12 Best Bachelorette Party Invitation Ideas & Wording

Find fun and flirty ideas to add to your bachelorette party invitations. Use these as is or simply as inspiration to perfect the bachelorette party invite wording.

By Emily Forrest

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In terms of pre-wedding events, the bachelorette party is the least formal affair and meant to be the most fun, so it should start off that way. Kick off your bach by sending invitation cards that suit the occasion and theme. There are details to include, of course, but most of the invites can be fun and flirty, and reflect the bride’s style and personality (which should also be reflected in the other wedding-related correspondence, like the bridal shower invitations).

Once you’ve picked the right stationery, the hardest part is deciding how to word your bachelorette invitations. But don’t stress: We’ve got you covered. Here, we gathered a variety of party invitation wording options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some bachelorette party invite wording ideas—along with a few invitation templates—as inspiration to help you get started:

Who Plans The Bachelorette Party?

According to traditional bachelorette party etiquette, the maid of honor(s) plans the bachelorette weekend—but it’s also not uncommon for a bride to assign another friend or member of her wedding party to plan the shindig. The MOH has a lot on her plate, especially if she’s planning a bridal shower as well, so whether someone else takes over completely or someone steps in to handle the bachelorette party details, it's a good idea to provide her with some help.

If you’re the designated bachelorette party planner, the burden of planning and expense doesn’t fall all on you. Ask for help from other members of the bridal party and split all costs between everyone. Ok, let’s get to the fun stuff…

Who Is Invited To The Bachelorette Party?

The bride-to-be is in charge of bachelorette party invitations, and no, the guest list isn’t limited to the bridal party. She can also choose to include any or all of the following:

  • Bridesmaids
  • Sisters & Sisters-in-law
  • Close Friends
  • Extended Family Members
  • Mom and Mother-in-law

Before sending out those white envelopes, be sure to double-check who’s getting one, as it could be a longer list than you think. And make sure you don’t book anything else, like accommodations or activities, before you hear back from everyone.

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording Ideas

There are plenty of fun ways to word the bachelorette party invite that put a simple “You’re Invited” to shame. And remember, bachelorette party invitations don’t have to be as formal as a wedding invitation, so don’t be afraid to mix things up! Here are a few fun (and funny) bachelorette party invitation template ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Make It Rhyme

Invitations are the stomping grounds of a good rhyme—and always have been. When you send out invites to your bride tribe, stick to rhyming phrases like these—some classic (read: tried and true) and some fun and fresh—and you can’t go wrong:

  • Last fling before the ring
  • Kiss the miss goodbye
  • Nashbash (for nashville bachelorette parties or Nashville wedding venues)
  • Margaritas and señoritas
  • Before she says “i do” let’s have a drink or two
  • Let’s toast on the coast
  • A weekend of fun and sun
  • Buy her a shot, she’s tying the knot
  • Last night before mr. right
  • Champagne campaign

Play With Puns

From the destination to the bride’s first, maiden, or new last name, you can use a variety of wedding-related elements to create clever puns that will liven up your bachelorette invite. Here are a few wording ideas:

  • Roped in forever (for a country bash)
  • Wine flies when you’re having fun
  • Let’s get wild
  • Where my beaches at?
  • Nacho average bachelorette party
  • Taco bout a party
  • Wife of the party
  • One last syrah
  • Wed, white, and boozed
Nail Down the Bachelorette Party Invite Wording Photo Credit // Ginger Ray

Tie in the Bachelorette Party Theme

Now is the time to set the tone. Are you headed to Texas for a Western-themed fete or to a lake for fireside festivities? Then, incorporate country or campfire phrasing. Maybe you’re covering the place in palm fronds or modeling it after her favorite food—whatever the party theme is, nod to it in your invite to clue the girls in. Here’s some inspiration:

  • Final flamingle
  • Too hot to handle
  • The bride’s final fiesta
  • The bride’s last rodeo
  • Aloha beaches
  • She said “yes!” We said “(location)!”
  • One last olé before the big day
  • Bonfires and booze
  • Manis and mimosas
  • Glamping with the girls
  • Vegas before vows
  • Last sail before the veil

Get Everyone Excited

When all else fails (or you don't have a party idea yet), pick a big, bold font and a catchy phrase that will get everyone excited for what’s to come. Here are a few foolproof options:

  • Bachelorette bash
  • Bachelorette bonanza
  • Ready to party?
  • Let’s party!
  • Put the party in bridal party
  • Girls just want to have fun
  • Girls weekend
  • Bachelorette getaway
  • She’s getting married
Nail Down the Bachelorette Party Invite Wording Photo Credit // Wild Scout Photo

Make It All About the Bride

This should go without saying, but you should mention the bride on the bachelorette party invitation. She’s the honoree, the kit and caboodle, the star of the show. Using a form or a template will make this process a lot easier! Here are a few examples—just fill in the bride’s name:


  • In honor of bride-to-be ——
  • Honoring ——
  • Celebrating the bride-to-be ——
  • In celebration of ——


  • ——’s last bash
  • Camp —— (works best with C names)
  • ——’s Nashelorette
  • A bachelorette party for ——

Don’t Forget the Details

While the kitschy phrases are cute and all, you do actually have to relay some important information on the bachelorette party invitation. Don’t forget to include:

  • When: The date (or dates) the celebration is taking place. You can include exact times in an email or on an itinerary at a future date.
  • Where: Include both the city and state. You don’t need to include an address on the actual invite, but should follow up with it the day or week before the bachelorette party begins. You should also communicate any necessary travel or transportation details via text or email.
  • Other Details: Include information about the dress code (including any special costumes or themed outfits), the host’s contact information, and any other necessary details to ensure everyone’s ready to celebrate the coming wedding day!
  • RSVP Details: Give guests a method (and deadline!) for confirming attendance.

