31 Best Groomsmen Gifts Under $50

Show appreciation without breaking the bank. Explore a range of affordable groomsmen gift ideas that combine quality and sentiment.

By Deanna deBara

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There’s nothing more exciting than planning one of the most important days of your life with your closest friends by your side. But we know better than anyone the cost of modern weddings. So how do you say “thank you” to your groomsmen (and groomswomen) while also staying on top of that wedding budget? After showcasing the best wedding venues in our markets, giving you the 411 on florals, and guiding your selection of envy-worthy Wedding Registry items, Zola’s back with some awesome gifts for the groom’s commitment crew. Even better? These gifts are all under $50 each. Read on for awesome and affordable groomsmen gift ideas that will leave your groom’s entourage (and your wallet) very grateful.

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For the Alcohol Connoisseur

Your wedding is a celebration, so why not have your groomsmen/women’s gifts follow suit? Here are some of our favorite alcohol-themed gifts that you can count on to get the party started and to keep it going well after last call.

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1. Personalized Decanter

Have a wedding party full of Don Drapers? You (de)can’t go wrong with this groomsmen gift. (Sorry.) This monogrammable whiskey decanter is equal parts fun and classy. Or if your groom crew is more into Malbec than Maker’s, hit them up with these equally sharp personalized wine decanters.

Hatch Decanter by Crate and Barrel, $44.95

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2. Personalized Growler

For the brewski loving broskis (sorry, we couldn’t help it), a personalized growler is the gift that will keep on giving. Craft brews are bigger than ever, so this growler is perfect for any friend that likes to keep really great beer on hand.

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Craft Brews 5-Piece Beer Flight Set by Libbey, $33.99

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3. Whiskey Stones

The ultimate addition to two fingers of the brown stuff, whiskey stones are just as functional as they are beautiful—especially when they are as clean, modern, and elegant as this silver-toned set from Swedish brand Orrefors. A gift to keep your pals’ drinks colder and purer longer? We’ll raise our glasses to that.

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City Whiskey Stone, Set of 4 by Orrefors, $33.99

4. Swanky Corkscrew

Whether you’re pouring a drink into a wine or beer glass, your mates will appreciate a stylish bar tool that will last them a lifetime of bottle-popping. This stainless steel Laguiole corkscrew and bottle opener set looks as good as it functions.

trudeau laguiole stablewood corkscrew 4.5 A 1600

Laguiole Stainless Corkscrew & Bottle Opener Set by Debost, $34.99

For the Well-Groomed Groomsman

If you have some GQ gentlemen in your wedding, we have the perfect gifts to keep them looking great during and after your wedding day.

5. Dopp Kit

Just think: every time your peeps pack up their toiletries, they’ll think about your wedding (fondly, of course). With a rugged, minimalist design in charcoal gray, this travel wash bag is perfect for the groomsman or woman on the go.

Small Hunter Toiletry Bag by Dagne Dover, $39.99

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6. Beard Grooming Kit

This handy, pocket-sized kit will keep your bearded and ‘stached groomsmen looking damn handsome, as advertised. It contains a high-quality, 100% natural beard oil and wax (key to keeping whiskers looking soft and under control), a pair of scissors, and a comb. In short, this thoughtful little gift ensures that even your hairiest groomsman will look great in photos.

5. Classic Barware Tool Set

Whether your group of groomsmen are fans of hosting others or just like to make high-end drinks at home, give them a gift set of your barware tool basics. Complete with a shaker, jigger, strainer, as well as a spoon that doubles as a muddler, this stainless steel set is perfect for both beginners and experts behind the bar.

Fortify 4-Piece Barware Set by True, $38.99

7. Body Hydration Kit

The ultimate in luxury shaving products, this shaving set is for groomsmen who are serious about keeping their skin smooth and hydrated. It’s made from goat milk and paraben-free, so guys can feel good about hydrating without worrying about harsh chemicals and grease.


8. Shaving Soap Bowl

For some guys, shaving is a ritual. Having a well-crafted shaving soap bowl is an easy way to minimize the mess while enjoying a relaxing and traditional wet shave—especially if the bowl is a fond reminder of the day they celebrated your wedding.

For the Groomsman With a Competitive Edge

If entertainment is the name of the groomsman gift game, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite gifts for groomsmen who want to hone their inner card-shark skills, or just want to have a backyard catch or a friendly round of table tennis.

9. Playing Card and Flask Set

What goes better with cards than booze? Send your groomsmen off equipped with entertainment for hours with this 2-piece set that includes a deck of playing cards and a 6-oz. stainless steel hip flask. The flask’s sueded case can attach to a belt buckle, and its captured lid means that the cap won’t go missing after one too many hands.

