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Thank You Cards

Zola is here to make your custom thank you cards perfect inside and out! Our easily customizable thank you cards allow you to choose a design or upload your own. You can even personalize your card with a beautiful photo. Upload your favorite shot of you two from your wedding day or another photo you love. We’ll help make sure no guest’s generosity or time goes unnoticed.

When the time comes to put pen to paper, there are a few basic rules to follow when writing your wedding thank you cards. Not sure what to say? Customize any of our suggested thank you notes (or write your own), and we’ll print your unique message for each guest on the inside of a thank you card in a beautiful font. Here are some wording tips to help you get started.

Every good wedding thank you card says something specific about the gift you received. Mention exactly what you received as a gift and how you plan to use it. One exception is for monetary gifts: while it's great to mention how you plan to use the funds, it is best to not mention the exact amount.

Remember, wedding thank you cards are meant for you to express your gratitude to your friends and family. You want your guest to know that you appreciate the time, effort, and thought that it took to select that specific present. Even if you’re not in love with the gift, make sure you say something nice about it (and never reveal that you plan on returning something). Whether guests contributed to your honeymoon fund or they got a generous gift for your home, it's always proper etiquette to send a wedding thank you.

The type of gift you receive will determine what you say about it. For example, if you receive a set of pots and pans, talk about some things you’re excited to cook. If you received a new duvet, talk about how good it looks on your bed. Keep this line short, sweet, and positive.

Pro Tip: If you received money, you can say: “Thank you so much for your generous gift. We plan on putting it toward_______.”

For example, if the guest was able to attend your wedding, say something about the time you spent together celebrating. This doesn’t have to be anything too significant, but, chances are, you or your significant other will have a memorable anecdote or special detail in mind about the person you’re sending a wedding thank you to.

For some guests, it will be easy, like: “We were touched that you performed a reading at our ceremony.” For others, it may be something simple like: “We enjoyed dancing to ‘Jungle Boogie’ with you!” Don’t be afraid to include fun or playful details! Even if a moment seems trivial, the inclusion of a shared moment from your wedding shows you care.

For gift-givers who couldn’t make it to your wedding, you can say something thoughtful like: “We missed you at the wedding, but know you were there in spirit. Can’t wait to see you ________!”

For the most part, the guests you invited to your wedding are people you love and care for. As a result, you should use some kind of loving closing line to show adoration and appreciation for the recipient of the thank you card. It can be as flowery or as simple as you want, but many couples go with something along the lines of “All our love and gratitude.”

If you’re sending wedding thank you cards to more casual friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, go with something like “Warmest regards” or “Best.”

Whether you are Mr. and Mr., Dr. and Mrs., or any combination thereof, you are finally a married couple! Your custom thank you cards are a great opportunity to sign your name as newlyweds in the same way you were introduced for the first time on your wedding day!

Here is an example wedding thank you note you can use as a template to get the ball rolling:

Dear Aunt Linda,

Thank you so much for the Le Creuset French Oven from our Zola registry! We will remember your hilarious toast every time we use it. We were so happy that you were able to join us for our wedding and take part in the celebration. As soon as we get back from our honeymoon, we are going to use the French Oven to make Chicken Pot Pie!

All our love and gratitude,
Blanca Ortiz & Christopher Marker