Your bachelorette party is one of the last celebrations before you say “I do,” so spend it with your closest friends and family. Whether you’re traveling for your bachelorette party or having your own wellness bridal weekend with your favorite people, we have a few games to kick-start the festivities.

This event may be the first time some members of your bridal party are meeting each other. To break the ice, bring out games to start a party nobody will forget.

From a low-key sleepover to a night out on the town, we’ve compiled 24 games, printables, decorations, and party favors to kiss your single life goodbye. Pick your favorites for an unforgettable night.

Keep reading or jump straight to game and decoration printables:

What's On Your Phone?

Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt

Bachelorette Party Drink If

Beach Bash Photo Booth

Ring Party Door Sign

What’s On Your Phone? Game

Uncover what people have on their phones with a little friendly competition. Have your guests check the boxes that apply to them, add up your totals, and reveal the winner.

You won’t need anything but your phones, a pen, and a prize (if you choose) to see what your guests have on their device. See who has the quirkiest things hidden on their phone and get to know the whole group on a deeper level. What's On Your Phone Mock-Up What's On Your Phone Download Button

Bachelorette Photo Challenge Scavenger Hunt

Throw an exciting bachelorette party by having your own photo scavenger hunt. Set a timer and divide into groups of two or three. Hit the ground running, snap as many shots as you can, and dart for the finish line. Whoever gets back to your safe zone fastest may win a prize, or hilarious pictures to look back on for years to come.

Each pair needs a phone or camera, running shoes, and a timer. May the best guest win! Bachelorette Photo Scavenger Hunt Mock-Up Photo Scavenger Hunt Download Button

Bachelorette “Drink If…”

With a glass of bubbly in hand, sit down with your guests and start checking off the boxes, starting with round one. Once everyone is finished, compare to see who has had the most boxes checked. The winner takes a sip of their drink of choice, whether it’s a yummy cocktail or a mocktail. Then, see who wins round two, three, and four.

Bring out your favorite writing utensils and beverages and see how fast everyone can complete this challenge. Drink If Mock-Up Drink If Download Button

Beach Bash Photo Booth

If the bachelorette party is being hosted on island time, set up a “shellfie” station in your hotel room with these free photo booth printables. Bachelorette party guests can strike their favorite pose and create photo keepsakes the bride can take home with her. You can discover more ideas on how to create the perfect island-themed bash here.

To use these printables, all you need is a printer and paper. Beach Bash Photo Booth Mock-Up Beach Bash Photo Booth Props Download Button

Ring Party Door Sign

Decorate your party with a ring door sign taped on your front door. It’s only fitting since this is your last fling before you get the ring! This is especially useful for guests that are meeting you at a new location. Once they spot the ring, they’ll know exactly where they need to go!

For this printable, you’ll need cutting utensils and tape to hang up each sign. Door Sign Mock-Up Diamond Ring Door Sign Download Button

More Free Bachelorette Party Games:

If you’re ready for a full night of games, we found 19 more free options that are perfect for your last single night. We have classy, wild, and classic girls’ night games for every soon-to-be newlywed.

Clean and Classy Games

  • Like our What’s In Your Phone game? See what odd things your guests carry around with them by playing What’s In Your Purse.
  • Send the newlyweds off on the right foot by writing them a heart-felt (or funny) letter with this printable.
  • For the guests that may not have seen your wedding day attire just yet, see who knows your style best with these Guess the Dress printables.
  • Wear your favorite lip color and have your bridal party kiss your single life goodbye with this framable Kiss for the Future Mrs. keepsake.
  • For all the celebrity experts out there, this is the perfect game! Match up some popular celebrity couples with this Celeb Couple Quiz.
  • See who really knows the bachelorette better than anyone else in the room playing How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?.
  • Fill in the blanks with this Advice for Newlyweds printable. Gather advice from your closest friends, from newlywed tips to travel inspiration.

Wild Party Games

  • Start a three-minute timer while your crew writes out classic bachelorette terms starting with each letter of the alphabet on this Bachelorette Alphabet print out. Once your time’s up, read each out loud to see who takes home the cake!
  • If you want your guests to play games that involve fun lingerie, play Guess the Panties to see who brought what.
  • Emojis have been around for years. See if you can figure out which emoji set means what playing this Emoji Pictionary Game.
  • See who knows your love story best by having your guests fill out your Love Story Map.
  • If your group is ready to get the night started with a pregame start off your party with a nice game of Bachelorette Bottoms Up.
  • Put your thinking cap on and brainstorm quirky answers by playing Bachelorette Balderdash. See which of your guests comes up with the best answers.

Girls’ Night In Games__

  • If your group knows celebrities well, play Match the Famous Couple. See who can correctly match well-known big name couples.
  • Unscramble classic bachelorette party phrases with this Bachelorette Party Word Scramble.
  • Go into a wild girls’ night with guidelines. Have each member of your group sign this Bachelorette Party Agreement before starting.
  • We all know a fun night out on the town with your closest friends can hit you hard in the morning. Create a Bachelorette Party Survival Kit for everyone. Write the name of each member on printable labels to make sure everyone gets one.
  • Before the party starts, have the opposing partner fill out the Quiz the Groom printable. Once starting the party, quiz your guests to see who knows the groom best.
  • Get competitive and play Bachelorette Pictionary to see who may guess the best.

Now that you have some fun activities planned, check out our packing list for the bachelorette weekend so you don’t skip any essentials. You’ll be set to celebrate with your guests and make some unforgettable memories before the trip comes to an end. For more planning tips, take a look at our guide to bachelorette parties.

If you’re counting down the days until your wedding, don’t forget to send thank you cards after the event. Cheers to your bachelorette party festivities!

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