10 Creative Wedding Shower Invite Ideas

We’ve rounded up some of the most creative wedding shower invite ideas to give you the inspiration you need to start planning the perfect celebration.

By Emily Forrest

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A wedding shower is usually one of the first events to celebrate a couple’s upcoming nuptials, so it’s not only something that they look forward to, but also something that guests do, too. Whether they open it via email or in person, guests will be elated to see a wedding shower invite in their inbox or mailbox. Who doesn’t love getting a bridal shower invitation, after all? But, how do you pick one from all of the pretty options out there?

Start off by considering the bride’s style, or, if you’re hosting a couple’s shower, the couple’s style. The shower should be a reflection of her and them as a couple, in addition to the things they love. Then, come up with a theme or concept that aligns with it. Once you’ve settled on a direction, you can start paging through invitations, but if you do so before, you could quickly become overwhelmed.

We’ve rounded up some of the most creative wedding shower invite ideas to give you a jumping-off point. Keeping the bride in mind, and your chosen theme, scroll through this list to get some inspiration so you can pick the perfect wedding shower invitations.

10 Creative Wedding Shower Invite Ideas

1. Acrylic

Acrylic stationery is popular for wedding invitations and signage, and one of the chicest ways to invite guests to a bridal shower, too. Acrylic stationery can suit any style, but should be reserved for the more trendy or modern bride. Acrylic can be engraved or hand-painted, so you can pick a minimalist typeface font or a loopy script. Add even more flair with metallic hues, such as rose gold or silver. Keep in mind that acrylic is much heavier than paper, so you’ll pay more for postage.

2. Farmer’s Market Inspired

Farm fresh to you isn’t just for your fruits and veggies. For the organic bride who loves to visit her local farmer’s market, cook, or garden, a farmer’s market themed shower is just the thing. The invite can feature illustrations of fruits and veggies, while the shower can be decorated with the real thing.

3. Honeymoon Inspired

If your theme revolves around the couple’s love for travel or their honeymoon destination, incorporate it into the invite, too. Think palm prints and tropical flowers for a Hawaiian honeymoon, or maps and airplanes for the world travelers. You can also use the invite to encourage guests to bring gifts to help the bride pack for the honeymoon—think bathing suits, beauty products, cover-ups, and lingerie.

4. Minimalist

Minimalist invites are one of the chicest wedding stationery trends happening right now. Modern calligraphy combines with simple typeface fonts beautifully on plain and simple backgrounds. Let the words do the talking and suit a classy bride with a minimalist invite.

Creative Wedding Shower Invite IdeasPhoto Credits // Zola Inc

5. Cheers to the Bride-to-Be

Will you be wine-tasting at the shower, or is wine just one of the bride’s favorite things? A cute invite featuring wine glasses or wine glass stains (yes, they make them look good) can be just right to toast the bride. Consider incorporating fun wording ideas, such as “Raise a Glass” or “Cheers to the Bride-to-Be” to bring the theme home.

6. Nautical Notes

Nautical is another popular theme when it comes to wedding shower ideas, so there are plenty of cute and creative invites out there to choose from if you’re going down this channel. Many are graced with fun phrases, such as “tie-the-knot” and fitting design elements, such as stripes and rope. There are plenty of seaside symbols to choose from, too, including: anchors, seashells, compasses, and sailboats.

7. Play on “Shower”

If you and the bride both love a good pun, let the invite do the talking. You can play on other forms of “shower” by incorporating images or illustrations of raindrops and umbrellas, or bathtubs and bubbles on the invite to clue everyone in.

8. Holiday Focused

Does the shower fall on, or around, a popular holiday? Don’t be afraid to incorporate aspects of the celebration into the shower invitation. For example, the invitation for a shower near Valentine’s Day could feature hearts and shades of pink and red, while one around Thanksgiving could have a rustic vibe featuring pumpkins and pies. Or, embrace puns in another way by throwing an Independence Day-inspired fete with the featured phrase “Wed, Bride, and Blue.” Cute, right? Whatever the holiday, let it inspire your color scheme, menu, and decorations.

