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How to Fight Sweat On Your Wedding Day

You’ve got enough to worry about on your wedding day—don’t let a little perspiring leave you hot and bothered. Here's how to keep your cool and fight sweat on your wedding day.

By Jane Chertoff

couple fights sweat on wedding day
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Let’s get this out of the way: You’re going to sweat on your wedding day. It’s true. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony in the middle of August or you’re throwing the winter wonderland wedding of the year, expect to feel that familiar dampness at some point. You can thank the heat and humidity or your general nerves and anxious excitement. You’re getting married after all—your stress receptors will be firing.

So, don’t just expect sweat, plan for it. You can take preventative steps so it doesn’t get the best of you on your big day. Here’s how to keep your cool from head to toe and fight sweat on your wedding day.


Head and scalp sweat is pretty common, especially if you’re getting married outdoors with the sun beaming down. Keep your hair in check and your forehead matted with a few easy tricks.


  • Getting married outside on a warmer day, consider an up-do that keeps your hair off the nape of your neck.
  • If you want to wear your hair down, go for a natural, beach-wave style that’s light on product. These can make hair appear slick if you start to sweat.
  • Finish any style—up or down—with an extra-strong hold hairspray designed to withstand sweat and humidity.


  • If you don’t have hair (or much of it) and your head tends to sweat, after showering, apply a small amount of baby or talcum powder to your scalp and rub it in.
  • Swipe a clear antiperspirant directly on your scalp and forehead, especially along the hairline. This may seem odd—but trust us. It’s effective and will get you to the altar sweat-free.
  • For guys with hair that tends to sweat, lightly apply a pomade, wax, or other product that’s are water-resistant.


We’re guessing melting makeup and glistening (potentially dripping) foreheads are probably not the look you’re hoping to achieve. Well, maybe you are. If not, though, here’s how to keep that face dry and in place.


  • Apply (or ask your wedding makeup artist to apply) an oil-free primer on everything, including your lips and eyelids. This will stop makeup from sliding off if you start to sweat.
  • Use all waterproof makeup, if possible, too.
  • Finish your look with a setting powder or spray to hold it in place.
  • Designate a wedding party member to keep oil-absorbing blotting sheets on-hand to dull any unwanted shine
  • Stash a bag of backup makeup products at the reception venue, too, if you think you’ll want to reapply anything throughout the night.


  • Clear deodorant swiped along the hairline should help keep your forehead dry.
  • Stash a small moister-absorbing microfiber towel in a pocket to dab away sweat, too. It will prove more effective than a standard cloth handkerchief.


Ideally, pit stains aren’t part of your wedding day look. Here’s how to stay sweat-free in your armpit region, even as you dance the night away.


  • Be careful with deodorant around your dress—it can stain!
  • Apply an aluminum-free, unscented formula (look for "invisible dry" on the label).
  • Better yet, pick out an antiperspirant spray that will actually absorb sweat versus just stopping odor.


  • Choose a breathable tux or button-down shirt in a light material such as cotton or bamboo, if possible.
  • If you’re worried about sweating through your shirt, consider an undershirt that will help sop up sweat. We recommend a thin, tight (think muscle-tight) V-neck that won’t show or distract from your look.
  • Apply extra-strength antiperspirant (go clinical-grade, if necessary.) Allow it to dry completely before dressing.


The struggle is real. You spent so much time selecting the perfect wedding outfit, don’t let slippery boob sweat ruin your moment.

  • Apply a bit of aluminum-free deodorant or deodorant spray directly on the underside of your girls. Let it dry completely while you get ready.
  • If you plan ahead, you can order a special cream designed to keep your girls chafe-free and dry. (Apply it well in advance of when you put your dress on to let it set.)
  • Keep baby wipes close by at the reception if you want to freshen up quickly in the bathroom (with the help of a good girl friend!).

Upper Body/Back

Back sweat happens, especially if you are out in the sun all day taking photos. It’s easy enough to prevent, though.


  • Spray antiperspirant on your back as a preventative measure, but make sure it’s aluminum-free (remember: “invisible dry”) so it doesn’t leave a yellow stain.
  • Apply it the night before your wedding day and you’ll be set.


  • Spray antiperspirant directly on your back. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before putting any clothing on.
  • Stash an extra undershirt at the reception venue, too. Swap out your ceremony undershirt for the fresh one ahead of the party.

Hands and Feet

Clammy hands are understandable but definitely uncomfortable. And sweaty feet can lead to nasty blisters that leave you limping around your reception.


  • Keep a travel-sized hand sanitizer nearby—it’ll dry out those wet palms.
  • In a pinch, skip out to the bathroom and press down your palm onto a few sheets of toilet paper, which will act as a blotting device to soak up that excess sweat.


  • Prevent slipping around in your heels by spraying the insoles with hairspray before sliding your foot in. Keep a travel-sized hairspray nearby, too, for touch-ups.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder directly into your shoes to help absorb any residual moisture before reapplying hairspray.


  • Wear socks made of a breathable, cotton material (and gift the same to your wedding party).
  • After breaking in your shoes, spray them with an antiperspirant or sprinkle them with talcum powder a few days ahead of the ceremony. Rub any excess in to avoid clumping.

Remember, sweat is your body’s way of naturally cooling you down, so if you start feeling warm or dehydrated, your first defense is to drink a lot of water. If you are going to be drinking alcohol throughout the day, drink even more water. Those signature cocktails can be dehydrating, after all.

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