42 Updo Wedding Hairstyles for Every Type of Bride

Elevate your wedding look with 42 stunning wedding updos for inspiration. From classic to modern, find your perfect wedding hairstyle.

By Erin Celletti

A curated collage of the most popular updos shown on brides of various hair colors and ethnicities
Photo by Zola

From the moment you excitedly say “yes,” the details of your wedding day whirl around in your mind—especially how you’ll look when you say “I do!”

The dress, the shoes, the makeup, the hair—where do you begin? Looking good translates to feeling good, so it’s important to find looks you love and feel confident in, especially when choosing your wedding day hairstyle. So, we’ve compiled a list of 42 wedding updos for your big day to help you pick the perfect one. Bridesmaids and guests are welcome to find wedding hair inspo from this list too!

1. Low ballerina bun updo


A ballerina bun is the traditional go-to hairstyle for dancers. It’s sleek, simple, and has a reputation for holding up well throughout the evening—perfect for dancing the night away!

Style your ballerina bun your way—you have options. You can ask your stylist to part your hair on the side, in the middle, or opt for no part. Pair your low ballerina bun with drop earrings and an understated smokey eye.

2. Twisted hair updo


A twisted hair updo is a simple twist on a standard bun. This hairstyle adds texture to the look and provides just the right amount of tousle. To keep it chic, pair this look with a mid-century modern wedding dress and a string of pearls.

3. Classic chignon updo

Classic Chignon Updo

The bride going for classic beauty can’t go wrong with a classic chignon updo. Inspired by the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which translates to “nape of the neck,” this wedding updo features the hair swept into a lower bun, typically with a twist.

A classic chignon wedding updo is known for its recognizable look. Wear a wedding gown with an exposed back, flowery hairpiece, delicate earrings, and a simple necklace to pull it all together.

4. High bun updo with hairpiece

High bun updo with hairpiece

A high bun coupled with a hairpiece is a perfect choice if your style leans more traditional. This updo continues to impress due to its versatility.

5. Braided hair updo

Braided hair updo on bride

A braided hair updo works well for both formal and informal weddings, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Get creative with your stylist to highlight the braid in various ways.

Complement this updo with a flower crown or ribbons and a veil to feel like a princess bride. We recommend studded earrings and a red lip for a bold look.

6. Chic updo


A chic updo emphasizes high cheekbones and sophistication. Feel unstoppable wearing a chic updo that features hair pulled back with every strand in place. This hairstyle works well with a mermaid-style dress with drop earrings and glam makeup—work with your artist to determine what's best!

7. Curly updo


Curls are to bridal hair like popping champagne is to “I do.” To try this style, invert your curls, tease them, twist them into a bun or pony, and finish it off with face-framing strands. There are endless opportunities to make your curly-haired updo your own.

Curls also pair beautifully with just about any style of wedding dress you choose and can elevate the elegance of your veil.

8. Low bun updo

Low bun updo

Accentuate your back with an open-back wedding dress and a low bun updo. Your stylist can use hair accessories like daisies, pearls, or metal barrettes to add some eye-catching detail. A low bun at the nape of the neck can be a beautifully feminine style.

9. Faux hawk with curls updo


Rocking a trendy faux hawk is one of the most unexpected wedding updos for curly hair that attracts attention. This hairstyle is a charming way to accentuate your curls and flaunt bare shoulders. This ‘do is for those who radiate charisma, style, and playfulness.

10. Sleek updo

Sleek Updo

A sleek updo is perfect for the vintage-loving bride. Channel your inner ‘70s Cher by rocking a neat updo that wows the crowd on your big day. Take it a step further and add large hoop earrings and glittery eyeshadow to complete the look.

11. Messy updo


Messy updos bring that sultry look to any bride. Ask your stylist to tease your hair to build volume before pulling your hair into an updo, complete with untucked wisps of hair to add to the tousled vibe. The goal of the messy wedding updo is for your hair to look less put together and more sensual.

12. Beachy updo


The beachy updo is perfect for a seaside wedding. This hairstyle may appear complex, but we assure you that it isn't. The attraction to this style is in the relaxed, carefree appearance, so don't worry if your beachy updo isn't perfect—in fact, that's the draw! Opt for sun-kissed skin and natural makeup to pull it all together.

