70 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas To Say Thank You to Your Wedding Party

Say thank you to your wedding party with this list of 70 bridesmaid gift ideas. We’ve organized the gifts by theme and we’ll also fill you in on how much you should spend per bridesmaid.

By The Zola Team

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While bridesmaid gifts aren’t required, they certainly won’t go unappreciated. By the time your bachelorette party rolls around, your bridal squad has likely already spent a fair amount of money to be apart of your special day—from buying their bridesmaids dresses and throwing your bachelorette party to booking travel and lodging for the wedding day, they’re a vital part of helping your dream wedding come to life. Buying bridal party gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for all they’ve done.

While there’s no hard and fast rule for how much you should spend on bridesmaid gifts, brides generally spend between $75–$100 on each bridesmaid. Of course, this can be adjusted depending on your personal wedding budget—even the smallest of gifts will mean the world to your nearest and dearest. A little personalization never hurts, either—these printable gift tags are the perfect way to add some flair to your gifts. To spark your inspiration, we’ve rounded up 70 of the best bridesmaid gift ideas to celebrate your wedding crew.

Cotton Floral Robe


Create a picture-perfect moment and a lifelong gift with bridesmaid robes. This gift idea lets you and your best girls look gorgeous (and uniform) on your wedding morning, without messing up anyone’s makeup or hair.

Buy on Zola, $28.99

Prosecco Pong


What’s prosecco pong, you might ask? It’s a drinking game with class! Gift this to your girls and it may just end up at your wedding after-party.

Buy on Zola, $18.99

Monogrammed Stemless Flute


Say thank you with a toast to your wedding party by gifting these stemless flute glasses. They can be personalized with each bridesmaid's initials in a cursive font.

Buy on Zola, $27.98

Iridescent Tumblers


Did someone say disco? Gift your girls a disco drink™ to liven up the mood. This fun tumbler has a removable lid and plenty of groove.

Buy on Zola, $74.99

Sparkling Rose Cocktail Kit


You and your wedding crew can stop and smell the roses with this elevated sparkling rosé Wine making kit, complete with everything you need to make your own sparkling rosé.

Buy on Zola, $70

Botanical Tote


Make transporting wedding-day necessities easier on your bridesmaids with this fun and practical tote. You can customize the beautiful geometric and botanical print bag to say “bridesmaid,” “maid of honor,” and “bride” in gold foil.

Buy on Zola, $28.99

Personalized Bridesmaid Tumbler


Hydration is key to staying energized throughout the wedding day (and surviving the evening’s open bar). This Tervis tumbler lets your girls drink water in style.

Buy on Zola , $16.99

Bride’s Babe Cosmetic Bag


What’s prettier than pink? Peach! This adorable cosmetic bag will have your bridesmaids feeling just peachy.

Buy on Zola, $28.99

Floral Headdress


Whether you gift your bridesmaids these colorful headdresses to wear during your wedding or just for fun after, they’re sure to love the floral and fruity designs—and you’ll love the price tag.

Buy on Zola, $18

Chile Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

08-brides-babe-cosmetic-bag (1)

Welcome your crew to your wedding weekend with this chile spiced old fashioned cocktail kit—just add your favorite bourbon or whiskey.

Buy on Zola, $29.99

Hangover Recovery Kit


Help your bridesmaids survive your open bar with some preemptive gifting. These iridescent foiled hangover bags come in sets of four, and you can fill them up with as many water bottles, Gatorades, and Advils as you deem necessary.

Buy on Zola, $35.96

Floral Bridesmaid Mug


Gift your girls these floral bridesmaid mugs so you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea as you get ready together the morning of! This makes for a great “getting ready” photo opp.

Buy on Zola, $15.99

Laguiole Corkscrew & Bottle Opener Set


Whether it’s wine or beer, you have everything you need with this corkscrew and bottle opener set made from stainless steel. This gift will make a great addition to any home bar, and it comes in two colors.

Buy on Zola, $30.99

The Prosperity Box


Send your wedding crew home with good vibes from The Urban + The Mystic. Each gift box comes with an amethyst cluster, a bottle of all-natural rosewater, palo santo, and a handmade oak keepsake box.