If you’re sending a party invitation by mail, you can also include a details card that provides more in-depth information.

12 Bachelorette Invitation Ideas + Templates

Your choice of bachelorette party invitation helps set the theme and get the bridal party hyped for the big day. Use these invitation ideas and templates to spice up your invites in the lead-up to the bride’s big send-off.

1. Watercolor

Make sure your bach party invites pop with a touch of whimsical watercolor! This watercolor bachelorette invitation blends soft colors with a beautiful floral arrangement for an attractive and formal invitation that celebrates the bride’s pending nuptials. Customize the text to include relevant party details—and consider combining the purchase with similarly styled thank you notes to send out after the party.

2. Pool Party Bachelorette

Planning some fun in the sun for the bride’s final hurrah? This pool party bachelorette invitation combines soft blue with colorful depictions of poolside staples to hype up any poolside party. Customize the card’s trim to add a bit of flair and style.

3. Rose Gold Theme

Add a touch of elegance to your invitations with this sleek and enticing bach party invite. Rose gold ink helps your wording pop on your choice of colored background and font, lending a touch of formality and sophistication to the bride’s last fling before the ring.

4. Spa Day Invitations

Planning for a wedding is stressful—and not just for the bride-to-be. Help the bachelorette and her guests prepare for some manis and mimosas with this spa day bachelorette party invitation, printed on high-quality cardstock and with matching envelopes.

5. Wild Night

Planning a wild girls’ night or lingerie shower to celebrate the bride’s final days as a bachelorette? This lingerie string invitation card hints at a fun and playful theme to celebrate the bride’s bach bash, with the ability for you to customize the wording, font, and font color.

6. Cocktail Party

Prep your guests for a night of free-flowing drinks with this cocktail party invite. Choose from suggested wording samples or take the DIY route by writing your own, then opt to change the font or coloring for a card that’s uniquely fitting to your booze-filled bach party plans.

7. Girls Night Out

What better way to send off the bride than with a girls night out? This customizable girls nite out bachelorette party invitation promises a night to remember—and is printed double-sided on shimmer stock for some added pop and pizzazz that mimics the glitter and glitz of a night on the town.

8. Brunch

Combine brunch and bubbly for a perfect send-off for the bride-to-be with this playful and celebratory brunch bachelorette party invitation. Customize the template by tweaking the background color, font style, and font color for an invite that’s as unique as the bride (and the brunch dishes!).

9. Destination Bachelorette

Get the guests ready to jet off for a weekend with this celebratory destination bachelorette invite. Choose from six card shapes—including the shape of a luggage tag—and 12 paper types for a personalized twist that invites guests for a chance to get away and celebrate what’s sure to be a trip to remember!

10. Wine Tasting Bachelorette

Invite guests for a delicious and relaxing wine tasting bachelorette party with this elegant and formal wine tasting bachelorette weekend invite. Customize and edit the wording to make this invite (and the included itinerary) uniquely yours, then print the cards at home for a DIY solution—or find a local print shop to print on the card stock of your choosing.

11. Combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

A combined bachelor/bachelorette party means sending invitations that appeal to a much more diverse guest list. Fortunately, this joint bach party invitation is perfect for a mixed guest list, with the opportunity for you to edit the font and text—or even add an image of your own!

12. Surprise Bachelorette

Trying to throw a bachelorette party under the radar? This classy and fun surprise bachelorette invitation comes in six playful shapes and 12 different paper types, hinting at an elegant soirée that’s sure to send the bachelorette off right.

Other Bachelorette Party Paper Goods

Once you have settled on a bachelorette invitation and the proper wording to go with it, you can carry the theme throughout the rest of the party. Stick to similar phrasing, design, color schemes, and motifs to keep the rest of the paper goods consistent and get the point across. Here are a few fun additions to include with your order:

An Itinerary

Outline the weekend’s festivities with an itinerary set to the tune of your invite. Use similar, or even the same, wording at the top and add a timeline of events, so that everyone knows where to be and when.

Custom Games

Custom games are another great way to incorporate your chosen wording and theme. Think paper games like “Who Knows the Bride Best,” or a bride-themed Scattergories. There are a number of fun bachelorette party games that can be created and printed ahead of time and mimic the style and wording of your invites.


Ok, so these may not be paper goods per se, but they do feature fun and creative wording that should be in step with your invite. Go with the same phrase, or just stick to the theme. If you went with the wording “Champagne Campaign” on your invite, you can pick out T-shirts that also say “Champagne Campaign.” Or, if you chose “Last Sail Before the Veil,” go with wording along the same nautical lines like “I Do Crew.”

All the thought you put into the bachelorette party invite wording—and the complementary goods—is well worth the effort. There’s no doubt it sets the tone for a fun weekend ahead.


What better way to stick to your party theme than stickers? Print out or order some fun and quirky stickers to include on your invitations and throughout the venue. And if you’re the artistic and DIY type? Add your own flair to the stickers’ designs to really let your creativity shine through in the last days before your wedding.

All the thought you put into the bachelorette party invite wording—and the complementary goods—is well worth the effort. There’s no doubt it sets the tone for a fun weekend ahead.

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