How to Decorate a Bachelorette Party Like a Pro + 21 Ideas

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By Amanda Mitchell

How To Decorate Your Bachelorette Party Like A Pro
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So, it’s the bachelorette party—the final shenanigans before the wedding. You’ve sent out the invites, you’ve bought all the drinks and you’ve planned all the entertainment. Cool, but now for the best part: Time to decorate. Bachelorette parties are so much more than dancers and balloons — it can be a chance to flatter your friend by showing how well you know them and how much you love them.

Here, we’ve gathered the best bachelorette party decorations so you, the bride, and all of the bridesmaids can celebrate without fretting. Here’s to decorating the best bachelorette bash for your loved one!

Decide on an activity.

A bachelorette party can be whatever you want it to be, but decide first whether it’s going to be a one night affair, or a truly rambunctious bachelorette weekend away with your pals. Keeping in mind the travel expectations and budgets of not only yourself but the attendees will help you decide where the soiree will take place. Whether it’s a three-day weekend in the Big Apple, a daylong excursion through Airbnb Experiences, or a one night affair in a hotel room in your hometown, it’s good to all be on the same page with expectations.

  • For a more low-key or family-friendly affair, why not have a largely decorated tea party—perhaps an Alice in Wonderland theme for your friend who is about to go down the rabbit hole?
  • If your friend who’s getting married loves the sea, chartering a small sailboat or even a yacht for the day is always a good idea, and not as crowded or stuffy as a nightclub can be.
  • A friend who is big into art (and possibly drinking while making art) would love a paint party for their bachelorette. They’ll be able to get their artistic expression out while also taking home a souvenir to remind them of the day. Each bestie in your bride tribe can get their own personalized wine glass and set of art supplies for a fun and creative night!
  • Got a friend who’s getting married who loves alcohol? A bachelorette wine tasting or distillery tour can meld two of their favorite ideas into one.
  • For the betrothed who just wants to relax, a spa day with massages, facials, and mimosas in a hotel where you are all staying can be a relaxing gift from the stress of wedding planning. There, you can have a fun staycation with you, your friends, and plenty of room service.
  • And of course, for the friend who just wants to go out and party, look into nightclubs in the area as well as speakeasies. Starting the night at a bespoke cocktail bar where you’ve worked with the bartender to craft a specialty cocktail for that evening can always start out the night on a good note.

But please: check before you call a dancer into your room and gauge your friend’s interest (and the interest of the other attendees.) You don’t want to ruin a fun vibe with an unwelcome guest.

Choose a party theme for the paaaartay.

Bachelorette Party Decoration Photo Credit // Unsplash

Great, you’ve got a plan for what you’re going to do? Now it’s time to come up with the encapsulating bachelorette party theme for the weekend. This party theme will be the needle that threads the entire weekend together, starting from the invitations and ending with the parting gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider a color scheme: Does your BFF love the color teal, but it’s nowhere to be seen on their big day? Great, it’s time for a teal everywhere party decor.
  • The bride’s history: Maybe your friend met their friend group in college, and the evening can be dedicated to the Spring Break you all don’t remember, or perhaps your friend’s love for their hometown is a part of their identity. Either way, there can be touches of that added throughout the event.
  • Seasonality: Of course, allowing the date of the bachelorette to dictate the theme and decor is always a good idea. Fall foliage for autumn, winter whites for the cold season.
  • The bride’s favorite things: Does your friend love Roman Holiday or Clueless or astrology or One Direction? Realistically, anything your friend is deep into stan culture over, can fit as a perfect theme. Do they love Paddington Bear? Better stock up on marmalade! It’s all about the bride, let them know you love them as much as they love their favorite hobby.

The key to good bachelorette party decoration ideas is keeping the lewdness to after dark—no one really wants to see a table full of people wearing genitalia on necklaces and hats while they’re trying to eat breakfast, as amusing as that can be.

Now that the when, where, and what, it’s time for the fun part: Decorating. Now you can easily marry (pun intended) all of your themes together to have one big, grand ball. Here are some great bachelorette party supplies and decoration ideas for you to ponder:

Bachelorette Party Decor Ideas

1. Balloons

Bachelorette Party Decoration Photo Credit // Unsplash

Whether it’s giant confetti-filled balloons in the color scheme of the decor, or it’s customized balloons emblazoned with the bride’s bachelorette party information, you’ve got plenty of decoration options with balloons. From an arch of balloon clouds to mark an entry way or just a chair marker, balloons always make for great decorations.

2. Photo Booth Backdrop and Props

Who doesn’t love a pre-set photo booth? While flower walls (be them decorated with real or fake florals) are always a great choice, there are countless possibilities, here. Try sourcing for photo booth props that coordinate with your bachelorette party theme, as well as hanging lights and a DIY backdrop. Custom banners, streamers in the bash’s color scheme, tassels, and balloon arches make for great choices.

3. Flower Wall

That said, we do love a good floral wall. Whether it’s used as a photo booth backdrop, backdrop for the food table, or set up on its own, this piece of decor is here to stay. If hiring a florist to do this expensive piece professionally (or browsing on Etsy) is out of the question, we recommend looking into DIY versions. They’re just as beautiful, fairly easy to put together, and trend on the affordable side.

4. Custom clothing

Everyone—no, really, everyone—loves a piece of clothing dedicated to an event. It serves as both a great way to bond and a commemorative gift to remind everyone of the day. (Plus, it’ll help you find one-another if someone gets lost). Make or order personalized t-shirts on theme with the weekend, from sayings like “Team Bride,” “I Do Crew", and ”Bachelorette Babes,” to custom group logos, to nicknames.