Buy on Zola, $85

Blue Opal Yoga Mat


Have some yogis in your life? Consider gifting this luxurious mat that’s fashion-forward, durable, and bio-renewable.

Buy on Zola, $78.99 <

Hydrotherapy Waterfall Foot Spa


After dancing the night away at your wedding, give your crew the gift of relaxation with this pampering foot spa.

Buy on Zola, $67.99

Ellia Soothe Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


This lightweight ultrasonic aroma diffuser adds delightful scents to any space. It’s also designed to take up little room so your wedding party should have no trouble transporting it home.

Buy on Zola, $39.99

Ultra Comfort Bath Pillow


Help your crew turn their bath into a spa with a Bath Bliss bath pillow—without the spa price tag!

Buy on Zola, $10.99

Supergoop! Glow Oil


Your bridesmaids can revive their skin after partying the night away with this ultra-hydrating sunscreen oil that leaves your skin glowing and nourished.

Buy on Zola, $38

Palmat Brush Cleaning Tool


This affordable cleaning brush tool will let your wedding party say goodbye to dirty makeup brushes and hello to fresh, glowing skin.

Buy on Zola, $9.95

Essential Oil Kit


This essential oil kit is designed to boost your immune system and fight off seasonal illnesses. Complete with healing tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and niaouli oil.

Buy on Zola, $39.99

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Sateen Organic Eye Mask


Help your wedding party get some good shut-eye with an organic sleep mask. Perfect for both sound sleeping and traveling, the sateen material is designed for comfort.

Buy on Zola, $17.99

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Soy Lotion Candle


This 2-in-1 lotion candle contains a refreshing blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli and peppermint. The lotion is infused with essential oils for a cooling, invigorating sensation that your bridal crew will thank you for.

Buy on Zola, $29.99

Glass Tea Light Candle Holder


This glass tea light candle holder will help your bridesmaids add a relaxing ambiance to their space. The clever design also allows for display of sea glass, pebbles or stones for an elevated look.

Buy on Zola, $12.95

"Breathe, Create, Celebrate" Notebooks


Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved, including your wedding party. Encourage your bridesmaids to practice mindfulness and have fun with these journals that will help them breathe, create, and celebrate.

Buy on Zola, $14.99

Spa Bathrobe


Give the gift of luxury with this silky-soft robe with a microsoft exterior and cotton terry lining. You have four different shades and two sizes to choose from.

Buy on Zola, $99.99

Spa and Wellness Gift Card


Let your wedding party personalize their spa experience with a Spa Week gift card. You’ll treat them to the ultimate wellness experience, gaining them access to over 9,000 spas nationwide.

Buy on Zola, $100

Pineapple Luggage Tag


Help your wedding party navigate the airport with one-of-a-kind tags for their suitcases. These pineapple luggage tags are adorable and affordable, with four colors to choose from.

Buy on Zola, $14.99

Getaway Travel Kit


Let your wedding party travel in style with this stylish travel kit. This kit comes in a pearlescent plastic pouch and has four travel bottles, two jars, two pump lids, two squeeze lids, a spray lid, and even more to make traveling a breeze.

Buy on Zola, $19.99

Nesting Trays


Your bridesmaids will be able to turn any surface into an attractive display and create the habit of giving everything a home with these sleek, modern nesting trays.

Buy on Zola, $45.99

Outdoor Blanket Tote


If you’re getting married near the mountains, this outdoor blanket tote is the perfect accessory for your wedding party so they can conveniently enjoy the great outdoors. This blanket is large, durable, waterproof, and easy to transport.

Buy on Zola, $45.99

Party Time Keychain


Let your bridal party know it’s time to party with this patent leather party time keychain! Designed with extra glitter and heavy duty material, it’s the perfect size to never lose your keys in your purse again.

Buy on Zola, $18

Lolita Tote Bag


Not only will this tote bag help your crew travel in style—they can do it guilt-free thanks to its all-vegan material. Double handles and a magnetic snap closure make convenience a breeze.

Buy on Zola, $28.99

Confetti Passport Holder


If you’re hosting your wedding internationally, a unique passport holder is one great way to thank your girls for traveling outside the country for your celebration.

