How to Decorate a Bachelorette Party Like a Pro

Looking for fun bachelorette party decorations for your future bride-to-be? Check out our latest blog for more inspiration.

By Amanda Mitchell

How To Decorate Your Bachelorette Party Like A Pro
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So, it’s the bachelorette party—the final shenanigans before the wedding. You’ve sent out the invites, you’ve bought all the drinks and you’ve planned all the entertainment. Cool, but now it’s the best part: Time to decorate. Everything is now in your hands, and you’re going to have a fabulous day with your fabulous friends celebrating your most-fabulous bride. Bachelorette parties are so much more than dancers and balloons — it can be a chance to flatter your friend by showing how well you know them and how much you love them. Here, we’ve gathered the best bachelorette party decorations so you can celebrate without fretting.

Decide on an activity.

A bachelorette party can be whatever you want it to be, but decide first whether it’s going to be a one night affair, or a truly rambunctious weekend away with your pals. Keeping in mind the travel expectations and budgets of not only yourself but the attendees will help you decide where the soiree will take place. Whether it’s a three-day weekend in the Big Apple, a daylong excursion through Airbnb Experiences, or a one night affair in a hotel room in your hometown, it’s good to all be on the same page with expectations.

  • For a more low-key or family-friendly affair: why not have a largely decorated tea party—perhaps an Alice in Wonderland theme for your friend who is about to go down the rabbit hole?
  • If your friend who’s getting married loves the sea, chartering a small sailboat or even a yacht for the day is always a good idea, and not as crowded or stuffy as a nightclub can be.
  • A friend who is big into art (and possibly drinking while making art) would love a paint party for their bachelorette. They’ll be able to get their artistic expression out while also taking home a souvenir to remind them of the day. Each person in your bride tribe can get their own personalized wine glass and set of art supplies for a fun and creative night!
  • Got a friend who’s getting married who loves alcohol? A bachelorette wine tasting or distillery tour can meld two of their favorite ideas into one.
  • For the betrothed who just wants to relax, a spa day with massages, facials, and mimosas in a hotel where you are all staying can be a relaxing gift from the stress of wedding planning. There, you can have a fun staycation with you, your friends, and plenty of room service.
  • And of course, for the friend who just wants to go out and party, look into nightclubs in the area as well as speakeasies. Starting the night at a bespoke cocktail bar where you’ve worked with the bartender to craft a specialty cocktail for that evening can always start out the night on a good note.

But please: check before you call a dancer into your room and gauge your friend’s interest (and the interest of the other attendees.) You don’t want to ruin a fun vibe with an unwelcome guest.

Choose a party theme for the paaaartay.

Bachelorette Party Decoration Photo Credit // Unsplash

Great, you’ve got a plan for what you’re going to do? Now it’s time to come up with the encapsulating bachelorette party theme for the weekend. This party theme will be the needle that threads the entire weekend together, starting from the invitations and ending with the parting gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider a color scheme: Does your BFF love the color teal, but it’s nowhere to be seen on their big day? Great, it’s time for a teal everywhere party decor.
  • The bride’s history: Maybe your friend met their friend group in college, and the evening can be dedicated to the Spring Break you all don’t remember, or perhaps your friend’s love for their hometown is a part of their identity. Either way, there can be touches of that added throughout the event.
  • Seasonality: Of course, allowing the date of the bachelorette to dictate the theme and decor is always a good idea. Fall foliage for autumn, winter whites for the cold season.
  • The bride’s favorite things: Does your friend love Roman Holiday or Clueless or astrology or One Direction? Realistically, anything your friend is deep into stan culture over, can fit as a perfect theme. Do they love Paddington Bear? Better stock up on marmalade! It’s all about the bride, let them know you love them as much as they love their favorite hobby.

The key to good bachelorette party decoration ideas is keeping the lewdness to after dark—no one really wants to see a table full of people wearing genitalia on necklaces and hats while they’re trying to eat breakfast, as amusing as that can be.

We’ve gotten our ideas for the party, and we’ve settled on a theme, now it’s the fun part: Decorating. Now it’s time to marry (pun intended) all of your themes together to have one big, grand ball. Here are some great bachelorette party decoration ideas for you to ponder:


Bachelorette Party Decoration Photo Credit // Unsplash

Whether it’s giant confetti-filled balloons in the color scheme of the decor, or it’s customized balloons emblazoned with the bride’s bachelorette party information, you’ve got plenty of decoration options with balloons. From an arch of balloon clouds to mark an entry way or just a chair marker, balloons always make for great decorations.

Decorate for the ‘Gram

Insta-ready decorations are always a welcome choice, and a flower wall, real or fake, is always a great choice. Even better? Props for a photo booth for everyone to pose with, hanging twinkle lights for a backdrop, or a custom banner and streamers matching the color scheme.

Custom clothing

Everyone—no, really, everyone—loves a piece of clothing dedicated to an event. It serves as both a great way to bond as well as a commemorative gift to remind everyone of the day. Make t-shirts on theme with the weekend, or stemless glassware etched with the weekend’s dates so that no one loses their glass. So much better than a paper sash that says “Bride to Be”, you’ll both tell the world that you’re celebrating something special without leaning too much into other bachelorette clichés.

Table Settings

If you’re planning on having a meal at your event where you’re in charge of tablescapes, a great opportunity to decorate can come in the form of place cards matching the theme and beautiful calligraphy, or even tablecloths in the same shades as your color scheme.

If you are planning the bachelorette party, just be sure to complement the bride. From bachelorette decorations to the party favors, our number one party planning tip is to always make it special. For more wedding tips, visit our blog today.