13. High ballerina bun updo

High ballerina bun on bride

While we touched on the practicality of a low ballerina bun, a high ballerina bun follows suit. Put on your dancing shoes because the style of a high ballerina bun ensures your hair stays put. Having your hair placed high on your head makes you look taller, too, similar to the effect of wearing high heels.

14. Sisterlocks updo


Sisterlocks are taken to the next level when woven together and fashioned into a stunning updo for your wedding day. With a little imagination, your Sisterlocks can turn into whatever you wish. Twist your locs into an adorable bun, or hang them into a pony. Your stylist can help bring your wedding hair dreams to life. Pair with a pearly hairpiece or flowers.

15. Dutch braid updo

Dutch Braid Updo

The Dutch braid is a popular bridal hairstyle. You’ll look stunning wearing this softly textured updo with a ball gown wedding dress. Ask your stylist to wrap the braid into a cute bun or create a gorgeous Dutch braid headband with a side braid.

16. Wavy chignon


Picture this: it’s a 62-degree autumn day, and your partner has just locked eyes with yours. You’re walking down the aisle, feeling poised and graceful. You’ve chosen a wavy chignon updo for your special day, paired with lace Mary Janes and diamond drop earrings. A romantic chignon is a perfect updo to complement this classic style.

17. Ponytail updo


Ponytails aren’t reserved for casual styles—they're also suitable for weddings. Both modern and sophisticated, a ponytail with short bangs is a great option for stylish and trendy brides. From simple high-puff ponytails to low ponytails, there are various ways to enhance a typical pony for your wedding day.

18. Classic low curly updo

Classic low curly updo

A classic low curly updo is the perfect style for those with shorter locks. Hair can be pinned up with strands dangling over the ears and cheeks. Almost any hair type can accommodate this updo and look fabulous on the magical day. Whether your locks are straight or curly, consider this style.

19. Pinned curls updo


A voluminous curly bun is a gorgeous choice if you wish to wear your hair wavy for your wedding. Curly updos look beautiful on all hair types. Create a pretty princess wedding updo with a romantic flair by pinning your curls at the nape of your neck. This updo looks incredibly elegant and classy when accompanied by pearls and flowers.

20. Sleek high ponytail updo

Sleek high ponytail updo

For those with straight hair, pulling it tightly out of your face in a sleek, high ponytail is a great option. This updo encourages more defined cheekbones. Consider a baked look with extra contour and illuminator for a bronzed look. It's also a great hairdo for untamable curly hair.

21. Side bun updo


The side bun is one of those hairstyles that is universally flattering. As a result, it’s a playful, flirtatious, and adaptable updo that makes you feel put together without appearing excessive. Add hair clips and flowers to elevate the look. Additionally, your makeup artist can work with any vibe you’re going for to match this updo.

22. French braid updo


Create a romantic updo that will stand out by adding an interesting braid to your hair for a contemporary touch. Although it might seem intricate, a French braid updo doesn't look too overstated—it’s ideal for lovers of a chic and modern style.

23. Tousled updo with front strands

Touseled updo with fringe

For a style that stands out and is easy to maintain through your ceremony and reception, a tousled updo with two loose front strands is your ticket to effortless beauty. The ‘90s-inspired updo balances edginess with grace when matched with dangly earrings and a smokey eye.

24. Shaggy low bun


If you consider yourself more casual, opt for a shaggy low bun. This updo is perfect for those who exude a wild and joyful vibe but don't always want to maintain a flawless, put-together look. Wear a tiara to elevate the hairstyle and add formality.

25. Side Afro puff updo

Side Afro Puff Updo

A wonderful way to spice up a well-known Afro hairstyle is to pull your puff to the side. Pulling your hair to the side gives you more freedom and flexibility when adding your preferred bridal hair accessory. It's essentially a new take on an old favorite.

26. Fishtail braid updo


A fishtail braid is a playful way to incorporate a unique braid into your wedding updo. This quirky plait radiates an air of carefree charm. We recommend peachy cheeks and a light glitter around the eyes. Add a crystal headband to make it a bit more formal.

