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Top 10 Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids

Bridemaids are the women that have supported you, cheered for you, advised you, and loved you. Here is a list of the top ten most creative and thoughtful ways to thank your bridesmaids.

By Kate Lynn Nemett

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The women you have chosen to stand beside you on your wedding day are the women that have supported you, cheered for you, advised you, and loved you. They have put up with you when you freaked out over your wedding dress, your spiraling budget, and your future in-laws. They have helped you plan, threw you parties, and traveled far and wide to make your wedding celebrations meaningful. They’re there on your wedding day to zip you up and hand you a tissue and tell you if you have anything in your teeth. And more often than not, they have spent some major loot doing all of these things.

But despite the best of intentions, many brides-to-be fall short on appropriately thanking and celebrating their wedding party. Don’t be that person! To help you, here are a list of ten creative and thoughtful bridal party gifts.


1. Ask in a Unique Way

Being asked to stand beside a friend on their wedding day is a huge honor, and the way you make your bridesmaid proposal should reflect that. If your friend lives far away, consider making the trip to ask her in person. If that’s just not possible, create a crafty ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ proposal box or gift bag to send to her with the message. There are tons of thoughtful, creative ways to inquire if your friend will do you the honor of “attending” you as a bride—even just a thoughtful, handwritten message on one of our rose gold calligraphy Foxblossom Co "Be My Bridesmaid" greeting cards is a lovely gesture.

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2. Keep Their Interests in Mind

While gift boxes are great fun, keeping your bridesmaids in mind throughout wedding planning is a wonderful gesture. These are your best girls, and you want them to know that you have their back. For example, keep in mind their preferences and body types when considering wedding attire like bridesmaid dresses. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious on a day that should be full of fun. And before you get your heart set on designer duds, ask them early on what they think they can afford. Being a bridesmaid can get extremely expensive, especially if you’re throwing a destination wedding for which they must travel. You don’t want anyone to harbor any bitterness about how much they’ve spent to celebrate your love.


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3. Throw a Mini-Fête in Their Honor

If your bridesmaids don’t know each other, it’s a great idea to throw a little party (read: not your bachelorette party or bridal shower) for them early on to get acquainted. Most likely, they will need to coordinate with each other during the wedding planning process, so it helps to connect faces with names as they exchange contact information. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: think about hosting a wine and cheese tasting, an at-home spa day, or even organizing a little DIY wedding project (with cocktails, of course). You will love seeing all of your favorite females in one room, enjoying each other’s company. Pro tip: Consider including some small party favors or gifts your bridesmaids can take home after (ideas on those below).


4. Arrange for Bridesmaid Portraits

Consult with your wedding photographer about allowing extra time for your bridesmaids to have a few individual portraits taken on your wedding day. Again, they have spent a lot of time and money to be there, so why not make it truly memorable by allowing them to get a few professional photos by themselves, with their significant other, or just with you? They would love to have their own personalized token of the occasion. Combining this gesture with a striking picture frame to display their memory, such as the Umbra Prisma Square Frame, makes it even better.


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5. Offer Them a Bed

If you’re going uber-traditional, it is the couple’s responsibility to cover the wedding party’s accommodations. Especially for a destination wedding, in which the wedding party has to travel a long way, it is important to take this burden off their shoulders. If hotel rooms are too expensive, try asking friends or family in the area to host them. Or, consider renting a house near the venue where all the bridesmaids can stay—it will be such a party and the best bridesmaid gift!


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6. Treat Them to Manis and Pedis

Chances are good that your bridesmaids’ fingers and toes are going to be on display, especially during a spring or summer wedding, so arrange a manicure/pedicure party and treat them to some nail love. This will be a fun way for all the bridesmaids to meet (or see each other again, if you’ve taken our advice on #3 above) before the wedding, and your bridesmaids will be grateful for the pampering, as well as this bit of financial help. Keep in mind that many spas and nail salons offer a bridal party discount to make this more affordable.


7. Give Them Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Gift cards, tote bags, and scrunchies are fun wedding party gifts, but can lack personalization. Put some thought into what you’d like to give as a bridesmaid thank you gift or gift set—and keep in mind that the possibilities are endless. Consider giving each individual a practical yet customized gift, like a personalized cocktail shaker or stemless wine glasses. If you want to give them a keepsake they can wear on the wedding day and for years to come, consider a minimalist piece of jewelry in a classic design, such as Lacrima Crystal earrings. You don’t have to give each bridesmaid the same thing, so mix it up and opt for personalized bridesmaid gifts by searching through Zola’s collection of bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. And if you’re totally stuck for gift ideas, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with matching, blinged-out sun hats:

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8. Present Them With a Personalized Letter

On the wedding day, give each individual a bridesmaid thank you card with a heartfelt message. Explain how much each of them means to you and why you wanted them, specifically, to stand beside you on one of the most important days of your life. This is something that is sure to produce some tears and will be kept forever.


How to Write a Bridesmaid Thank You Letter

Not sure where to start (or end) your heartfelt bridesmaid card? No worries. Be it to a family member or best friend, there are really only a few steps to follow and tips to abide by when crafting a lovely pre-wedding card.

  • Begin with gratitude. Start by telling your bridesmaid how appreciative you are that they are involved in your big day (and all of the time leading up to it). Get a bit more encompassing and also note how thankful you are for your relationship with them.

  • Include a personal story. If you have a favorite memory or story with this person that really displays your relationship, feel free to insert it here! A general ‘thank you for being my bridesmaid’ and ‘your friendship means so much to me’ is great, but recounting a memory you share can make things feel more personal and heartfelt.

  • Talk about their involvement throughout the time leading up to your special day. Was this bridesmaid especially supportive or encouraging after hearing you were engaged? Did they offer any special help with wedding planning? Were they a non-judgmental and open ear (or shoulder) when you needed it? Make a special mention of all of it! This is one of the primary points of the letter, after all.

  • Thank them for being your bridesmaid. Express your appreciation for their presence, assistance, and love on your wedding day. The day wouldn’t be the same without your loved ones, so let them know with another, more wedding-specific thank you.

  • Sign off. Thank them again—for both being your bridesmaid and an important person in your life—and close with a sweet and formal sign off. If you’re worried about being redundant, you can replace yet another ‘thank you’ with phrases like “I’m so grateful for you and your love and support” or “I appreciate your involvement and our relationship more than you know.”

9. Do Something Extra Special for Your Maid of Honor

This person has been there for you not just on your wedding day, but probably many, many times throughout your life. The two of you have a special bond, and it is important that you thank her for everything she has done. Treat your maid of honor (or matron of honor) to a one-on-one day at the spa or, since she has probably been involved in many steps of the wedding planning process, give her a meaningful gift that really makes an impact: our list of top ten maid of honor gifts for under $100 will set you on the right course for the perfect present that won’t break the bank.


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10. Thank Them—Over and Over

Express your gratitude to your support crew every step of the way as you journey from your engagement to the day you tie the knot. Consider making a short toast to them on your wedding day, and thank them after the party’s over. Being a perfect bridesmaid is no small feat and takes a lot of patience, time, and money. Make sure they know how grateful you are and lucky you feel to have them stand beside you.


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