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Frequently asked questions

How much do wedding & reception venues cost?

The cost of wedding venues varies, with factors influencing cost including size, location, guest count, and, most importantly, whether things like catering and rentals are included. The more a reception venue near you includes, the higher the cost. When considering venues, try to compare prices apples-to-apples. If one venue includes catering and rentals in their pricing and the other doesn’t, you need to figure out how much additional cost those outside vendors would be to make a true comparison. Before booking, be sure you’re aware of additional costs outlined in your contract, like parking fees and weather-related considerations (adding a tent, etc.).

What questions should we ask wedding venues?

When talking with a potential venue, always ask about 1) their availability and 2) their capacity. Some popular venues book up peak season Saturdays nearly 2 years in advance—if your first choice date isn’t available, consider your flexibility on day of the week and year. While maximum capacity is non-negotiable, venues might have guidance on what guest count will be most comfortable. Also, you’ll want to understand what is and is not included in the venue’s fees. Some include catering, tables and chairs, and linens, while others offer just the raw space. These venues are often less expensive because you are only paying for the space itself, and you’ll have to bring in outside vendors

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