8 ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Card Ideas

We look at eight different card ideas that ask, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

By McCall Minnor

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The First Look ✨

Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is no small gesture. Your bridal party includes the special few you want by your side throughout your wedding journey—from your bridal shower, to getting ready the morning of, to the ceremony. They accompany you on (and oftentimes before) your wedding day, and asking someone to fulfill the role is a testament to a great relationship. As such, asking someone to participate should be a special moment. Below we explore card ideas that make it just that.

Do I Need to Send Cards Asking People to Be My Bridesmaids?

Signed and sealed or hand-delivered, giving your potential bridesmaids a card is necessary. For one, it's considerate not to assume that everyone you ask will be able to participate in all bridal festivities. Distance, cost, conflicting schedules, and more can prevent someone you love from committing to your wedding at that level. A card officially asking them to join, however, gives someone the opportunity to accept or gracefully decline.

On the other hand, it's courteous (though not necessary) to present your future bridesmaids with a card and some gifts. It's a gesture of appreciation, as well as a glimpse at all of the fun to come.

Part One: Classic Cards

Part-One-Classic-CardsPhoto Credit // Zola

Whether you want your bridal party card to really highlight that importance or simply want to keep it in line with your other wedding stationery, you can't go wrong with a beautifully classic bridesmaid proposal card. These card ideas place the focus on the message, while also appearing sleek and elegant. They're especially great if your idea of the perfect bridal shower is classy and formal. Or, if that's in line with your personal style. Clean lines and pleasing color palettes allow messages from the heart to really shine through.


Letterpressed stationery is the epitome of elegance. Cards that have this printing style add a level of luxury and timelessness to any piece of stationery. If your goal is to create a feeling of opulence for your bridal party, this small detail will go a long way. For the pinnacle of classic cards, opt for the Henderson invitation with letterpress type. For an all-cursive take with a hint of color, take a look at the Violin Portrait card.

Simple and Neutral Color Schemes

Nothing says classic like neutral colors. Less is more definitely applies here, so if a classic card is what you’re after, keep an eye out for clean lines and a simple color scheme. The Marley invitation achieves this while also making use of a pretty cursive font, while the Colbie invitation is sleek and stylish all the way.

Minimal Design Elements

Say you want a card that looks classic, but still has some added design elements. The key here is to look for cards that have a minimalistic style and ample negative space (aka background color). Minimalism meets visual interest with the Simi invitation, which could frame your opening line with a stylish, botanical letterpress design. The hand-drawn leaves and classic typography are classic and cool, and prevent your card from appearing too bare.

Wording Ideas

When it comes to wording, stick with formal and heartfelt language. This doesn’t mean you have to go with, “will you be my bridesmaid?”—although that’s a perfectly good option. Think of other ways you can genuinely present the question. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a question at all. See the following for a few ideas:

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Simple and classic, of course we had to include it. Asking upfront allows you to get to the point and avoid any confusion. If you like this approach, but don’t want your request to be too generic, follow this opening line with a more personal message. For example, “Nothing would give me more joy than to have you by my side.”

I Can’t Say ‘I Do’ Without You.

This is a perfect example of alternative wording in the form of a statement. Straightforward and genuine, it gets your message across while deviating from the typical ask.

Help Make the Best Day Even Better By Being My Bridesmaid.

If there’s any room for doubt in the prior example, there isn’t any here. Another non-question, this wording manages to use the word ‘bridesmaid’ without asking the usual question.

I Said Yes, Now It’s Your Turn.

If you want to sound classic without being very formal, this is the way to go. Brief statements that aren’t too cheeky can strike just the right balance. Think witty rather than comical.

Part Two: Fun Cards

Part-Two-Fun-CardsPhoto Credit // Zola

While wedding invitations, save the dates, and other wedding stationery are often traditional and informative, bridesmaid cards present an opportunity to have a bit of fun. Because you're addressing a group of close friends and family, rather than your entire guest list, your cards can be less formal and lean into the more relaxed or humorous personalities of yourself and the group. Opt for colors outside of your wedding palette or wording that’s sure to get some laughs. Get your bridal party excited for the festivities to come with a bridesmaid card that's every bit as fun as they’ll be.

