener than you?


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Famous Fictional Couples Guessing Game

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Message in a Bottle Activity

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Whether it’s marriage advice or a fond memory, the message will help make the couple’s one year anniversary even more magical.

How to play: Print our free display sign and message cards on color paper. Display them on a table with pens and empty wine bottles, and usher party attendees towards the activity throughout the event. Have them write down a meaningful note and then place it rolled up inside a bottle.




This list of Newlywed Game questions and free printables helps make hosting a wedding-related event (like an engagement party) a breeze. For similar bachelorette party games, check out our list here. Hosting a bridal shower and are in need of some entertainment? We’ve got you covered.

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