9 Bachelorette Party Gifts For The Bride

If you can’t think of a gift for the bride-to-be, you’re not alone. Read on for nine fantastic bachelorette party gift ideas for the bride.

By Jane Chertoff

Bachelorette Party Gifts For The Bride
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The First Look ✨

  • Bachelorette party gifts for the bride are a generous and thoughtful way to show some love for the bride, but they are usually optional.
  • Gift ideas can range from lingerie or a funny gag gift, to jewelry, to a bottle of Champagne.
  • Choose a gift that you think matches the bride’s personality, and make sure that you don’t get anything offensive or disrespectful to her religious or cultural beliefs.

Bachelorette party gifts are a generous way to show some extra love for the bride—and to give her something racy or funny that you wouldn’t dare give her at the bridal shower. However, after paying for the bachelorette weekend, you may want to discuss amongst the attendees if you want gift-giving at all or if you’d rather set a limit on the gift’s cost. (Especially, if you’re all traveling for the bachelorette and already paying for all the bride’s costs for the weekend.)

Keep in mind that bachelorette gifts for the bride don’t need to be expensive or extensive. You can choose a beautiful pair of panties or a bottle of Champagne for everyone to enjoy at the Airbnb before going out.

Here are nine bachelorette party gift ideas for the bride that she is sure to love:

1. Lingerie

A lingerie is the traditional bachelorette party gift. Look for something that she can wear on her wedding night, such as an “I do” thong/garter set or “Bride” thong. Or, choose a beautiful chemise or cami that she can wear on her honeymoon and for years to come.

2. Gag/Joke Gifts

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If there’s ever a chance to give your friend a gag gift that’s funny or inappropriate, the bachelorette party is it. Just make sure that this fits her personality and won’t go against any of her cultural and/or religious beliefs. Some examples include edible underwear, vibrators, or other toys or games that you think she and her future spouse could enjoy together.

3. A Robe

Your gift doesn’t have to be racy or too sexy to be enjoyed. A pretty bridal robe that she can enjoy wearing at the spa during the bachelorette weekend, and wear again while getting ready on her wedding day is a wonderful gift. She’s sure to enjoy it after the wedding is over, too.

4. Bridal Care Beauty Box

Being a bride isn’t all cake tasting and Champagne sipping—it can be a stressful time, too. Spoil the bride-to-be with a bridal care box that contains a facial roller, face masks, and a ring cleaner. Or, create your own “kit” with nail polish, bubble bath, or anything else you think that she’d like to be pampered with.

5. Sun Hat and Sunscreen

If the bachelorette is in a sunny locale such as Miami or Cancun, a fun gift for the bride could be a wide-brim hat and sunscreen that she’ll be grateful to have all weekend long. You can also give her this gift at the bachelorette party with instructions for it to be used at a later date if she’s having a destination wedding or going on a tropical honeymoon.

6. Bride Sash/Swag for the Weekend

The bridal sash is a long-honored tradition that is a must for any bachelorette weekend. Make this and any other fun swag such as a tiara, flower crown, or veil your gift to the bride. Just make sure to tell everyone that you’re in charge of these items so that she doesn’t get multiple sashes or tiaras.

7. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a classic and generous gift choice. Choose something fitting such as a “Mrs” necklace that she is sure to wear all the time, a pendant with her new initial, or just a beautiful pair of earrings that you think she would love. She can wear these out on the bachelorette weekend, on her honeymoon, and on future date nights, too.

8. Bride Tank or T-Shirt

She’s only going to be a bride once, so she might as well enjoy it to the fullest. A bride tank or T-shirt will make her feel special and the center of attention until her wedding day.

9. Drink Glasses and Alcohol

9 Bachelorette Party Gifts For The Bride Photo Credit // Shutterstock

You’re all likely to be drinking a lot this weekend. You might as well get the bride a gift that’s on the theme, such as Champagne glasses and some bubbly, or whiskey glasses and a good bottle of whiskey to enjoy together. If you’re flying out for the bach weekend, this gift is a bit more challenging, but you could stop by duty-free or a liquor store when you arrive to pick something up. Alternately, a customized shot glass (or set of them) can be a great gift idea to commemorate the bachelorette bash.

Are Gifts Required?

Bachelorette gifts for the bride are usually optional—especially if your budget is tight. The host should discuss with everyone ahead of time to determine if gifts are required and what she is thinking in terms of what the bride might like. If someone in the group is crafty, they may offer to make the bridal sash or bedazzle the tiara as their gift.

You could also work the cost of the gift into your weekend budget, such as offering to buy a round of shots or pay for the cupcakes. If you’re stretched thin and everyone else is bringing a gift, a nice card telling her how much she means to you along with an offer to buy her lunch or coffee after she gets back from the honeymoon will go a long way.