Bright Colors

We love a visually exciting color palette. While neutrals are appealing to the eye, bright colors can inspire excitement and capture your future bridesmaids’ attention. For some beautiful, but not distracting color, take a look at the personalized watercolor-esque Riverside invitation. This bridesmaid proposal card utilizes multiple colors without being too busy. For a pastel, a single-colored bridesmaid card that’s perfect for zingers and humorous wording, consider the Freeway Type invitation.

Interesting Shapes

Like brighter colors, interesting shapes and patterns can take your DIY bridesmaid card to the next level. The added elements can bring whimsy and playfulness. For a combination of fun colors and an eye-catching pattern, check out the Milky Way card, which features starry dots painted with gold foil. For a cute card that’s considerably more minimal, but just as fun, try the heart-covered Jolla card.

Wording Ideas

More casual cards open you up to a world of wording. Rather than sticking to formal language (which is also great), you can go with inside jokes, popular quotes from film and television, song lyrics, and funny sayings. In fact, if amusing reactions are what you're after, you can't go wrong with being clever or comedic.

Without You, It Wouldn’t Be a Bridal Party.

For the record: The usage of ‘party’ in ‘bridal party’ refers to a group. However, it’s the perfect word to get double use out of to excite your bridesmaids. Sayings like this—or ain’t no party like a bridal party—bring the fun from the beginning.

Can You Just Act Surprised That I’m Asking You to Be My Bridesmaid?

Perhaps you’ve already spilled the beans. Maybe it was obvious all along. In any case, this wording is amusing, while also showing your future bridesmaids some love. See also: Obviously, you’re going to be my bridesmaid.

Get Ready to PAAARTYY!

Not only is this probably true, but it’s also a quote from the film Bridesmaids. If you think your bridesmaids will understand (and even if they don’t), take this opportunity to make the perfect reference.

Shxt Just Got Real.

Funny, relatable, on the nose. What else is there to say?

Part Three: Themed Cards

Part-Three-Themed-CardsPhoto Credit // Zola

Perhaps you want your bridesmaids cards to land somewhere between classic and fun. Or, you'd like them to be a bit more unique and visually interesting. If that sounds about right, consider leaning into a theme. Your theme can coincide with your wedding aesthetic, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or be entirely its own thing.

Scenic Elements

Choose a card that represents where you’ll be celebrating with your bride tribe, like this beach themed Havasu card. The photo of the sand meeting the sea can be symbolic of just about any beachy gathering location, while folding open and giving you space for personalized handwritten notes. For something equally beachy, but a bit more minimal, take a look at this Wrightsville card featuring a watercolor shell. Have some outdoorsy bonding or get-togethers on the agenda? Check out these scenic Deepcreek cards or this tree-inspired Gatlin invitation.

Wording suggestion: Getting married is an adventure, and I need you by my side. Will you be my bridesmaid?

Floral Designs

For the bride tribe that’ll be up for some feminine affairs, go for a card that features artsy florals and beautiful calligraphy. Flowers can act as a beautiful border, as seen on the Octavia invitation, as well as this framed version.

Wording suggestion: Because you’ve watched me grow. Will you be my bridesmaid?

Interesting Design Details

So you’ve got a fun, specific theme in mind, and you want to stick with it? Great! Seek out some uniquely designed and personalized cards, like the Baker invitation that gives off a 1920’s Gatsby feel. Likewise, check out this nautical-inspired Providence card or heart-covered playing card Hearts invitation.

Wording suggestions: A little bridal party never killed nobody (Baker), I can’t tie the knot without you (Providence), Are you game? (Hearts).

Ordering Wedding Stationery on Zola

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