20 Wedding Night Tips For A Magical First Night Together

Expectations may be sky-high for the wedding night, but prep doesn’t have to be complicated. Read our complete guide to prepare for a magical wedding night.

By Jane Chertoff

Ah, the wedding night. The first time you’ll be alone with your spouse as a newly married couple. Though expectations may be sky-high, try your best to keep everything in perspective. After all, you’ll likely both be exhausted from a long wedding day and night of celebrating. And don’t forget: You have your honeymoon to look forward to.

Don’t stress prepping for the wedding night—it doesn’t have to be complicated. Use these wedding night tips to feel more prepared for your first night as a married couple.

Turn off the wedding brain.

You’ve spent the last few months in wedding fever, which means you’ve probably spent most of your time thinking about outfits, venues, food, vows, and everything wedding-related. Now that your wedding night has arrived, it’s time to switch off the bride or groom brain. Light some candles, put on soft music, and remember that the fun part is just beginning!

Keep it flirty.

Organization isn’t the sexiest topic, and that’s probably been front and center for a while now. As your wedding day progresses, spend some time flirting with your partner and building anticipation. This is one of the simplest wedding night tips and also the most effective.

Don’t rush.

This is your time to slow down, breathe, and enjoy every moment. Don’t rush into things when you get back to your room. Run a bath, put on some sensual music, give each other massages, and take the time to get to know each other all over again.

Let go of unrealistic expectations.

You’ve probably watched countless movies or read plenty of books about a magical wedding night. But try not to let your daydreams put a damper on the actual experience. If it’s your first time getting intimate with your partner, remember that it may be a little uncomfortable initially. Even if you’re well-versed in getting up close with your other half, try to take the pressure off. TBH, this is one of the best wedding tips to keep in mind all evening.

Re-create your first time together.

If it’s not your first time with your other half, a romantic way to spend your wedding night is to recreate that first magical night together. Spend some time reminiscing about how far you’ve come as a couple and set the mood to match that first-ever time.

Take a break from sex before the wedding.

Really want to get the anticipation building? Skipping sex for a few weeks before the special night is one of the best wedding night tips to make things feel brand new. By the time you’ve headed back to your hotel room, you’ll have built up quite an appetite.

Woman Smiling

Get to know your body.

If this is your first time or if you haven’t spent much time getting to know your body, get personal with yourself before the wedding night. Not only is it healthy, but it’s a great way to understand what you like and dislike so you’re ready to guide your partner when you’re finally alone.

Pamper yourself in advance.

Maybe you’ve got the full hair and makeup sorted out for your wedding day. But if you’re hoping to feel your very best, spend some time before the wedding night on some serious self-pampering. Have a luxurious soak in the bath, use a face mask and conditioning treatment, shave or wax (if that’s something you do), and moisturize your body.

Go easy on the alcohol.

When it comes to wedding night tips, this one’s pretty important. If you drink, it’s easy to find yourself sipping countless glasses of Champagne as the hours go by. But, for best results on your wedding night, you’ll want to slow down on the drinking for a few hours before you head back to your room. Not only can alcohol lower your libido, but it can also make you feel awful the next day!

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen.

There’s a lot of pressure to perform on your wedding night. If the time comes and you’d both rather order takeout and watch a movie instead of having steamy sex all night, that’s perfectly fine. You’ve got the rest of your lives together. You don’t need to rush!

Switch up the lighting.

This one’s a little easier if you’re staying at home after your wedding night. But even if you’re checking into a hotel, you can play around with fairy lights or side lights to create a soft, romantic atmosphere.

Do not disturb.

The last thing you want after your wedding day is a well-meaning hotel staff member banging on your door in the morning. It might seem obvious, but hanging the “do not disturb” sign is one of the best wedding night tips for a relaxing morning after.

Happy couple

Surprise each other.

Set up a romantic (or sexy) scavenger hunt. You can also leave some lingerie or stylish boxers on the bed for your other half to slip into. Think about what really makes them tick and add a little mystery to the night. You never know: they may be planning the same thing!

Have a bath together.

Slip into some warm water with some gorgeously scented bath oil and plenty of bubbles. Start your wedding night with a glass of something delicious and a long, hot bath together, and you’ll find yourselves getting into the moment pretty quickly. The first night of marriage is always tiring, and this tip will help you both relax.

Plan for some food.

Between talking, toasting, and dancing for hours, you will likely both be starving by the time you get back to your hotel room or drive home. Plan to have some food on hand. Ask if your caterer can pack up some appetizers or slices of cake you can eat as a treat. Otherwise, pack some snacks ahead of time. If all fails, there’s always the mini bar or late-night delivery pizza.

Set the atmosphere.

Plan to set the atmosphere for the wedding night by packing candles, rose petals to sprinkle on the bed, and any lube or toys you plan to use. A relaxed and beautiful atmosphere in the honeymoon suite will get you both in the mood. (You can always save these things for the honeymoon if you are too tired after the big day.)

Pack your intimates.

Think about what you’d like to wear for your new spouse after the festivities (nothing at all is also acceptable!). Shop ahead for your wedding night lingerie to find the perfect option. Remember, it will be after a very long day, so don’t choose anything complicated or uncomfortable. Pick something you feel good and comfortable in, such as a pair of silk boxers, a white cami, or a chemise.

Think about protection.

You might be married now, but safety is still key for any wedding night sex that’s about to go down. If you are staying away from home on your wedding night, remember to pack any protection you need or usually use (condoms, birth control prescription, etc.).

Remember, prep for the wedding night doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy being alone together for the first time as a married couple, and try to relax and have fun.

Woman in White Robe Eating on the Bed

Take care of your health.

Looking and feeling your best on the wedding night starts months before the big day. You may want to start a new skincare routine or see a dermatologist to treat acne or ingrown hair. Whatever you do to prepare, make sure you’re eating fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and not overdoing it on diet or exercise. And if you can, try to get plenty of sleep the week before the wedding and especially the night before the big day.


Go ahead and celebrate all you wish—just remember to hydrate. It’s so important to have a glass of water in between cocktails during the wedding reception. Great sex and intimacy just won’t happen if you are both too drunk, so make sure to hydrate. Plus, getting enough water will keep your energy up throughout a very long day and evening, giving you the power you need to keep going after all that.

Still planning the rest of your wedding? We’ve got everything you need for an incredible day (and night!) here at Zola.

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