When Should You Have a Bachelorette Party?

When planning a bachelorette, timing is essential. Read on to learn about when you should have a bachelorette party!.

By Maggy Lehmicke

When Should You Have a Bachelorette Party
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The First Look ✨

  • Keep a cushion of at least two weeks between your bachelorette party and your big day to keep from being too stressed, but don’t plan it more than four months out.
  • Make a guest list and decide on a destination before you start planning, as these two things often influence the time of year that you’ll want (or be able to) go.
  • If you’re looking for a sweet spot, it’s around two months before your big day.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of partying in Tulum or are favoring more of a laid-back, wine tasting retreat, deciding on a bachelorette party date can feel like a pretty big commitment—particularly when you’re planning a wedding. So, before you buckle down on a specific date or time of year, it’s important to consider some of the factors that may impact your decision. Below are a few key things to keep in mind as you try to decide when to host your bachelorette.

Figure Out Who You’re Inviting First

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The schedules, careers, and personal lives of those you’re inviting will all influence when (and how much) they can travel. If you’re set on a pretty specific group, you’re going to want to communicate your ideas to them as early as possible so that you can get a feel for when would be the best time to go.

For example, you might think June in Las Vegas sounds like a great time, but that won’t necessarily be the case if you have a bunch of friends in the financial industry who are worried about the quarter-end. However, if you’re set on a destination, it’s best to take more of a relaxed approach and not worry about who can or can’t make it. Just remember that it’s your party, so you must make the decision that’s best for you.

Consider Your Destination Before Making Decisions

More than any other factor, your destination is going to dramatically influence when you want to host your bachelorette weekend, taking both the season and proximity to the wedding into account. For example, an extravagant, destination bachelorette trip is not only going to warrant more time before your wedding day, but you’re also going to want to go during a pleasant time of year for that location.

If you’re having a September wedding and are thinking of doing a June or July bachelorette, you might want to avoid the Bahamas, where humidity levels and rainfall will be at a high that time of year. Aligning a target time of year with destinations that make the most sense will help ensure that you and your group have the best possible time and avoid any potential travel disasters.

Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room Before Your Wedding...

As much as the night, or even the weekend, before your wedding day sounds like a lot of fun for a celebration, you’re going to have a lot of other things on your mind (including not looking hungover) to keep you distracted. To make sure that you have the best possible time and aren’t stressing about last-minute flower arrangements, give yourself a minimum of two or three weeks before your wedding day to have a bachelorette party. In most cases, the month before the wedding is the most stressful and activity-packed with numerous pre-wedding events, so we recommend at least four or five weeks if you want to play it safe.

...But Not So Much Room That It Feels Anticlimactic

If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and are worried that you’re going to be too stressed about pre-wedding festivities to enjoy the bachelorette trip, consider having the party two or three months before the big day, instead. By then, most of the big arrangements will likely be out of the way, yet you’ll still have time to check the final details off your list. However, it’s best not to plan too far out, as having a bachelorette more than four months before the wedding will pose a “hurry up and wait” scenario that could make you impatient for the big day.

So, Where’s the Sweet Spot?

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Though we don’t want to lead you to believe that there’s any “right” way or time of year to plan a bachelorette, most brides seem to be at ease with a two-month runway before their big day. This not only keeps stress at bay by steering clear of the wedding-month rush but also serves as a nice buildup to your wedding day. Just remember that every activity leading up to your wedding is meant to be celebratory, so get as much help as you can and try to enjoy the ride on your bachelorette weekend.

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