Bachelorette Party Game Questions You'll Love

Our favorite questions to ask the bride-to-be, their partner, and their friends at any bachelorette party.

By Shira Telushkin

Bachelorette Party Game Questions
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The party game questions are the heart and soul of every good bachelorette party. With the bride-to-be celebrating her right of passage into married life, there are bound to be fun or even burning questions swirling around from both friends and family that they're dying to have answered. And a night full of activities like pampering trips to day spas or bar hopping and dancing is the perfect time to spill the deets.

Here are our favorite questions to ask when playing the "Who Knows Who Best" game at your bachelorette party.

Who Knows Who Best: Couples Edition

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This bachelorette party game is played by coming up with a list of questions in advance, which are sent to the bride’s partner. Once he has filled out the list of questions with his answers, the bridesmaids pose the questions to the bride, who answers first. The bridesmaids then see if the bride’s answers match what her partner said!

The questions work best when they are tailored to your insider knowledge about the couple. If the groom always has the same stress dream before a big day at work, or the bride has a rare collection of spiders, then those are great areas to ask questions about in this fun game. The general questions are amusing, but try to think about unique quirks and tics specific to the couple, and ask them questions about those.

Of course, some questions can be pretty tame, or at least comfortable for a wide range of bachelorette party guests. However, if you want your bachelorette party to have more of a wild side, then think more salaciously, and don’t be afraid to ask more bold quiz questions. When it comes to bachelorette party etiquette, the most important tip is to know your audience.

__Here are some great questions to ask for this bachelorette game idea: __

  • When did you know that you fell in love with the bride?
  • What was the moment that you think the bride fell in love with you?
  • What was the first thing that the bride said after you proposed? (For the bride: What was the first thing that you said after the proposal?)
  • What’s one thing in your closet that the bride would want you to get rid of?
  • Where would the bride want your ideal honeymoon to be?
  • If you had to eat one favorite food for three months, what would it be?
  • What favorite food do you think the bride would eat for three months?
  • What TV show did the bride most recently binge?
  • Who was more annoying as a child?
  • For the bride: Dog or cat?
  • For the groom: Dog or cat?
  • For the bride: Sweet or savory?
  • For the groom: Sweet or savory?
  • Would the bride rather be hot or cold?
  • Who would be better in an emergency? Why?
  • Who would better handle an unexpected layover on a trip?
  • Who is a better swimmer?
  • Who is more helpful when building furniture?
  • What is the bride’s ideal pizza topping?
  • What is the one habit that the bride finds most annoying about you?
  • What does the bride find most attractive about you?
  • What do you find most attractive about the bride?
  • What is the bride’s favorite novel?
  • What’s the one song that will always get you onto the dance floor?
  • Who would be on the bride’s celebrity “cheat” list?
  • What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • Sunrise or sunset?
  • If the bride could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would she live?
  • How soon after you met did you kiss the bride?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who is more adventurous in bed?
  • What’s one thing that the bride wants to try in bed?

Who Knows Her Best: Friendship Edition

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Another fun game idea is to get the bridesmaids in on the question action and see who, among her best friends, knows her the best. This game can be a fun, sweet game between friends. Sometimes, wedding parties can have tensions between different groups of friends and some relatives, so don’t try to pit different bridesmaids against one another. Ultimately, the point is for the bride to feel loved, so while a little bit of roasting is fine, don’t go overboard. Your audience will probably guide how tame, or risque, you want the bachelorette party game questions to be.

Here are some great questions to see who knows the bride best:

  • What is the bride’s shoe size?
  • Who was the bride’s first kiss?
  • Who was her first celebrity crush?
  • When is the bride’s birthday?
  • Has she ever dyed her hair? What’s the most adventurous thing she’s done with her hair?
  • What was her best subject in school?
  • What was her worst subject in school?
  • Where was her first trip abroad?
  • What is the bride’s go-to brunch order? How does she like her eggs?
  • What is the bride’s go-to drink order?
  • What is the bride’s most irrational fear?
  • What is her most embarrassing story?
  • If the bride could become any animal, which animal would she choose?
  • What is the bride’s middle name?
  • Who was the bride named after?
  • Name all of the members of her immediate family.
  • What flavor of cake did the bride choose for the wedding cake?
  • What was the first dish that the bride learned to cook? When did she learn to cook?
  • What’s the bride’s favorite feature about herself?

No matter what kind of bachelorette party you’re throwing, the party game questions are always a hit, so make sure to include them as part of the bachelorette party checklist. This Zola list of best bachelorette party game questions will get you started in the right direction.

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