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2-Piece Hip Flask & Playing Cards Set, $34.99

10. Portable Table Top Tennis

Who says you can’t have a little competitive fun when you’re getting dressed for a wedding? No one, when you gift your pals this portable table top tennis set. For the athletes and game-seekers among your crew, they’ll be psyched to be able to turn any flat surface into a vehicle for a bit of ping pong smackdown.

Freestyle Table Tennis Set by GSI Outdoors, $36.99

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11. Full-Leather Baseball Glove

Whether you played Little League together as kids or just watch the World Series as adults, get nostalgic over America’s pastime with your groomsmen by catching a few baseballs with this full-leather baseball glove from Wilson. It’s a classic gift that celebrates a classic pastime.

For the Grilling Groomsman

Have some foodies in your wedding party? These gifts prepare your friends to whip up a delicious meal over the open flames (and give you an excuse to invite yourself over for a post-wedding cookout).

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12. BBQ Grill Set

If searing steaks, flipping burgers, or grilling veggies is how your groomsmen and women prefer to spend their evenings, this personalized BBQ tool set will be the talk of the wedding party. Each tool in this set is fashioned from bamboo and comes in its own personalized box for easy storage.

18-Piece Wooden Handle Grilling Set by Cuisinart Grill, $43.99

schmidtbrothers bbqcarbon6 grillset 17 A 1600

13. Magnetic Grilling Spice Set

Talk about considerate and convenient—this 3-piece magnetic grilling spice set by Cuisinart will let your buds keep their most critical spices at the ready when they’re playing grillmaster. They’ll appreciate being able to fill the three spice canisters with their go-to seasonings, and since they stick to any magnetic surface, your groomsmen will never have to leave their Weber’s side again.

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Cuisinart Magnetic 3-Piece Grilling Spice Set, $24.99

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14. Burger Kit

Everyone loves a fresh, homemade burger—and your groomsmen will too with this 4-piece burger kit. Help your friends and loved ones grill up the juiciest, most perfect ground meat patties with this kit, which includes a cast iron burger press, stainless steel seasoning shaker, spatula, and 100 restaurant-grade hamburger patty papers.

Smashed 4-Piece Burger Kit by Cuisinart Grill, $34.99

lodge sauces kit A 1600

15. Chef’s Knife

For anyone who knows their way around the kitchen, one thing is for certain: a great chef’s knife changes everything, and this ash wood knife is sure to wow all the members of the wedding party. It’s black blade (which happens to be coated in a titanium, non-stick coating, nbd) contrasts beautifully with the wood handle for a cooking tool that looks as sharp as it cuts.

Berghoff Ron Ash Wood Cook’s Knife, on sale for $39.99

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For the Gadget-Loving Groomsman

It’s no secret that shopping around for a techy gift can be overwhelming, not to mention pricey. But, thankfully, these awesome gadget gifts pack some serious punch without hurting your wallet.

16. Google Nest Mini

No matter who you are or what you’re into, you could use a Google Nest Mini. Powered by Google Assistant, this 4-inch device can do pretty much anything you ask it to (within reason): Make a call. Tell you the weather. Schedule stuff. Play music. Entertain the kids. Turn off the lights in your smart-powered house. Whether you’re a techie or not, this is a gift that will make your buds feel like all-powerful superstars of their living rooms.

17. Fire 7 Tablet

For only $60, you can give your wedding party a gift as impressive and functional as this sleek Amazon Fire tablet. With a 7″ display, up to 10 hours of battery life, 16GB of internal storage, and connection to Alexa (that sassy robot assistant who remembers all the music, media, and information you like to have at your fingertips), this is one groomsmen gift your crew will definitely use long after their walk down the aisle.

18. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Do some of your groomsmen act like they secretly missed auditions for “The Voice?” Empower your shower-singing friends to really let their inner performer out with this wireless Bluetooth shower speaker. Its rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 5 hours of play time, which is far more than even a very long shower concert should take. And at only $50 a pop, you can afford to throw in some nice earplugs for their SO, if needed.

19. Old-School Pen Knife

For the anti-tech gadget guy or gal, nothing beats a beautiful pocket tool that will last him/her a lifetime of DIY fix-it handiness. This pen knife from Gentleman’s Hardware features 9 titanium-coated functions, but fits into a back pocket, a coat pocket, or a small bag for on-the-go McGyvering.

For the Alternative Groomsman

Unique groomsmen deserve unique groomsmen gifts. These affordable groomsmen gifts are perfect for the guys and gals in your wedding party who love to live life by their rules.

