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50 Engagement Party Theme Ideas for Every Couple

Planning an engagement party? We’ve come up with 50 unique engagement party ideas for easy inspiration to wow your guests.

By The Zola Team

48 Engagement Party Ideas
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Whether you’re looking to stick to tradition or get a little creative, we’ve got an engagement party theme for every couple:

Whether you’ve just popped the question or you’re getting ready to start planning your wedding, it’s time to begin celebrating this journey together as soon-to-be newlyweds.

An engagement party is the next big step in your relationship (and wedding planning), so celebrate it with your loved ones! This celebration brings your two families together, it’s good practice for planning your wedding, and it can help you decide who you want on your wedding guest list. Read on for a brief run-through on how to plan for one, an abundance of theme ideas, and some frequently asked questions.

How to Plan an Engagement Party

Before we jump into a plethora of engagement party themes, let’s talk planning. While selecting an engagement celebration theme can be crucial, there are plenty of other steps that also require your time, attention, and efforts. In short, the steps include:

  • Deciding on a host. This individual or couple typically plans and pays for the party.

  • Deciding on a date. If the engaged couple isn’t hosting, consult with them and other important guests on which date will work best.

  • Compile a guest list. Likewise, work with the engaged couple to create this if they, themselves, aren’t planning and hosting.

  • Decide on a theme. Your theme will aid you in choosing a venue, building a menu, and creating a schedule, if need be. If you’d like one, choose it now to ease the rest of the planning process.

  • Research and book a venue. Make sure this aligns with the kind of celebration the couple wants to have. Also ensure that it can accommodate your entire guest list.

  • Create an online registry. While engagement gifts shouldn’t be expected, many guests may want to give one. Have a registry prepared in case anyone asks.

  • Send out invitations. For larger groups, formal paper invitations are typically recommended. However, smaller groups can be invited via email, Facebook event, text message, etc.

  • Decide on a menu. Consult with your venue (if it’s a restaurant or similar) or caterer to create a food and drink menu.

  • Purchase decor and stock up on partyware. Some themes and venues won’t require much embellishing. If yours does, DIY or gather any preferred decor and partyware. Now’s also the time to compile any playlists you’ll want to have on.

For a more in-depth look at engagement party planning, look here.

Inclined to plan a themed engagement party? Take a look through fifty of our favorite ideas, from outdoor events and brunch affairs, to glamorous parties and do-it-yourself celebrations. The best engagement party inspiration for you awaits.

Take the Party Outside

Whether you are having a long or short engagement, there’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors with your closest family and friends to celebrate. Take your party to the beach or host your own themed backyard engagement party. Soak up the sun and celebrate with your loved ones with the help of any theme below.

Incorporate Elegant Roses

1. Incorporate elegant roses:

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Throw a rose-themed party with your favorite colored roses and incorporate touches of rose gold to complete this elegant feel.

2. Get competitive with beach games:

Have a casual engagement party with a beach cookout. Toss volleyballs, feast on your favorite hamburgers, and laugh about all of your favorite memories as a couple.

3. Create your own Japanese garden:

Begin with tea and then transition to your sushi main dish at your brightly colored garden party.

Let the Leaves Fall

4. Let the leaves fall:

Recreate a heartwarming fall engagement party with rustic reds, greens, and yellows, plus golden silverware and simply decorated centerpieces. These natural party decorations will make for a unique and memorable occasion.

5. Re-create a tropical summer:

Decorate the venue with palm leaves, white minimalist chairs, and simple tables, then hang light pink streamers for a luscious tropical summer party. If you’ll be spending your wedding day in a tropical destination, this is a great way to get your guests excited. Make sure to capture the memory in your summer engagement photos!

6. Have a backyard bonfire:

Light some matches and snuggle up in blankets to celebrate your love over s’mores, backyard games, and traditional bonfire tunes.

Celebrate in a Winter Wonderland

7. Celebrate in a winter wonderland:

If you got engaged during the winter months, enjoy sipping a hot cocoa cocktail with warm blankets up in the mountains for a heartwarming holiday party.

8. Throw a luau:

Serve traditional Hawaiian egg rolls, pineapple pastries, and kabobs while wearing Hawaiian attire and flowers in your hair. Decorate with bright flowers and tropical elements to make your party feel like you’re on the beaches of Hawaii.

9. Have a classic picnic:

Host a traditional plaid picnic party in your backyard or local park. Pack your favorite pastries, popsicles, or sandwiches in celebration of this new milestone.

Make Your Own Secret Garden

10. Make your own secret garden:

Decorate your backyard garden for a celebratory cocktail party complete with light green streamers, white balloons, and even mini gold vases for a whimsical engagement get-together.

