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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Day Lingerie

Here’s our complete guide on choosing the right wedding day lingerie for your special day.

By Jane Chertoff

Perfect Wedding Day Lingerie
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The First Look ✨

  • Choose lingerie that works with your dress and offers the support you need.
  • You may be able to have your seamstress sew bra cups or a corset directly into the dress.
  • Look for the words “seamless” or “flat” when choosing a thong or underwear for your dress or gown.

After saying yes to the perfect dress, it’s time to choose the perfect wedding day lingerie to go underneath it. You’ll want to pick lingerie that will give you the support you need throughout your wedding day—and, of course, on the dance floor that evening. But keep in mind: It’s also crucial to choose the right lingerie style that won’t result in any lines showing or straps popping out.

Here’s a closer look at how to choose the right wedding day lingerie for your dress and beyond.

For the Wedding Day

Silk Robe

You’ll want to feel comfortable while you’re primping and prepping. Set the tone for a relaxed day with some loungewear like a silk robe or kimono. You can get matching robes for your wedding party, too. As a bonus, you can wear your robe again later after the evening’s festivities wind down on your wedding night.

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Should You Sew a Bra or Corset Into the Dress?

Depending on your dress style and the size of your girls, you may be able to get away with having your seamstress sew bra cups or a corset directly into your dress. This is a smart solution if your dress has a low or non-existent back or is tight fitting. This way, you won’t risk a bra showing if you move around on your wedding day. Discuss your cup size and dress style with your seamstress and see if they can work out a solution for you that you’re comfortable with. If you need more support or bridal shapewear, read on for more options.

Bustier/Longline Bra

A bustier, sometimes called a longline bra, has built-in bra cups and typically goes down to your midriff or sits just above the hips. Bustiers are generally more comfortable than corsets or other shapewear, because they’re made of softer and more flexible materials like lace. Some bustiers have straps, while others are strapless. You can find them in sizes 32A to 42D and beyond. Try one on with your dress to see if it offers the support you need.


Shapewear is sometimes a necessity when you’ve got a tight or form-fitted dress to contend with. You can choose full shapewear shorts that will smooth out your tummy, hips, rear, and thighs, or go with a more delicate shapewear thong that keeps your tummy tucked in while still looking sexy.

Lace Bralette

A comfy bralette may work with your dress if it has sleeves or is a V-neck style with thick shoulder straps. Bralettes have no padding or wires, so this is a comfortable choice, but make sure it offers enough support for your needs. (You can always wear a bralette to get ready and then switch into a different option before you change into your wedding dress if need be.)

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Wearing a slip or chemise under your dress keeps everything smooth and flawless. You can find slips of different lengths and styles that match your dress, so do a bit of research to find one that matches perfectly. Some of them also have built-in bras, so you may not need any additional support.

Seamless (Flat) Thong or Underwear

Whatever thong you choose, you’ll want to look for the words “seamless” or “flat,” since these styles won’t bunch up or show under your dress. Depending on how tight/form-fitting your dress is will determine how much coverage you need back there. Some brides can’t get away with more than a white or nude G-string, while other gowns offer more coverage, allowing for seamless underwear or even a garter belt.

Just make sure you bring whatever lingerie you plan to wear to your dress fittings, so you can confirm that there aren’t any lines showing (and have a trusted relative or bridesmaid look just to double check).

Still not sure what type of lingerie to wear on your wedding day? Check in with your bridal boutique or with the seamstress who is doing your alterations. They will be able to offer suggestions so you look flawless.

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