2023 Bachelorette Party Checklist + Party Planning Tips

Planning a bachelorette party can be easy! With the help of our bachelorette party checklist, planning a bach weekend is a breeze.

By Maggy Lehmicke

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The First Look ✨

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, let alone the events surrounding it, including the bachelorette party. Enter: the only bachelorette party checklist you’ll ever need.

From picking a destination and setting a budget to ironing out the details, we’ve got a breakdown of some of the tasks and considerations to prioritize for your upcoming bachelorette weekend. Follow it yourself or pass it off to your go-to planner—looking at you, maids of honor!

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist



All of the essential elements of a bachelorette party can be broken down into time-sensitive tasks. The sooner you start planning, the easier it will be to let loose when it's time to celebrate.

Consider beginning the bachelorette party conversation six months in advance (or sooner!) and continue regularly checking in with all attendees leading up to the event.

Here is the ultimate checklist for bachelorette party planners, organized by when tasks need to be completed and full of pro tips to help you stay organized.

6 Months Before

When planning a bachelorette party, begin with the most important tasks first. Think locations, budget, and guest list. Here are the top bach party tasks to complete around six months before the fun begins.

  • Delegate tasks: If it’s not clear already, choose a dedicated leader to become the official party planner or make a pact to work together. Whichever strategy you choose, make sure tasks are delegated appropriately and everyone knows what to do.
  • Create the guest list: After you've locked in a location and date for the bachelorette, it's time to lock in the guests. If you're planning a destination bachelorette party, you might narrow the guest list to bridesmaids and besties, and reserve the more inclusive guest list for the bridal shower.
  • Talk budget and expectations: Talking through these things in the beginning not only ensures everyone is on the same page, but also helps you make sure that the bride’s biggest wishes are fulfilled. This is a chance for attendees to share what is feasible for them as well.
  • Choose the destination: One of the first steps is to sit down with the bride (or brides!) and chat through possibilities. Let the bride guide this conversation, as it’ll give you a good idea of the type of experience and environment she’s looking for.
  • Decide on a date: Gather everyone’s schedules and decide when the party should go down. Depending on the scale and destination of the event, expect to set aside anywhere from one night to one week for the festivities.

Team Z Tip: Send a poll to your desired guests to gauge how much they want to spend and where and when they're comfortable traveling. From there, you can narrow down your destinations and dates.

Once you have a solid list of bachelorette party ideas, that’s when you can start deciding what’s feasible both financially and logistically in terms of decorations, outfits, and party favors.

3 Months Before

Speaking of logistics, three months before the bach party is a good time to turn the party plans into reality. Now is the best time to start booking venues, coordinating transportation routes, and letting the guests in on the action.

- Book accommodations: In many cases, hotels will offer the option to reserve a block of rooms. For groups of 10 or less, an Airbnb or Vrbo might be the most reasonable option. Just make sure you talk through sleeping arrangements (and read through the cancellation policy) before booking.

- Coordinate travel plans: Travel should be booked around the same time as lodging, or as soon as you have a date and destination. Flights, taxis, ferries, and train rides should also be factored into the plan. If exclusive eateries are in the mix, now is the time to inquire about reservations.

- Choose a bachelorette party theme: There are no set rules for bach party themes—in fact, having a theme at all is an entirely optional step. Themes can be a fun way to keep the party organized, coordinated, and primed for photo ops.

- Send invitations: Depending on the location of the bachelorette and how much travel is involved, you’re going to want to send out invites at least two to three months in advance. For international destinations, give the group at least four or five months’ notice.

- Create a shopping list: Making a shopping list this far in advance can help you figure out what items need to be bought and which items can be made or custom ordered. This list includes bachelorette party decorations, outfits, games, food, alcoholic beverages, and anything else needed to have a blast.

Team Z Tip: Delegate certain parts of your list for other guests to purchase. For instance, put one person in charge of purchasing and bringing decor and another in charge of party favors.

As the event draws closer, it becomes increasingly important to stay organized and aware of what tasks are up next. Begin brushing up on your bachelorette party etiquette and remember to keep the bride in the loop wherever possible.

1 Month Before

Now you’re in the sweet spot. The party is weeks away and you still have plenty of time to handle any emergencies or last-minute changes and cancellations. Here is what will be on your plate in the weeks ahead.

- Share a contact list: As much as you want everything to go smoothly, you’re going to want to have a contact sheet with key phone numbers and emails in case of emergencies. Include relevant links to reservations and activity guides as well.

- Prepare party decorations: This step is especially important if your bachelorette party is scoping out to be more of a staycation. Any bach party, however, can benefit from personalized party decor and copious amounts of glitter.

- Don’t forget about party games: Bachelorette party games are where some of the best bach party memories are made. Check out these bachelorette party game ideas to see what materials will be required to play. Try to personalize the games as much as possible for optimal levels of fun.

- Coordinate party outfits: What’s cuter than coordinating bachelorette party outfits? Coordinating bachelorette party outfits that are able to be returned if necessary (due to buying them in advance.)

- Order personalized gifts: Party favors take on a whole new meaning when they memorialize a celebration of someone you are proud to call your friend/sister/loved one. Think about the type of gift attendees will want to return home with, and they will quickly become a treasure trove of cherished memories.

You (almost) did it! You’re one step closer to the finish line and are now able to smell the tequila and polaroids waiting for you on the other side! Before you begin packing your bags, there are still a few loose ends to tie up.

2 Weeks Before

The party is less than 15 days away and you’ve officially completed most of your lanning to-dos. Now is the time to factor in any last-minute bachelorette party ideas and check in with fellow partygoers.

- Create an itinerary: It’s time to make a flexible bachelorette itinerary. Having a bit of breathing room is not only helpful if something goes wrong, but it will also allow the bride to weigh in on any activities she might want to fit in at the last minute. Share the itinerary with attendees ASAP to gauge their feedback.