11. Add a rustic appeal:

Get a wheelbarrow and picnic table, then crack open some beers to celebrate the next big step in your relationship with your loved ones.

12. Host a farm to table feast:

Pick out all of your favorite local food products for your engagement party and create your own farm to table celebration. Serve food on wooden crates in your backyard with festive product labels pointing out both your favorite picks. Pack a dessert table with your favorite sweet treats. If you and your fiance share an affinity for vino, incorporate an informal wine tasting into the festivities.

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Add Glitz and Glam

Make your party personal and unique with all your favorite things—whether that includes bright watercolor fun or rooftop rosé with your closest friends and family.

Ring in the New Year

13. Ring in the New Year:

Celebrate your engagement while watching fireworks and munching on appetizers with your loved ones surrounding you. Toast to the New Year and your new engagement.

14. Track back to the 1920s:

Throw a Gatsby-themed party with suits, jazz blaring on the stereo, and layered pearl necklaces on your tables for decoration.

15. Host a white party:

Add white lace touches to your decorations and have all your guests wear white to your event to show their love for the newly engaged couple.

Create Your Own Broadway Bliss

16. Create your own Broadway bliss:

Compile your favorite tunes and add touches of velvet in a dimly lit venue for an intimate theatre engagement party experience.

17. Be Parisian:

Paris is known as the “city of love,” so bring that theme to your party. Have guests sign locks to hang on a wall and toast to love with macarons and champagne.

18. Be famous at a costume party:

If you have a favorite movie, genre, or book, throw your own costume party! Pick out your favorite celebrities and have fun getting into character with your guests.

Have a Flamingo Party

19. Have a pink flamingo party:

Brighten your party up with pink accents and decorative paper flowers for your flamingo-themed celebration. Blow up a giant flamingo floaty for the perfect backdrop to take Polaroid pictures.

20. Roll out the red carpet:

Make your guests feel like stars by hosting a party full of Old Hollywood glamor with this glitzy party theme. Have a red carpet, flashing lights, and music blasting while guests make their way down the aisle.

21. Host a white party:

Add white lace touches to your decorations and have all your guests wear white to your event to show their love for the newly engaged couple.

Have An Enchanting Party

22. Have an enchanting party:

Decorate your engagement party with deep blues and purples with gold accents and a tiered cake. To top off of your engagement party attire, wear gold headpieces to walk around like royalty.

23. Host a dessert party:

If you have a sweet tooth, create your own dessert decor with your favorite guilty pleasures all on one table. Serve wine, coffee, or tea for everyone to indulge in.

24. Celebrate with rosé all day:

Rent out your favorite rooftop bar to celebrate with a view. Toast to your engagement over rosé and city lights.

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Have a Morning Toast

Have you thought about toasting to your new adventures over an engagement party brunch? After all, breakfast may just take the top spot as everyone’s favorite meal. Consider celebrating your love with a donut party or a mimosa bar.

Make a Mimosa Bar

25. Make a mimosa bar:

Buy your favorite fruit, juice, and champagne to toast to your journey as a newly engaged couple. Set up a full bar for your guests to create their ideal mimosa.

26. Jazz brunch:

Eat your classic go-to breakfast dishes at your own French Quarter Courtyard. From scrambled eggs to french toast and egg casserole, cheers to your new journey together over morning champagne.

27. Cool off at a morning pool party:

Fill a pool with bacon shaped floaties, lather up on sunscreen, and take a deep dive into the pool for a relaxed morning celebration.

Have a Morning Fiesta

28. Have a morning fiesta:

Enjoy breakfast burritos with guacamole and a tall glass of orange juice on tables decorated with cacti and bright pink for a proper morning fiesta celebration.

29. Bring out the sunshine:

Add lemons to clear vases for your table centerpieces and create your own full coffee bar for the perfect wake up call. Incorporate bright yellows throughout your venue for a morning sunshine feel.

30. Show your love for blooms:

Have a sunrise breakfast celebration by decorating your venue with flower petals scattered on each table, bright-colored peony centerpieces, and mini breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Create a Donut Wall

31. Create a donut wall:

Set up a sweet surprise with a donut wall and glasses of milk to dip them in. Make your own pegboard wall filled with your favorite donut flavors for all your guests to test out.

32. Join the breakfast club:

Have your guests dress as they would in the ‘80s in remembrance of the classic 1985 “Breakfast Club.” Share breakfast appetizers like egg bites, coffee, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

33. Host a Spring tea party:

Fill vases with brightly colored flowers, fill plates with light snacks, and serve pots of tea. Have various morning pastries like banana bread and muffins to pair with your tea.

