The Top Wedding Themes for 2022

From romantic and classy, to earthy and rustic, over 3,000 couples weigh in on 2022’s top wedding themes.

By Jennifer Prince

Top Wedding Themes for 2022
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The First Look ✨

Your wedding day allows you the opportunity to showcase your personality as a couple, which comes through best in your overall theme. Some folks go with a classic, elegant feel, while some couples opt for romantic, boho vibes. Still, others go all out and showcase their love for sports, pets, or a favorite hobby via their wedding day theme. So, if you’re trying to pinpoint the overall motif for your big day, take cues from other couples. Zola polled over 3,300 duos in its First Look Report to find out the top wedding themes for 2022, and the ones that came out on top may surprise you.

Why Choose a Wedding Theme?

It’s not 100 percent necessary to select an overarching vibe for your big day; however, doing so can ensure that your wedding is cohesive. Having a clearly defined theme—for example, rustic—can help you weigh your decisions. If you love a set of classic, gold candelabras, you can ask yourself if they fit in with a rustic vibe. Of course, you can mix and match pieces for an eclectic feel, but having a clear viewpoint can help keep things consistent while planning your special day.

A few of the 2022 top wedding themes reign in a big way, although the main takeaway is that couples are very intentional with every detail of their wedding day. From florals and cakes, to invitations and wedding favors, brides and grooms are personalizing their themes to the fullest. In addition, today’s couples aren’t shy to take popular wedding themes and hone in to make them their own.

Popular Themes for 2022 Weddings

The top wedding themes for 2022 are romantic and classic, but earthy and rustic vibes are also top trends. Here’s a breakdown of what Zola’s polled couples are including in next year’s weddings.


Yes, weddings are all about love and romance, but 34 percent of couples are giving their special day romantic vibes. However, before you think that this theme is an explosion of Valentine’s Day decorations, true romance takes a more ethereal turn—think lace details, loads of tulle, Cinderella-like wedding gowns, and keeping things soft and sweet for 2022 weddings.


Also known as an elegant or traditional theme, many couples are choosing to have a big day full of classic elements. Thirty-two percent, in fact! If you crave a black and white palette, or glamorous details that aren’t overdone, this theme may be for you. Classic weddings are timeless—think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley—and look like they could occur during any period.


Barn weddings, earthy tones, and relaxed vibes exude a rustic style. Midway between boho and romantic, having a rustic wedding theme is perfect for couples who want to blend styles. This flexibility is why 31 percent of 2022 couples are selecting this vibe for their big day. But, of course, the venue choice dictates this theme, so keep this in mind if you crave a rustic feel.


Giving nods to the bohemian styles of the 1970s—think bell-sleeved gowns, macrame details, and lots of plants—boho has been one of the most popular themes in the past few years. Although its popularity is waning a bit, almost 17 percent of couples are still choosing boho wedding trends for their day. Many of these events occur outdoors, the perfect setting for authentic bohemian vibes.


Part-classic, part-trendy, a true modern wedding theme blends timeless elements with cutting-edge trends from today; and 12 percent of couples are here for it. Also defined by clean lines, luxe elements, and fashion-forward color palettes, modern weddings can be pared down or ultra-glam. The flexibility within this 2022 wedding trend is why it’s appealing to so many couples.


Going with a seasonal wedding can be loads of fun, especially if you capitalize on what the earth is already producing. If you go with a harvest or winter-themed wedding day, chances are that your venue may be seasonally decorated, which can help cut costs. Couples are also going beyond simply using seasonal decor by honing in on in-season food, color palettes, and florals. Almost 12 percent of couples are incorporating seasonal trends into their 2022 weddings.


Scaled-back, yet quality details perfectly describe the minimalist wedding trend. Although there may be fewer decor elements, decorations are high-quality and worth focusing on. In addition, nine-and-a-half percent of couples are keeping things simple, yet elegant on their big day. Often the minimalistic style includes geometric shapes and metallic tones.


Almost nine percent of couples are going natural with their wedding day, but what does this 2022 wedding trend mean? Many are intentional about going eco-friendly and using natural elements that are kind to the environment. Going green has been a growing trend as folks consider their impact on the earth. Quite often a nature-inspired or muted palette accompanies a natural wedding theme.

How Couples are Personalizing Top Wedding Themes for 2022

Beyond an overarching idea, couples are using these top 2022 wedding themes as a springboard to go deeper. Use these ideas from Zola’s polled couples to inspire your specific vibe. You can apply most of these personalizations to any overall theme.

Include Elements from Nature

Some couples are taking color cues from nature, and others are going all-out with their micro-themes by including greenery in decor that includes sunflowers or tropical florals. Zola’s couples are adding fun spins on nature with themes such as summer camp, mountain sunset, garden party, and enchanted forest. One couple noted that they were using a “witchy meets European countryside” scheme, which sounds divine.

Head to the Sky With Celestial Vibes

Whether you’re marrying under a night sky or want to include starry details, couples are going celestial for their 2022 weddings. Some are taking cues from astronomy, and others are capitalizing on a night under the stars. One duo loved this theme so much that they said, “We’re getting married under May’s flower moon in a planetarium/space museum.” That’s the beauty of having a theme; you can go all out and make it a focus or simply give nods to it on your 2022 wedding day.

Give Nods to a Particular Era

Vintage vibes are all the rage, and it’s no wonder, as some eras burst with inspiration. Couples getting married in 2022 are including 70s retro and 80s arcade vibes. Another popular wedding theme for 2022 is the quintessential 1920s flapper-style Gatsby theme. If you go vintage, you don’t have to mimic an era fully, but you can include elements from the decade that inspire you.

Channel Your Inner Fan

Whether you love books or movies, build upon a fandom for your wedding day. Some couples are going literary with themes surrounding “Alice in Wonderland,” “Harry Potter,” and “The Wizard of Oz.” Others are inspired by film and are gaining inspiration from “Jurassic Park,” Disney, “Star Wars,” Marvel, and “Shrek.” Although couples are utilizing these genres, many clarified to say that they were “lightly” using the trend. So, feel free to give nods to a fandom and not make your big day a total sci-fi fest—although kudos if you do.

Your big day reflects you and your significant other, so feel free to make your big day your own. Trends will always ebb and flow, so choose one that is meaningful to you, or branch out and do something different. No matter what, Zola is here to help you orchestrate your big day. From information on wedding themes to a wedding budget, Zola has it all, so use Zola’s resources to plan efficiently.

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