Bridal Shower Gifts Guide + Ideas

All of your bridal shower gifts questions answered. Explore expert advice on how much to spend, what to give, group gift ideas, & what to do if there’s no registry!

By Jane Chertoff and Georgie Darling

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You’ve been invited to the shower and you’ve chosen your outfit… but what do you bring?

If the couple has a registry, it's a no-brainer—they've already told you exactly what they want and need for their life together. If they don't have a registry, you have a little more work to do to find the perfect bridal shower gift.

We’re pretty clued in when it comes to wedding (and pre-wedding) etiquette here at Zola. That means we’ve got plenty of recommendations for what to give the bride who has everything, the bride who insists she doesn’t want anything, and the bride you’ve only met once or twice.

Worried about the etiquette on how much to spend, whether to buy a gift if you’re also going to the bach party, or what to give as a group present? We’ve got you covered.

16 of the best bridal shower gifts

1. Homesick Let's Toast Candle


A great choice if you’re not super close to the bride, the Homesick Let’s Toast Candle blends fruity notes with a base of Champagne grapes that’ll remind her of this special event whenever she burns it.

2. Winc Monthly Wine Club


Looking for bridal shower gifts for the bride who loves to wind down with a glass of wine? If she’s something of a connoisseur, this Winc Monthly Wine Club promises she’ll always have a new bottle to sample.

3. CULTIVER Silk Linen Flip Pillowcase


You can’t go wrong with a silk pillowcase, especially on the night before the wedding when frizz-free hair is crucial. This CULTIVER Silk Linen Flip Pillowcase comes in a cute gift bag, too.

4. Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Flute, Set of 2


The bride will be able to use this bridal shower gift right away at the party! These stylish Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Flutes may not be one of the most unique gifts for a bridal shower, but she’ll certainly use them time and time again.

5. Vera Wang Grosgrain Double Invitation Frame


Personalized bridal shower gifts can be a little tricky if you don’t know the bride super well. But she can fill this Vera Wang Grosgrain Double Invitation Frame with a wedding memory, thanks to your handy bridal shower gift.

6. Graphic Image Personalized Leather Photo Album


The best bridal shower gifts are the ones the couple will enjoy long after the festivities have ended. You can also personalize this sophisticated Graphic Image Personalized Leather Photo Album the couple’s names or initials.

7. Umbra Tesora Glass Jewelry Box


Gifts for bridal showers don’t have to set you back a fortune. This Umbra Tesora Glass Jewelry Box is an affordable choice for brides who love a bit of sparkle.

8. Kate Spade New York Take The Cake Frame


If she wants to keep things traditional, the subtle blue note of this gorgeous Kate Spade New York Take The Cake Frame ticks the box for“something blue.”

9. Miya Company 6-Piece Sumi Sushi Set, Service for 2


Looking for unique bridal shower gifts? If she and her partner-to-be are foodies, this swish Miya Company 6-Piece Sumi Sushi Set is something a little different from the norm, but will undoubtedly lead to some delicious meals.

10. Franca NYC Speckled Stacked Planter


If the bride has a green thumb, buy her this cute Franca NYC Speckled Stacked Planter with a plant of your choice to go inside.

11. Lenox Opal Innocence Flourish Cake Knife & Server


The best bridal shower gift on our list might just be this classy Lenox Opal Innocence Flourish Cake Knife & Server. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even use it to cut the wedding cake on the big day.

12. Mosser Glass Glass Ringholder


This Mosser Glass Glass Ringholder means she’ll always know exactly where her wedding ring is when she’s not wearing it. One of the most unmistakable bridal shower gifts for the bride.

13. HomeWetBar Personalized Carson Liquor Decanter


You could buy her a personalized bottle of her favorite wine. Or you could step things up a notch with a HomeWetBar Personalized Carson Liquor Decanter, which ensures her favorite wine can breathe before she takes that first sip.

14. The Paisley Box Luggage Tags


Maybe instead of buying one present, you’re looking for some bridal shower gift basket ideas. If that’s the case, you can accompany these matching The Paisley Box Luggage Tags with a bottle of sunscreen, some new swimwear, and maybe a sunhat. Perfect for the honeymoon!

15. Waterford Heritage Connoisseur Straight Sided Tumbler


If she’s more into spirits than wine, she’ll love this premium Waterford Heritage Connoisseur Straight Sided Tumbler. Designed for whiskey, their six-pack nature means you’ll probably get to sip from one of them yourself at some point.