Have Your Own Bake-Off

34. Have your own bake-off:

Have your guests bring their favorite baked items to compete for the best-baked masterpiece at your engagement party. Have a prize table of gift cards and wedding ring cookies for the winners.

35. Have a morning BBQ:

Throw some bacon, sausage, and patties on the grill for everyone to make their own breakfast sandwiches. Top off your meal with a variety of juices, smoothies, and mimosas.

36. Throw a pancake pajama party:

Have your guests show up in their favorite PJs to get the pancake party started. Have a variety of pancake toppers from fruit, granola, syrup, and edible roses to eat while enjoying the morning.

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Get Creative

Get creative and let your playful spirit out to celebrate. Whether you’re a superhero geek, wannabe detective, or art lover, these creative engagement party ideas these are just for you! Incorporate all of your favorite things into your engagement party for a night you’ll never forget.

Have a Movie Night

37. Have a movie night:

Rent or buy a projector to have a movie night with all your loved ones. Stockpile all your favorite rom-coms or love stories to bring out the laughter.

38. Design a scavenger hunt:

Think of all your relationship milestones and put your loved ones to the test. Break up into groups and send them on a scavenger hunt to see who knows you best.

39. Go modern gothic:

Incorporate dark tones into your engagement party with taper candles, black roses, and even a couple skulls for spooky touches.

Be the Superhero

40. Be the superhero:

Come to the rescue by incorporating your favorite desserts, photo booth superhero props, and capes to mimic your playful spirits as a newly engaged couple.

41. Become the Mad Hatter:

Play up your tea party with Wonderland essentials. Wear the classic Mad Hatter hat, sip tea, and brighten your party up with paper flowers.

42. Create your own taco bar:

Display a variety of salsas, guacamole, beans, meats, and tortilla shells for your guests to make their own tacos. Have a full margarita and Bloody Mary table to quench your thirst.

Gamble the Night Away

43. Gamble the night away:

You may have already hit the jackpot, but your guests will want to win big at your party! Have your loved ones gamble with play money to see who will win the big prize (ring-shaped cookies) by the end of the night.

44. Have fun with laser tag:

Bring out your competitive side and play laser tag. You’ll get to see which one of your friends is the most competitive and the best shot.

45. A touch of history:

Rent out a local museum and hire guides to give your guests a tour of your favorite exhibits. Have appetizers and cocktails and a designated seating area for guests to relax.

Host a Murder Mystery

46. Host a murder mystery:

If Halloween and scary movies are a couple of your favorite things, consider hosting a murder mystery party. Break out the extravagant characters and storylines and assign roles in your engagement party invitations—may the best man win!

47. Go to an arcade:

Take a break and act like a kid again. Rent out an arcade or bring the arcade to you by incorporating games you loved as a kid. Whoever wins may just get a ring (cookie).

48. Host a homecoming party:

Recreate your high school dream of being homecoming king or queen as you dance the night away.

49. Have a cocktail tasting:

Skip the bars and high-end restaurants (and their price tags) by hosting an at-home cocktail tasting. Buy the essentials, prepare the essentials for a few good drink recipes, and encourage guests to bring their own. You can even hire a mixologist to come make top-shelf drinks.

50. Host a mini-Olympics:

Big sports fans? Schedule a day full of fun competitions for your guests. These can be anything from real sports—such as basketball, football, soccer, etc.—to games entirely made-up just for the occasion. Divide guests into teams and see who comes out on top. Bonus points if you award (fake) gold metals.

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Engagement Party FAQ

With the planning process and themes down, you might still find yourself with a few lingering questions. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with answers.

Who typically throws an engagement party? Traditionally, the parents of the bride will plan and throw the engagement party. However, it can be done by any loved one—or, as more modern couples are deciding, the couple themselves.

Who is invited? It’s engagement party etiquette that everyone who’s invited to the engagement party is also be invited to the wedding. This includes close family members and best friends of the couple. That being said, some couples may choose to celebrate with different groups at different times, thus having multiple engagement parties (e.g. after work drinks with work friends and a dinner with family). This is completely fine, too.

What should you have planned for guests to do? Engagement parties are meant to celebrate an engaged couple. How you do that should reflect something they enjoy, be it party games, trivia, or an all-out soirée. Ensure guests will have a good time by providing food and perhaps something entertaining, like games, live music, or a movie viewing.

Getting engaged is a milestone worth celebrating! Your close friends and family are able to come together for this special occasion, and you get to kick off this new adventure of wedding planning.

Start your wedding planning journey by mapping out how much you want to spend, creating your wedding registry, and deciding if you should hire a wedding planner.

Host the wedding of your dreams by checking out our expert advice page for everything you need to know for planning your big day.

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