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47 Bachelor Party Ideas for Every Groom

Fill your bachelor party itinerary with groom-approved activities in preparation for celebrating your big day. From weekend getaways to nighttime options, explore the best and unique bachelor party ideas.

By Elizabeth Blasi

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Ah, the bachelor party. The pre-wedding ritual of honoring a groom as he winds down his last days as a single man. Typically, while the bride-to-be spends her time at her bachelorette party, the groom-to-be would hold bachelor parties that involve a weekend away, a few nice meals, drinking, and other daytime activities that suit the groom’s style with his close friend(s) and groomsman. We’ve come to understand bachelor parties as wild weekends full of debauchery—and they certainly can be! However, don’t get caught up in the stereotype: A bachelor party can be anything you want it to be.

To help you plan a weekend suitable for the groom, here’s a comprehensive list of ideas for bachelor party games and activities. Whether you’re into the great outdoors, a super sports fan, or want to settle into the traditional bachelor party planning mentality, we have ideas for you.

Find The Best Bachelor Party Activity For Your Weekend Get-Away

  • Rent a cabin in the woods. If you’re someone who likes the idea of hanging out with your friends out in nature, try going this direction. Through platforms like Airbnb, you’ll be able to secure an amazing house or cabin that fits your entire group.
  • Visit a national park. The recent craze of collecting National Park stamps has nature lovers traveling near and far to see the best Mother Earth has to offer. Whether you decide on the Florida Everglades or California’s Yosemite there are 61 different parks to choose from in the USA.
  • Go camping. This bachelor party idea is for those who really want to be out in nature, set up tents at a public campsite and ride out the weekend in the elements.
  • Head off to Las Vegas. It’s quintessential bachelor party territory. So grab a few buddies and head over to Sin City. Just remember: What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.
  • Take a cruise. Cruise ships are a unique bachelor party option suitable for everyone in your bachelor party thanks to a bevy of entertaining options like bars, casinos, and pool decks.
  • Visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. For those bourbon-drinking, the area surrounding Louisville is a must-go. Take a bus tour of popular bourbon distilleries—without having to worry about a designated driver.
  • Go to a live music festival. If you and your crew are big on music and partying, hit a major music festival together to enjoy the live band and night raves.
  • Visit a new country. If getting a new stamp on your passport sounds like an amazing idea, grab your crew and venture out. Check airlines for deals and jump on an opportunity.
  • Rent an RV. While road tripping with your buddies may take longer than a weekend, rent an RV and make your way down a scenic road intended to be covered in a couple of days. Try the California coast or the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Carolinas.
  • Off to the races. If dressing in searsucker and rocking a koozie are two of your favorite things, you might want to head off to the horse races. From the Kentucky Derby to the Preakness races in Maryland, there are many big events to choose from where you and your friends can sip on Mint Juleps and enjoy the weekend.
  • Rent a ski cabin. Renting a ski cabin in the middle of the mountains is a great way to add in a sporting adventure while kicking off your bachelor party celebration through bonding with your friends.

If your bachelor party guests live in various states (or even countries), it might be best to plan a weekend away. Whether meeting in a centralized location, or somewhere new and exciting, there are many different types of multi-day travel ideas for you and your friends to celebrate your bachelor party.

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Bachelor Party Ideas for Day-Time Activities

