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57 Free Bridal Shower Printables to Celebrate the Bride

These free bridal shower printables are the perfect way to dress up your next pre-wedding event. We’ve included designs and download links to 57 bridal shower printables.

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Bridal showers are pre-wedding gatherings where close friends and family shower the bride-to-be with advice, support, and love. Traditionally guests also bring a gift from the bride’s wedding registry to the shower to help the bride establish her new married life.

Since some of the attendees at these events are meeting for the first time, bridal shower activities are the perfect way to break the ice and keep the conversation moving. Like any other party, you want your bridal shower to be well organized and entertaining so everyone in attendance has a good time. If you’re hosting, make sure to also check out our guide on how to plan a bridal shower.

If you've receieved a fun bridesmaid proposal and are officially in the wedding party, it's your job to help plan and pay for the bridal shower. Dress up your bridal shower celebration with these 57 free bridal shower printables that make hosting an affordable breeze. We’ve designed eight unique bridal shower printables that you can download for free. These designs include both bridal shower games and other bridal shower activities. At the bottom of the article, you’ll also find a list of more free bridal shower printables to help you celebrate your bride!

To get the most out of your printables, be sure to select the "Fit to Page" function when printing. For printables that need to be cut out, be sure to use the crop marks for a clean finish.

Bridal Shower Games

Games are great ice-breakers at pre-wedding events such as bridal showers. Whether guests are meeting for the first time or simply getting to know each other better, playing games helps cultivate camaraderie and can create lasting memories.

Bridal shower games help guests learn about the bride and grooms personality. Whether you're taking a trivia quiz about the bride or sampling wine from regions across the world, we have printable games for every type of event.

Wine Tasting Scorecards

Toast to your future bride with a wine tasting themed bridal shower. See, swirl, sniff, repeat as you bond with other guests over a sophisticated bridal shower game. To really stay on theme, you can even add in a wine and food pairing station so guests can snack as they sip.

Guests will sample five different wines and rate them in five categories: appearance, aroma, body, taste, and finish. The wine with the highest average among all the guests wins. Try a blind tasting and see if guests can guess which wine variety they're sampling, then reveal the winner and the wine varieties at the end! For help on setting up your wine pouring station, check out these wine pro tips from Zola’s resident sommelier and then stock up on all the essentials!

In addition to wine scoring cards, you’ll need wine glasses, and at least five bottles of different wine brands.



Bridal Trivia

It’s time to find out who knows the bride best. Hand out this trivia card to bridal shower guests and challenge them to answer questions about the bride-to-be. Some of these questions also focus on the groom and wedding, letting attendees learn more about the celebrations leading up to the big day.

All you need is a color printer and some pens to pull off this trivia game! Make sure to have your bride answer these questions ahead of time to make scoring straightforward and easy.



Ring Hunt

A ring hunt is a fun and interactive game that will send your guests on a scavenger hunt throughout the shower. The plastic engagement rings keep it on theme and a prize for the winner will keep everyone hunting.

After downloading this printable, all you’ll need is 24 plastic rings, some great hiding spots, and a prize for the winner. ring-hunt-mockup


Bridal Shower Charades

Play a game of classic charades with a bridal twist. This game will break the ice and get guests laughing together as someone on their team acts out a wedding-themed clue.

Split your shower into two teams and have one player from each team draw a card. Give each team two minutes to guess the clue before the other group gets an opportunity for one guess. Then, it moves onto the next round. All you’ll need after printing these charades cards is a bowl to place the clues in and a timer.



More Bridal Shower Fun

Games aren’t the only way to have fun at a bridal shower. These printable bridal shower activities will keep the party going long after the bride has opened up her shower gifts.

You can pair these activities with one of the bridal shower games above or use them in place of more traditional games. From a DIY station to a date night jar, these activities are a fun way to celebrate your bride-to-be.

Wedding Advice Cards

Wedding advice cards give guests the opportunity to pass along advice and best wishes to the bride and groom as they start the next chapter of their lives together. Older guests, in particular, will enjoy passing along wisdom to the future bride and groom given their wealth of knowledge and experience.

This activity is also easy to set up. Just print the advice cards, lay out some pens, and then collect and arrange the advice cards in a photo album for the bride.



Date Night Jar

You can help prevent the bride and groom from ever running out of date night ideas with this DIY date night jar. This jar will come in handy when the couple needs date night inspiration. It is also a sweet and simple way to remind them to always put their relationship first.

Encourage guests to brainstorm at least one date night for the happy couple. You can provide examples to help guests think of ideas such as watch the sunrise, have a picnic, and go to a concert. Set up a jar next to the date night sign and cards for guests to place their date ideas in.



Flower Crown Bar

Entertain guests during a shower by setting up a dreamy flower crown bar. This fun activity lets guests accessorize their hairstyles with lovely floral arrangements.

Flower crown bars are perfect for people of all ages and any size group. This trendy addition to your shower will have guests feeling stylish and ready to pose for pictures. Consider setting up a DIY photo booth nearby for a photoshoot opportunity.

In addition to fresh flowers, you’ll need greenery, wire, scissors, and floral tape. Check out this guide on how to make a flower crown for simple instructions!



Recipe Cards

Recipe cards are an easy and useful bridal shower activity that has the potential to become heirlooms for the bride and groom. You never know what delicious recipe will get put in the pile and possibly be passed down for generations to come.

After downloading these recipe cards, all you need to do is set up a station with pens and a place to display the completed cards such as a recipe box. That way, the bride can easily keep track of her new recipes.

Make sure to let guests know on the invitation to come prepared with a recipe so they don’t have to think of one on the fly.



More Free Bridal Shower Printables:

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here are 49 more free bridal shower printables to dress up your event!