Buy on Zola, $20

Summit Himalayan Salt Shot Glass


If your crew loves tequila, these gorgeous himalayan salt shot glasses are sure to please—the carved design of each glass imparts the nuanced flavors of tequila and mezcal for a uniquely complex taste.

Buy on Zola, $29.99

Olive Oil Dipping Dish


If you’re getting married in wine country, gift an olive oil-themed dipping dish so your girls will never forget their trip! This set is perfect for weddings held in California, Italy, Spain, or France.

Buy on Zola, $21.99

Cabana Beach Towel


You can never have too many beach towels, especially if you’re heading somewhere along the coast for your wedding. Make sure your wedding party is well-prepared with high-grade towels.

Buy on Zola, $54.99

SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II


The Bose Bluetooth speaker promises bold sound on the go. You can pair it to your Bluetooth, dip it in water, and jam for up to eight hours per battery charge.

Buy on Zola, $129.99

Voleta Metallic Throw Blanket


If you’re hosting your wedding at a winter destination, help keep your I Do crew warm with this metallic throw blanket. Made of pure soft cotton and stylish tassels adorning the edges, this throw is the perfect tres-chic accent your crew will love.

Buy on Zola, $54.99

5-Piece Packing Cube Set


Help your girls stay organized on their trip with packing cubes that fit perfectly into luggage. Zola promises great value for the cost of this thoughtful gift.

Buy on Zola, $61.99

Gemstone Prong Earrings


Gift gorgeous handmade earrings to your bridesmaid crew—no two stones are the same. The earrings are then set in a sterling silver 18K gold-plated prong for a dazzling finish.

Buy on Zola, $32

Bridesmaid Frame


Feeling sentimental? A bridesmaids-themed photo frame is a great way to make memories last a lifetime. Wait until after your wedding photos come in to send these bridesmaids gifts off!

Buy on Zola, $21.99

Bridal Party Pearl Necklace


Say thank you to your bridesmaids with a special, personalized gift. This delicate and simple chain necklace features an elegant pearl pendant and comes with a personalized card.

Buy on Zola, $15.99

Hanky Panky Cheeky Thong


Gift your girls the “world’s most comfortable thong” that lets your wedding party be panty-line-free in photos while also rocking a glam, bedazzled bridesmaid design.

Buy on Zola, $23

Beveled Votive Candle Holders


Give your gals an ornate addition to their home with these beautiful beveled candle holders. Each features a delicately etched pattern along the surface; diffusing the light for a soft, soothing glow.

Buy on Zola, $35.94

Marble Jewelry Box


Gift a marble jewelry box that doubles as a decorative contemporary keepsake. You can pair this with a piece of jewelry from our list for the ultimate sophisticated gift.

Buy on Zola, $35

Georgia CZ Bridesmaid Jewelry Set


You can gift this earring and necklace set in silver or rose gold weddings. The bridal pendant necklace and earrings feature two teardrop cubic zirconias that are surrounded by a halo of delicate CZ stones.

Buy on Zola, $35

Pearl Bracelet


Timeless and delicate, this bracelet features two elegant teardrop pearl stones on an adjustable gold wire. It’s perfect for daytime and evening wear, so your bridesmaids can wear it during a brunch ceremony or evening reception.

Buy on Zola, $80

Tosca Accessory Tray and Mirror


Your bridesmaids can use this stand to hold both jewelry and accessories. The built-in mirror also allows users to check their reflection as they try on pieces.

Buy on Zola, $35.99

Retro Heart Sunglasses


These retro heart sunglasses are so cute they’re hard to resist, and make the perfect addition to any bachelorette party. Choose from black, or pink heart shaped frames with “babe” inscribed on each, and snag the white “bride” pair for yourself!

Buy on Zola, $7.99

Satin Scrunchie Hair Tie


These satin scrunchies are a must-have when it comes to pulling your hair back without creasing or damaging it, and the satin material is made to shine under any light. With just the right amount of hold, these scrunchies will be crucial for your crew by the end of the night!

Buy on Zola, $10

Lexington Travel Med Case


Weddings are for traveling in style, and that includes your medications! This adorable travel med case gets the job done in the cutest way possible.