16. Juliska Berry & Thread Metal Napkin Ring


If she adores a dinner party, she’s sure to love this gift for bridal showers. This Juliska Berry & Thread Metal Napkin Ring is a set of four, so she can proudly show them off when you come over for dinner!

Do I have to buy a gift for the bridal shower and the wedding?

Yes, you should purchase a gift for both the bridal shower and the wedding. We understand that this can be difficult depending on your budget, so it’s best to plan ahead. For guests invited to multiple wedding events, we recommend the 20-20-60 rule, which suggests that you break down your spending like so:

  • 20% on the engagement gift
  • 20% on the bridal shower
  • 60% on the wedding

For wedding answers to your wedding gift etiquette questions and more, see our guide on how much to spend on a wedding gift.

How much to spend on bridal shower gifts?

The amount to spend on bridal shower gifts depends on your relationship to the bride and your financial situation. If you’re particularly close with the bride-to-be, you’re encouraged to choose a gift that’s more sentimental and on the higher-end of your budget. That said, on average, guests spend between $25-$75+ on a bridal shower gift.

Is it OK to give a group bridal shower gift?

Absolutely! Group gifts are a great idea for bridal showers. A bridal shower group gift is a popular gifting option, both for the couple and bridal shower guests. If you would like to surprise the bride with a big ticket item that’s beyond your budget, it’s perfectly acceptable for you and other guests to pool your resources and buy the gift together. Plus, it can be fun to brainstorm group gift ideas with one another. If the bride is registered on Zola, you’re in luck—Zola’s Group Gifting feature makes purchasing a group gift easy and convenient.

Is it OK to give a cash bridal shower gift?

Unless it has been communicated that monetary gifts are preferred, it’s best to avoid cash gifts at a bridal shower. We recommend choosing a gift from the wedding registry or adhering to any specific gift requests listed on the invitation. For example, if you’re attending a “stock the bar” shower, go with an alcoholic beverage, cocktail mixer, or barware gift. If there’s no registry, browse the list of bridal shower gift ideas above.

Is it OK to buy bridal shower gifts that aren’t on the wedding registry?

To ensure that the bride both enjoys and needs your gift, we suggest that you stick to purchasing gifts from the wedding registry. However, if the bride doesn’t have a registry or all the items have been purchased by the time you’re ready to buy, check the ideas above, but use these guidelines:

  1. Ask the bride or shower host for other gift ideas.
  2. Choose an off-registry gift that you’re confident she’ll love.

Expert Advice: Remember that bridal showers vary in tone and formality. If you’re unsure whether risqué gifts are welcome, avoid a faux pas by keeping your gift PG-rated.

Should I buy a gift if I can’t attend the bridal shower?

Yes. Even if you’re unable to attend the bridal shower, it’s good etiquette to send a gift via mail to the bride. While it’s always best to send a gift if you’ve been invited to a shower, you can get away with sending along a nice card with warm wishes if you don’t know the bride well (such as a distant relative you have never met in person or a family acquaintance you aren’t personally close with).

Should I buy a bridal shower gift if I’m in the wedding party?

Traditional wedding etiquette suggests yes, but modern opinions are often divided on whether a wedding party member is expected to buy a gift for the bridal shower. Our take? Play it safe by purchasing a small gift for her to open at the shower, but bear in mind that there’s no obligation to spend more than you can afford. As a member of the bride’s crew, there might be quite a few expenses and time-consuming tasks on your plate already—there’s no need to break the bank to show your love and support.

If you’re hosting the bridal shower and have paid for all or a portion of the party, decorum states that you are exempt from buying a bridal shower gift. However, if you would prefer to give a gift beyond the time and money you spent planning the shower, we’re sure it would be a welcome gesture.

Should I take the gift to the bridal shower or ship it?

Do you bring a gift to a bridal shower or leave it at home if it’s on the bulkier side? While we advise to always ship the wedding gift, the shower gift should be wrapped and taken to the shower as a portion of the shower itself is typically set aside for the bride to open gifts. If it’s too large to bring along, we recommend bringing something small that she can still open on the day.

Expert Advice: Make sure to include a card with your gift so it’s clear that the present is from you.

Still looking for more bridal shower gifts? Search our full range with Zola.

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