  • Set up a photo booth at your bridal shower and pick a theme, such as disco fever, with Zola’s 83 free printable wedding photo booth props.
  • Hang an Instagram sign next to your bridal shower photo booth so guests can keep track of the hashtag, like this free printable Instagram sign from Pretty Little Palace.
  • Add a touch of sweetness to classic bridal bingo with these donut-themed printables from Aww Sam. Just add mini donuts!
  • Let your guests learn more about the bride and groom with this Guess Who game from Morning Motivated Mom.
  • Pop culture enthusiasts will love this famous couple memory game from Studio DIY.
  • Hum along to your favorite childhood songs with the Disney love song game printable from Samantha Jean Photo.
  • Help your guests mingle with an icebreaker game printable like Freebie Finding Mom’s Bridal Shower Discovery Game from.
  • Cute theme alert! Host a watermelon bridal shower and use free bridal shower game printables from Treasures and Travels.
  • Hang these free printable jar labels from Eighteen25 on your date night jar.
  • Set up a mimosa bar with these mimosa bar printables from By Stephanie Lynn.
  • Download a blue and green bridal shower bingo template from DIY Network.
  • Decorate your bridal shower tables with these free floral cutlery tags from Eat Drink Chic.
  • These 14 free and fun wedding Mad Libs printables from PopSugar will add an entertaining and creative twist to your bridal shower.
  • Staches and Tiaras by Craftaholics Anonymous is a fun game of his and hers.
  • These bright colored bridal bingo cards from I Try DIY are perfect for summertime.
  • For artistic brides, try throwing a bridal shower paint party with this template from the House That Lars Built.
  • This DIY flower ice cream cone craft by Duly Noted Ink is the perfect activity for brides with kids or who just love ice cream!
  • This garden-inspired bridal bingo game from Elegance and Enchantment will help pass the time while the bride opens her gifts.
  • Create fun and flirty floral DIY hangings with this illustrated floral backdrop printable from Ruffled Blog.
  • Pair these free printable drink tags from Mountain Modern Life with your wine tasting station.
  • Have guests sign in when they arrive with this watercolor thumbprint tree guest book from Swooned Magazine.
  • How about hosting a calligraphy workshop at your shower? This free printable worksheet from The Postman's Knock will show you how!
  • If your bridal shower is kid-friendly, entertain your young guests during gift opening with this wedding-themed coloring book activity from Lovely Indeed.
  • If you’re hosting your bridal shower at a restaurant, these drink tickets from Evermine are a great way to keep the bar tab in the budget.
  • Movie buffs and Disney fanatics will love this animated movie quote game from Clementine Creative. Perfect for a bridal shower with kids in attendance!
  • Play a classic game of "He Says She Says" with this downloadable template from Aisle With Style.
  • Add a touch of pink to your bridal shower with these pink and white bridal shower games from So in the Know.
  • For a crowd with a sense of humor, try this funny bridal shower game from Happy Home Fairy.
  • Have guests giggling with this floral bridal Scattergories game from The Flair Exchange.
  • If you’re hosting a couples shower, try these co-ed bridal game printables from The Tom Kat studio.
  • These bride or groom game sheets will have shower guests competing to see who knows the couple best. Get a free download from Kate Aspen.
  • This bridal shower grid game is similar to Scattergories. Download it for free from Wedding Favors Unlimited.
  • Use these 15 free party planning printables from First Day of Home to keep track of all the supplies you need for your bridal shower games!
  • These watercolor flower games from Printable Market are perfect for springtime.
  • Test your bride on how well she knows the groom with this newlywed game from The Game Gal.
  • Is someone controlling the playlist at your shower? Let guests request a song with these printable song request cards from Elizabeth Anne Designs.
  • Save money on a flower bar by using paper flower printables like these fall succulent designs from Lia Griffith.
  • This difficult word scramble is full of misspelled Disney princes – perfect for the Disney obsessed bride. Get a free download from Designs By Miss Mandee.
  • Blow some bubbles at your bridal shower for a perfect photo opportunity. These bubble labels in yellow and pink from Merriment Design will get you started!
  • Use these love-themed raffle tickets from Miss Cutie Pie Goes 80s to give away prizes during the shower!
  • This wedding movie matchup game from Fynes Designs will have you reliving all your favorite wedding centric flicks.
  • These tropical bridal shower games from I Should be Mopping the Floor include Put a Ring on It and He Said She Said.
  • This emoji game printable from Play Party Plan is perfect for millennial brides.
  • This wedding cake word game from Word Game World will challenge guests to spell as many words as they can using only the letters found in ‘wedding cake’.
  • Writers and literary buffs will love The Story of the Bride and Groom game from Domestic Randomness.
  • This blast from the past bridal shower game from This Grandma is Fun is perfect for older brides or brides who love the 1950s!
  • Hosting a bridal shower around Easter? Set up an Easter egg painting station and use these printable easter egg holders from Lia Griffith so guests can keep track of their "eggcellent" creations.
  • May 4th, aka 'Star Wars Day' is the third most popular wedding day, so it's safe to say there's a lot of brides out there who love Star Wars! May the force be with you as you play a Star Wars-themed game like this matching game from The Quiet Grove.

Have you found the perfect bridal shower game or activity? If so, get to printing! You’re well on your way to hosting a successful bridal shower with these free printables. For more bridal shower inspiration, check out these five bridal shower ideas we love.

You can also check out our expert advice for the answers to all of your bridal shower questions such as what to wear to a bridal shower and how much you should spend on a wedding gift.

If you're the bride, don't forget about thank you cards! Find out more on how to write a thank you card and order thank you cards today.

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