5. Custom Drink Cups

Along these same lines, you can custom order dedicated drink cups for each bridesmaid, maid of honor, best friend, and party-goer. Stemless glassware etched with each person’s name is a thoughtful and logistical gift, with styles that are even portable and made of drop-proof plastic. You can also opt for reusable water bottles, tumblers, drink holders, straws, and other styles of party cups.

6. Table Settings

If you’re planning on having a meal at your event where you’re in charge of tablescapes, a great opportunity to decorate can come in the form of place cards matching the theme and beautiful calligraphy, or even tablecloths in the same shades as your color scheme.

7. On-Theme Piñata

Nothing quite starts off a celebration like taking a whack at a piñata. Luckily, there are a number of bach-themed options for you to choose from. Engagement rings and champagne bottles, among some naughtier selections, are easy to find online and even easier to set up at your party location.

8. Personalized Signage

Who says the nice, customized signage has to wait until the wedding? If you’re hosting a classy get-together, consider purchasing a personalized welcome sign—that matches the bachelorette party invitations, of course. We particularly love the acrylic look, which you can then decorate with flowers or greenery.

9. Personalized Wine List

If you’re going to go with a custom welcome sign, you may as well throw in a wine (or beer, or bar) list. You can DIY this yourself with a mirror and car paint markers or a chalk board and chalk, but custom order options are also available.

10. Garlands

Pom poms garlands, balloon garlands, floral garlands. Suffice it to say, you have plenty of options when it comes to dress up your mantel and/or tables. This decor piece is incredibly convenient, usually coming put-together in one piece. All that’s required is that you safely attach it to your place of choice. We recommend the bride-to-be’s special chair or table for a unique spot.

11. Food or Dessert Set-Ups

Decor isn’t limited to flowers and plastic. Your very own food or dessert stations can function as decorated spaces within your bachelorette party. Place finger sandwiches or macarons on tiered displays, place cake toppers in perfectly placed cupcakes, or go the whole nine yards with a doughnut wall. You can even spread out these displays and use them as edible centerpieces.

12. Party Games

Bachelorette party games, too, can add a lot of fun decoration to your bach bash. Smaller games, like fill-out cards, sure, but we’re talking a bit bigger. Giant Janga with trivia about the bride on each piece, croquet, and even darts (with Cupid-esque arrows for darts, of course) can be as appealing to the eye as they are fun.

13. Pool Floats

Poolside bachelorette celebrations can‘t go without at least one fun inflatable. We saw the rise of the big pink flamingo floaty a few years ago and, ever since, tons of fun ideas have been made available. There are even floaties for your drinks, so that they can bask in the pool beside you as you lounge.

14. Beach Balls

Imagine the surprise on the brides face when you toss them a beach ball—and it’s themed to their party. We love this fun decor-slash-game piece, because it’s fun and a bit unique. Not to mention, it’s reminiscent of being at a music festival.

15. Beach Towels

If budget allows, consider purchasing everyone matching beach (or pool) towels. This option is a win-win, since it functions as a decor piece (when pre-laid out on beach chairs), a party favor, and a useful item.

16. Personalized Champagne Bottle

Did someone say bubbly? Surprise the bride by having a bottle of champagne on proud display, complete with a personalized label. This can be designed in any way you see fit, though we recommend making the vintage the year of the bachelorette party and/or wedding. Best of all, this decor piece doubles as a gift to the bride.

17. Hanging Installation

We’re a big fan of luxurious and fun hanging installations. Flowers, pom poms, balloons, streamers, ribbon, draped fabric—there are many ways you can go, here. For the best looking results, go with a color scheme and let it guide you when picking out materials.

18. Decoration Kit

Whether you’re short of time or like the convenience of having everything all in once place, we suggest looking into bachelorette decoration kits. Yes, they exist. Yes, they’re amazing. Typically, one will include a hanging bachelorette party banner, decorative garlands, a ring balloon, a few fun signs, plates, napkins, and confetti. That said, expect a lot of pink, rose gold, and a lot of diamond ring visuals. You can usually find these online on websites like Amazon or at your local party supply store.

19. Bachelorette Party Favors

Cute party favor bags can decorate any space. Two of our favorite ideas include a beach or poolside preparedness kit (sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, a reusable water bottle) and a hangover recovery kit (Advil, Pedialyte, sunglasses, a water bottle). They’re funny, easy to put together, and can be made to look very, very good.

20. Confetti Poppers

Nothing says celebration quite like colorful confetti. Excite your party-goers by offering them each a small (or large) confetti popper at the peak of the party. Use this as a photo or toast opportunity, centering the bride as the confetti goes flying. Pro tip: Order a few more than you need and use them at the bridal party, too.

21. Sparklers

This may very well be our favorite bachelorette party decoration. Bach parties in the city—more specifically, in cities that allow sparklers—can get glowing with a pack of sparklers. Once the sun goes down, gather everyone outside (if you’re not already there), set them a-light, and have some fun! Don’t forget to capture some good photos and videos.

If you are planning the bachelorette party, just be sure to complement the bride. From bachelorette decorations to the party favors, our number one party planning tip is to always make it special. For more wedding tips, visit our blog today.

Decorations are only one aspect of your bachelorette party. For more tips, tricks, and inspiration, click here!

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