27. Inverted bun updo


An inverted bun is just the hairstyle for the bride short on time. An upside-down bun is one of those beginner, easy updo hairstyles. It can take less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Although it comes together quickly, a bride sacrifices nothing if she chooses this ‘do for her special day.

28. Updo for short hair with hairpiece

short hair updo

Short locks don’t prevent you from achieving a beautiful updo on your wedding day. As long as your stylist can pull your hair back, you can complement the style with an accessory like a flower hair comb or diamond vine.

29. Beachy bouffant updo


Even when hair is exposed to seaside breezes, a beachy bouffant bun will keep it in place. Let loose strands escape to create that truly beachy look, and dazzle the crowd with a glittery tiara or chandelier earrings. Feeling so beautiful while you walk down the aisle may just make you shed happy tears!

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30. Twist and roll updo

Asian bride with red flowers

Try this flawless wedding day updo, which is ideal for those with short hair. A twist and roll updo creates a simple yet classy look that makes for a minimalistic style. Add a headband for a pop of white if you have darker hair color.

31. Inverted French braid bun


Inverted French braids are a unique take on a popular hairstyle. The braid starts at the base of the head and continues upward into a bun. This updo will create a classy and polished look when you say, “I do.”

32. Bohemian updo


Unleash your free spirit with a bohemian updo. Twirl your hair into a loose bouffant and couple your style with a flower crown. A sleeved wedding dress and natural makeup with a pop of lip gloss truly elevate this bridal style.

33. Loose curl updo

Loose curl updo

Curls are whimsical and add to the magic of wedding days. Opting for a loose curl updo gives your hair the freedom to bounce and build volume. In addition, you can wear a string of pearls, a diamond necklace, or drop earrings to tie the look together. Feel free to go all out for wedding glam or rock a near-bare face to match this updo.

34. Braided halo updo


Halo braids are flirtatious and have a bohemian vibe—ideal for a beautiful summer wedding. All eyes will stay on you without compromising the charm of a classic bridal look.

35. French twist updo

French twist updo

You’ll feel like the diamond of the season with one of the most timeless updos—the French twist. You can wear it sleek and beautifully primped or soft and disheveled, with a bridal headpiece or veil, depending on your wedding style and other accessories.

36. Cornrows and bun updo


For natural or relaxed hair, cornrows are a lovely and low-maintenance hairstyle. Ask your hairdresser to twist them up into a tight bun for an instant bridal look. Not only will this updo accent any makeup of your choice, but it will also complement your choice of accessories.

37. Sleek, low puffed ponytail

Sleek low puffed

A sleek, low, puffy ponytail is a good option for your big day. If you're the type who has your mind set on doing a hair DIY, this style is simple to achieve. With or without extensions, you can accomplish this look on relaxed or natural hair.

38. Low looped updo


Looking for easy updos? A looped updo is a great way to paint a striking image for your wedding. With a few well-placed accessories, this updo is adaptable and can suit a boho or rustic wedding feel.

39. Sleek chignon with middle part updo


A sleek chignon is a classy updo for lovers of timeless styles. A middle part exudes a confident and polished vibe. Long white gloves and diamond earrings heighten the romantic look.

40. Bun with side-swept bangs updo

Bun with side-swept bangs updo

Those with longer faces and more prominent foreheads look gorgeous with a wedding updo featuring a bun and side-swept bangs. However, anyone can let their bangs free on their wedding day and look stunning. Bangs suggest a youthful appearance that will complement any wedding gown.

41. Finger waves updo


Although finger waves are often associated with the roaring ‘20s, this dramatic texture is becoming increasingly popular in more contemporary weddings. This updo pairs lovely with an A-line wedding dress and diamond drop earrings. Complete the look with a bold red lip.

42. High-volume updo

High volume updo

It's fun to layer curls and twists into long and medium-length hair. The swanky appeal of high-volume updos emphasizes femininity and charm. This style is a perfect match for those with thick hair. Use hairspray generously to keep your updo in place.

We hope our list of wedding updos for long hair, short hair, and any hair type has inspired you! While you plan your perfect wedding day, you should not have to sacrifice quality or service. Search and book reputable hair and makeup artists near you or find other wedding vendors to finish checking-off what’s left on your wedding checklist.

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