  • Go for a hike. Setting out on a day hike is a great way to enjoy your surroundings and have some meaningful moments with your friends.
  • Float down a river. Grab an inner tube and float along the river, if possible. Some locations even have bars and restaurants at various stops along your tube ride.
  • Sign up for an obstacle course. Instead of an individual or singular event, try signing up for an obstacle course that puts you together in teams.
  • Try paintballing. If competition is your thing, split into teams for a few rounds of paintball outside.
  • Throw a backyard BBQ. Fire up the grill, get out the floaties (if you have access to a pool), and throw an awesome BBQ bachelor party. If you or your friends don’t have an outlet to host a BBQ party, try looking online to see if you can rent a house in your area for the day.
  • Hit a food and wine festival. From Disney’s Epcot to the Catalina Wine Mixer, food and wine festivals are always a huge hit. Look up local food festivals nearby or in the surrounding cities.
  • Take a brewery tour. Many cities around the country are priding themselves on their expansion of craft breweries. While places like Denver and Asheville have become popular, look around local breweries in your city and see what flights of beer or tours they’d be happy to offer you and your friends for a bachelor party. Jump in a party bus and let someone else take the wheel for the day while you sit back and drink your nerves away with friends.
  • Go on a food tour. You can live in a city or neighborhood for years and not know about all the best eats. Between not ordering right or avoiding the Yelp reviews, a food tour is a great way to appease the empty stomach and the tastebuds.
  • Visit a vineyard. While you may need to head out of a city for this one, you may find that a beautiful vineyard is closer than you imagined. Find one within a few hours of you and enjoy a day full of wine tasting and cheese.
  • Go to a monster truck rally. Watch cars crush other cars—a truly unique experience!
  • Buy tickets to Nascar. There are so many motorways consistently hosting Nascar races. For your bachelor party, pick a track closest to you and see what driving fast really means.
  • Take a white water rafting trip. Nothing says teamwork like sitting in a boat with your buddies as you’re scaling down various rapid levels.
  • Rent ATVs. Ride your way through some rough terrain on ATVs.
  • Skeet shooting. Hunting's humane cousin, skeet shooting requires a level of precision and skill. Compete against your friends to see who has the highest levels of concentration and dexterity.
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  • Learn a new skill. Whether you try painting, cooking, or pottery throwing, find a local artisan who can teach your crew something new.
  • Race go-karts. Go-karts are fun no matter what age you are.
  • Go sky diving or bungee jumping. Embrace your fear of heights and try jumping out of an airplane before you say ‘I do’.
  • Visit a theme park. If you love rollercoasters, find the closest one and see how many times you and your friends can ride the most thrilling one.
  • Try a tour or an Airbnb Experience. Look up local tours or experiences via booking platforms. It may surprise you what you learn that your home city or the city you’re staying in has to offer.
  • Rock climb. Whether on inside boulders or out in nature, there are plenty of mountains to be climbed by you and your guys.
  • Go fishing. There’s a fish in your area to catch. A fishing trip is a great way to bond and pass the time with your friends for a memorable bachelor party.
  • Learn to surf. While this activity pertains to those closest to the ocean, surfing is a great athletic activity that will count as your workout for the weekend.
  • Golf. Golfing is a great way to enjoy hours of bonding while spending time outside with your friends. Bonus points if you and your friends have similar skill sets and can compete out on the course.
  • Coed competition games. Speaking of competition, bring the edge up a notch by having your party compete in competitive games. This can be anything from beer Olympics to friendly pick-up basketball.
  • Participate in a scavenger hunt. Divide your party into teams and compete in a local scavenger hunt game—or design your own.

Fill your bachelor party itinerary with these fun group activities that all your best men will enjoy.

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Ideas For Bachelor Party Night Activities

  • Stargaze. Whether you’re searching for a sky of stars atop a mountain or in a field of fireflies, nature can add a surreal lens to your bachelor activities.
  • Go to a concert. If your favorite band or musician is coming to a venue close to you, invite your friends along for a themed bachelor party. Hire a driver for the night to get you there and back home safely.
  • Eat a fancy dinner. Elevate the usual bachelor experience with a special evening at a luxe restaurant.
  • Set up a bar crawl. Have your Best Man (or most responsible person in the group) plan a themed bar crawl for your bachelor night.
  • Host a game night. From Monopoly to Code Names, if you love board games or video games, invite your friends over for a game night.
  • Sing karaoke. Rent a room, order some drinks, and sing your heart out to your favorite hits.
  • Escape the room. Host your bachelor party at an escape the room venue, where the mental skills of everyone attending will work together to help you all escape.
  • Try an interactive dinner. If you’ve never tried a murder mystery dinner or gone to Medieval Times, we highly recommend this entertaining meal style.
  • Go to a sporting event. There’s almost always a pro-sports game happening closeby—even better if you go see the groom’s favorite team.
  • Hit the arcade or do laser tag. Barcades—bar and arcade combination locations are popping up in most major cities. Sip on drinks and play your favorite old-school video games or test those rusty laser tag skills.
  • Go bowling. Between drinking pitchers of beer and hitting strikes or spares, you and your friends are bound to have an amazing time at your bachelor party.

Finish each day with some nighttime fun that will keep the party going—if you have the energy.

Just like that, you have a full bachelor party itinerary—no matter what kind of weekend you’re hoping to have with your crew.

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