Buy on Zola, $30.99

Personalized Jersey Lace PJ Shorts Set


This cozy PJ set comes with a button-down shirt and comfy shorts with lace detail. The PJ's are also personalizable, making them perfect for getting ready together on the day of the wedding.

Buy on Zola, $44.99

Mirage Iridescent Flask


This fun iridescent rainbow flask changes colors as liquid is poured into it, and is a simple yet functional gift that’s sure to please your bridesmaids.

Buy on Zola, $63.99

Stowe Tie Dye Slippers


They’ve walked down the aisle and partied on the dance floor—so give your crew a gift that helps them kick up their feet and relax. These slippers are just as cute as they are cozy.

Buy on Zola, $28.99

Swiss Dot Scallop Ring Dish


Help give your bridesmaids’ rings a home with this scalloped edged, sculpted ring cone with an artfully hand-drawn pattern.

Buy on Zola, $12.99

Stemless Wine Tumblers


These sleek, modern double wall stemless wine tumblers give cocktail hour a chic new look while keeping your crew’s favorite cocktails at the perfect temperature.

Buy on Zola, $39.99

Agate Coasters


These agate coasters come in five gorgeous colors and designs, and make the perfect glam home accent.

Buy on Zola, $63.99

Personalized Ornament


Hosting a winter wedding? Give your bridal crew a personalized ornament that they’ll cherish as a memento of your special day.

Buy on Zola, $34.99

Tea Infuser with Hourglass


Help your crew wind down with this unique tea infuser—it brews tea while counting down the time with a gentle stream of sand in a magnetic hourglass.

Buy on Zola, $19.99

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box


If your besties love chocolate, give them an assortment of handmade truffles and a beautiful gift box.

Buy on Zola, $26.99

Suite Views Concealed Journal with Mirror


Give the gift of organization with this brilliant journal and mirror combo. With 102 lined pages and a glam gold-flecked cork cover, your crew will have room for every last detail.

Buy on Zola, $26.99

Knot Bridesmaid Earrings


These white gold plated earrings are the perfect wedding day jewelry. Whether you’re gifting these on your bridesmaid proposal or wedding weekend, encourage your bridesmaids to rock them during your ceremony and reception.

Buy on Zola, $22

Rati Table Vase


This boldly patterned table vase lets your bridesmaids harness their flower power. To add a sentimental touch, dry flowers from your engagement party or wedding weekend.

Buy on Zola, $24.95

Gold Initial Pendant

gold-initial-pendant (1)

Personalize a pendant with your bridesmaids’ initials for a sweet and symbolic thank you gift. This Kate Spade piece is 17 inches and made of gold-plated brass.

Buy on Zola, $44.99

Assorted Pearl Hair Clips


These pearl-adorned hair clips are bound to catch an eye or two, and your bridesmaids will thank you when they need to pin their hair back from all the dancing they’ll be doing on your wedding night.

Buy on Zola, $19.99

Personalzied Gold Compact Mirror


Make sure your maid of honor never misses a blemish with a travel-sized compact mirror.

Buy on Zola, $25.99

Moonstone Crystal Candle


Harness the moon’s magical energy in your bridesmaid gifts with a moonstone candle and crystal. The candle burns notes of citrus and sweet fruit and the crystal can flow good fortune into the recipient’s life.

Buy on Zola, $21.99

Mirrored Tray


Help your bridesmaids dress up a bare ledge by gifting them a mirrored tray! You can pair this with another gift such as jewelry or a candle to help create a stunning interior display.

Buy on Zola, $30.99

There you have it—70 of the best bridesmaids gift ideas that your bridal babes are sure to love. Like what you see? Don’t miss even more great gift ideas at our wedding shop!

No matter what gifts you choose, showing a token of your appreciation truly goes a long way after all the hard work your crew put into making your big day as special as possible. If you want to add some personal flair to your bridesmaids’ gifts, dress them up with these printable gift tags. Simply print them out on cardstock or sticker paper and attach them to your gifts.



And while it’s better to give than to receive, create a wedding registry so that your bridesmaids and man of honor can return the favor. We recommend having your registry live four to six months before your wedding so that your wedding party and other wedding guests have plenty of time to pick out something special.


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