- Check in with attendees: A couple weeks before the party, it's a good idea to check in with all the attendees to make sure they don't have any last-minute questions and that they have everything they'll need for the celebration.

- Send gentle reminders: If you've tasked guests with bringing things for the bachelorette (like drinks, food, or gifts), this is also a good time to shoot out a reminder and double-check that they have the items packed and ready to go.

Next week is your last chance to spruce up the details of this bash, so accomplish as many tasks as you can now. Although the coming days will feel like crunch time, they will also be filled with some of the most fun party planning tasks.

1 Week Before

You’ve finally arrived at the week of the party! Give yourself a high five for all your hard work thus far and prepare to muster up the strength needed to see this project to the end (the part where you actually get to party!)

- Confirm reservations: Check in with your accommodation providers, caterers, transport services, and any third-party organization helping to ensure the party is a success. This is an optional step that can help you avoid any big bumps in the road.

- Pack party essentials: It’s time to pack up and prepare your party decor, outfits, games, and gifts. Packing for a bachelorette party might require several bags, so factor this into your transportation costs if you are flying somewhere far.

- Curate a party playlist: Compile a list of songs that will get the party started and keep it going well into the night. Whether you plan to be lounging in a luxury hotel or splashing around a pool in the tropics, good music is a bachelorette party must-have.

Team Z Tip: Create a shared Spotify playlist so all attendees can add their favorite jams.

Create a hashtag: Bachelorette party hashtags should be one of a kind and shared with all attendees at least a week prior to the party. The hashtag serves as a way for guests to share bachelorette party pictures on social media.

There are now less than 10 days till the bash and everything has been accounted for. All that’s left to do is be available for any questions from guests or last-minute requests from the bride.

Day of the Bachelorette Party

Drop your clipboard and head for the dance floor—the day of the bachelorette party has finally arrived! After you complete the following tasks, you are all set to make a lifetime of memories with the bride-to-be.

- Arrive early: Plan to arrive at your venue or accommodations as early as the host will allow. Having time on your side is the best way to be proactive against party fouls like late transportation or forgotten items.

- Double-check everything: Review our handy printable checklist to ensure that you haven’t forgotten a single task or item. Account for all the gifts, make sure nothing is broken or stained, and that there is nothing else to prepare or assemble.

- Party hard: Congratulations—you have completed your duties as a party master and it’s officially time to cut loose! Your work here is done and you are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with your friends by your side.

With this checklist in hand, the bachelorette party has come to life and the only thing left to do is watch the bride have the time of her life. Great work!

Top 10 Bachelorette Party Planner Tips

Need some more bachelorette party tips? Follow these 10 pointers for how to plan a bachelorette party like a pro:

  1. Plan in advance. It’s never too early to plan a bachelorette bash. The sooner you start, the longer you have to address challenges as they arise.

  2. Ask for help. A few heads are always better than one, so if you need help throughout the bach party planning process, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  3. Choose quality party favors. These momentos will be a lasting reminder of the great memories the bride’s squad made together, so make them count.

  4. Take lots of pictures. You can never have too many selfies with the bride or videos tearing up the dance floor. Don’t be shy to snap away!

  5. Keep track of the budget. While shopping for all the party essentials, it’s easy to lose sight of spending. Respect everyone’s contributions by keeping a close eye on the bachelorette party budget.

  6. Ask about allergies ASAP. Get to know the bach party guests by asking for any relevant information (like allergies) a party planner should bear in mind.

  7. Be open to compromise. Chances are not everything is going to go according to plan and some things will have to be sacrificed. Stay open and prioritize having a good time over everything being perfect.

  8. Have a backup plan. This tip is especially useful for destination bachelorette parties that have a lot of moving parts during the planning process. Have a local hotel or spa on reserve in case your plans go awry.

  9. Get plenty of rest. After planning a party for months on end, make sure you have plenty of time to rest so that you too can join in on the good vibes.

  10. Use a bachelorette party checklist. If you’ve made it this far, then you are on the right track. A bach party checklist can help you stay organized along the way and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Now that you are capable of pulling off a bachelor party bash, think you’re ready to try your hand at wedding shower party planning?

If so, we have the resources you need to send shower invitations, prepare for the big day, and have a great time while running the show.

Bachelorette Party Checklist FAQ

Got questions that the bachelor party checklist didn’t cover? We’ve got your back.

What Do You Need for a Bachelorette Party?

Every bachelorette party needs great music, good food, and plenty of activities to keep the bride and guests entertained. Gifts are optional but can definitely add to the importance of the occasion.

This party is about celebrating the current chapter of the bride’s life coming to a close, so prepare any materials that would help the bride have a great time like party games and cute outfits, and plan to take lots of photos.

What Should You Not Forget at a Bachelorette Party?

Don’t forget to have plenty of space in your camera or phone for tons of photos. Consider bringing multiple chargers to keep the music and photoshoots alive and well during the party.

Don’t forget the analog tech like polaroids or bach party games either. Sashes or tiaras for the bride-to-be and the rest of her squad is also a nice touch not to be forgotten.

What Is Normal to Spend on a Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party can cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000 per person in the United States. This number can increase drastically if the bach party is going to be held in an expensive destination.

Keeping bachelorette parties close to home can keep the costs low. Consider making homemade party games and decorations for a budget-friendly approach to party planning.

Are Destination Bachelorette Parties Worth It?

This answer depends on the desires of the bride and attendees. If they want to prioritize the location of the party above all else, then splurging on a destination bach party is entirely worth it.

If hanging out with friends is the top priority, save money by throwing the party closer to home. Keep the cost of out-of-town attendees in mind when discussing where the party will be held as well.

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