20. Wood Watch

Wood watches are a trendy and eco-friendly replacement for the traditional timepiece, fusing elegance and craftsmanship that any groomsmen is sure to respect. Better still, wood watches make for excellent and cheap groomsmen gifts, helping you thank your wedding party for attendance without breaking the piggy bank.

21. Flask and Bottle Opener Gift Set

Booze isn’t always conveniently available when you’re out and about. Sometimes, you need to bring your own—or at least the mechanisms necessary for enjoying a cold one. This groomsmen flask and bottle opener gift set ensures your closest friends and family are never too far away from sipping a little liquid courage.

22. Mini Cocktail Shaker and Shot Glass Set

Shaken, not stirred. Count how many times your groomsmen share this iconic line after shaking up a delicious cocktail with this 5-piece mini cocktail shaker and shot glass set. With four shot glasses and the right dapper outfit, everyone can feel a little bit like Bond, James Bond.

For the Fit Groomsman

Got some guys and gals in your wedding party who love breaking a sweat—indoors and out? Add some of the following items to their gift box to keep them moving and give them even more reasons to enjoy their exercise.

23. Custom and Personalized Golf Balls

Hitting the greens is a great opportunity to bond with your buds. Why not add a little pizzazz to your next outing with a personalized golf ball that commemorates your wedding, immortalizes a shared memory, or gives your pal a reason to chuckle (before whiffing the golf ball)?

24. Can Cooler

Few things are better than sitting back with a cold one after a long day outdoors or beast-moding a tough workout. Instead of letting your buds try to keep their brews cold in beer glasses with beer koozies, hook them up with a can cooler that insulates their favorite drink, keeping their beer refreshingly cool before it’s onto the next one.

25. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

What happens when your groomsmen are outdoors, away from home, and need a tool? They pull out the Swiss Army pocket knife that they’ve kept in their pockets or hanging from their belts since you first gifted it to them, that’s what. This classic has everything a dude (or dudette) needs to get things up and running again.

For the Old School Lovers

Weddings are full of rich history and tradition. Help your groomsmen celebrate and remember the day you tied the knot with these affordable groomsmen gifts that exemplify class and elegance.

26. Personalized Faux Onyx Cufflinks

For the gentleman who honors the passage of time, few things are more timeless than a pair of personalized faux onyx cufflinks. Personalized groomsmen gifts like these cufflinks help tie together any dapper outfit while bringing a smile to your buds’ faces as they remember your big day.

27. Whiskey Glasses

What else can you get for the serious whiskey connoisseur? How about a 4-piece whiskey glass set? This set, which has been named the official whiskey glass of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, is perfect for honoring the history and tradition of America’s only native spirit—and adds a bit of classic flair to the other barware in a bud’s man cave.

28. Money Clip

Few items are as simple and classy as a money clip. Browse through sites like Etsy to find unique variations on this great gift idea and give your groomsmen something to replace their bulky, uncomfortable wallets. Better yet, work with a vendor to personalize this gift so your friends and loved ones can always remember your special day.

For the Artistic Groomsman

What do you put into a gift box for the most creative and artistic groomsmen in your wedding party? Check out these cheap groomsmen gifts to inspire your most artistic friends and loved ones.

29. Groomsmen Proposal Box

Asking someone to be part of your wedding party is an honor, creating a memory that’ll last forever. Commemorate it by popping the question (but not the question) with a groomsmen proposal box stuffed with other affordable groomsmen gifts. This groomsmen gift box is a great way to create a unique memory that’s personalized for each of your closest friends.

30. Cigar Glass

Liquor and tobacco is a natural pairing, so why not pair a glass with a mount? This cigar glass might be one of the more unique cigar gifts, but it’s sure to be appreciated by those who enjoy its mix of form and function.

31. Beer Making Kit

Bonding over beer is great. Bonding over a home brew can be even better. For the hobby-centric among your friend group, this afternoon wheat beer making kit comes with everything a bud needs to declare himself brewmaster (although maybe after a little trial and error first).

Your friends, relations, and best man have been there for you and your spouse-to-be long before the big day, so surprise them with a great groomsmen gift set from Zola that they both love and can put to use, too. Browse our whole collection of groomsmen gifts on Zola while doing your wedding planning and be pleasantly surprised with all the awesome and cheap groomsmen gift ideas that won’t blow your entire wedding budget. The best groomsmen gifts are only a quick search away?

Shopping for the women in your wedding party? Not to worry; we have plenty of groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts. And if your wedding party wants to return the favor? We’ve got them covered with plenty of gifts any guest would be happy to give!

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