9. Florals

Floral invitations never go out of style, especially when there are so many modern takes on the popular trend. Antique rose illustrations and tiny all-over prints, dubbed “conversational florals,” are the latest and greatest of floral trends. These fun and fresh prints can grace the wedding shower invitation, the envelope liner, or both. If you’re having a tea party, try out the antique varietal, or, if you’re having a garden party, opt for the conversational kind. Either one will stand out in ways you didn’t think floral invites could.

Creative Wedding Shower Invite IdeasPhoto Credits // Zola Inc

10. Cheers With Beers

We couldn’t complete the list without a good option for a coed wedding shower. For a celebration with both guys and gals, pick a more gender-neutral wedding shower theme, such as “Cheers with Beers.” The invite can showcase golden pints that will get everyone’s mouths watering. Now, that’s an invite that will get everyone excited to attend.

What Else to Send With the Invite

Now that you’ve come up with a super cute concept and the perfect wedding shower invitation to go with it, you can consider adding a little extra fun into the mix. Here are a few ideas of things you can send with your wedding shower invite to get the party started:

Games That Guests Should Fill Out

Are you planning any games or activities that require everyone to fill something out? Pop it in the envelope with your invitation and have guests bring it with them to save time and increase participation.

Recipe Cards

Did you decide on the “farmer’s market” theme or just know that the bride and groom love to cook? Include a recipe card with the invite that the guests can use to share a favorite meal or family recipe. It’s fun for them to pass it on, and fun for the couple to be able to expand their recipe book.

Words of Advice

Send the honoree(s) home from the shower with words of advice from more seasoned husbands and wives, or with fun date ideas that they can add to their routine by including a card for guests to fill out ahead of time. They’ll appreciate the extra time you allot them since these things require a bit of thought.

And, if you’re wondering when to send out wedding shower invites, go with your gut. Give guests enough time to look at their schedule and RSVP in advance.

Other Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

The fun doesn’t end once you’ve sent out the invites. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the theme or style you selected for the shower invite into the actual shower. Put your creative energy toward these facets of the fete, next:

The Paper Goods

Keep the paper goods at the shower consistent with the invite. If you sent out chic, rose gold printed acrylic invitations, don’t stop there. Create a menu in a similar fashion, either by having it printed once on a large acrylic sign, or printed on individual acrylic pieces to be put at each place setting. If you chose antique floral print envelope liners, incorporate that same print on paper napkins and plates, or place cards and thank-you notes.


This is your chance to take the wedding shower theme and run with it. If you decided on a shower inspired by the couple’s Hawaiian honeymoon, decorate with palm fronds, pineapples, and leis. If you went for a totally floral fete, decorate with flowers on the table, hang flowers on the chairs, and drape flowers from the ceiling. If nautical was the winning theme, decorate with sand, seashells, and hues of blue.

The Menu

Let the food add fuel to the fire. Cater it to the theme, and serve up a fresh salad bar for a farmer’s market shower, or brats and burgers at a brewery inspired coed bash. From appetizers, through mains, and into desserts, there are plenty of ways to highlight the theme with food. And don’t forget about the drinks. Serve piña coladas at a tropical party, floral-infused cocktails at a garden soiree, and red, white, and rosé (of course) at a wine-themed shower.


Send guests home with a piece of the shower to not only remember the sweet celebration, but also to remind them of the wedding to come. Bath bombs are cute favors for a “shower” themed party, while seed packets are fitting for the farmer’s market theme.

A creative bridal shower invite may be just the thing you need to get your wheels turning, but there are so many fun and thoughtful elements that go into a great shower. If you focus on celebrating the bride and groom and stay true to their style, the wedding shower will be a huge hit. So, grab your guest list and let the festivities begin.

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