Unique Wedding Ponytail Hair Ideas

Wedding ponytails are a spin on a classic hairdo that can take on a formal twist for your big day.

By Shameika Rhymes

Unique Wedding Ponytail Hair Ideas
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The First Look ✨

  • Wedding ponytails can be high, low, messy, braided, bubble, or even sleek, but the options are limitless.
  • There are wedding ponytail hairstyles for men that include sleek, braided, dreadlocked, and textured.
  • Consider hair extensions to get the look you want, and also determine what ponytail style will fit for your wedding by looking at your wedding attire and accessories.

Wedding hairstyles have changed over the years, and you don’t have to stick to the basic updo, or the loose waves. Hairstyles can reflect your personality, so much so, that if a ponytail is your go-to style, or something you want to jazz up for your wedding, you can! Ponytails are simple styles but they can also be remixed to be worn for your big day and it’s the perfect foundation for accessories. Zola is here to help you find some unique wedding ponytail hair ideas for your special day.

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Should You Wear a Wedding Ponytail?

The ponytail has been around for ages, and it’s a basic style that there are so many different renditions of it that you can wear from the grocery store to a formal event. The question is, is this casual hairdo appropriate for your wedding? Of course it is! The wedding ponytail isn’t just your tie it up and let it be a type of look, but you can choose from sleek, full and curly, or even braided ponytails while keeping the foundation of this classic style. Like any other bridal hairstyle, the ponytail is perfect for accessories whether you decide to go glam with glitter clips, a crystal headband, blocks, or pretty ribbons, there’s a way to work those into this hairstyle.

Part 1: Unique Wedding Ponytail Hair Ideas

Ponytails can elevate your wedding style and there are so many to choose from. From high to low, ponytails can work on any type of hair especially if you purchase hair extensions to get the length and volume you desire. Ponytails can fit any bridal style whether it's modern, boho, glam, or minimalist. Here are some unique wedding ponytail hair ideas to consider.

Long Ponytail

Take this classic style to the next level by wearing your hair down with one side pinned back away from your face for a wedding ponytail.

Sleek and Straight Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is perfect for a modern or minimalist bride. It’s a timeless look that fits both medium and long hair. You can achieve a high or a low ponytail depending on your wedding attire. Add a ribbon, pearl pins, or even try waves on the ends for a boho look.

Messy Textured Ponytail

This unique wedding ponytail works for a boho or modern bride. It can work as a high or low ponytail, but can be loose so you can add a little texture to your hair with twists, braids, waves, you name it!

Low Messy Ponytail

This can be really messy, but add a loose braid to the ponytail and keep some hair out for tendrils to frame your face.

Ponytails with Twists and Waves

A medium, low or high ponytail with waves is a style that will fit many bridal looks. Add additional twists, wraps, volume on the top and the tips, as well as throw in some fresh blooms for this classic look.

Low Wavy Ponytail

A low wavy ponytail is at the nape of your neck. Add a floral crown for this boho look.

Bubble Ponytail

Have your hairdresser create sections of hair by using elastics along the length of the ponytail. Pull on the hair slightly to form tiny bubbles to transform the traditional ponytail to a remixed version.

High Ponytail

“This type of hairstyle often requires extensions for it to be as full and long as you want. Usually, this style would also have a more sleek look with a bend in the hair for a barely-there large wave or stick straight,” explains Megan Garmers, founder and director of MG Hair and Makeup. “This style is more specific so it doesn't work well on everyone for a long day in real life, plus photos, and dancing. You may also want to have your stylist stay with you for touch-ups throughout the schedule to make sure it stays the way you want.”

Retro Ponytail

Throw it back to the 60s with a deep side part and teasing at the crown for this classic wedding ponytail look.

Low Ponytail

Keep it sweet and simple with this look. “You can have your hair curled or wavy to give it a bit of texture and life and it lasts well for the most part. The point of caution is if you have an open back dress and sweat on your back, your ponytail will be dragging through that all night long so an updo may be a better choice at that point,” says Garmers. She suggests doing a low-side ponytail to keep the hair off of your back. “Just be mindful of how well your hair will hold a curl unless you don't care if it becomes less curl and more wave throughout the night,” adds Garmers.

Braided Ponytail

“Braided ponytails are a great way to have a ponytail with the benefits of an updo. Depending on your hair length and amount, you may want extensions. You can do a more boho, loose, big braid or you could do a sleek one. You won't have to worry about how well curls stay or don't as all your hair will be incorporated into the braid,” says Garmers. She says you can have two looks in one, by putting it up in a bun for the ceremony for a more formal look and taking it down for the reception.

Cascading Ponytail

For a ponytail with lots of movement, you actually need to create two ponytails, one on the bottom to keep the length, then a larger one above it for the volume. You can also buy a ponytail extension if your hair is shorter to get the look you want.

Voluminous Ponytail

“A voluminous pony is the perfect pony hairstyle for those who are not crazy about their ears or head shape when pulling their hair back. This style usually starts with setting the hair all over with curls for volume and texture. You can choose how defined or not you want the curls to be. The key for this hairstyle is to do a ponytail in the middle section of your head first in the place you want the center of the ponytail to be. Then you can choose to tease or just place layers of hair back and pin them around the base of the ponytail. This gives you control over how tight to your head you have the style. At the end, you can either rubber band it all together or use a piece of hair to show off the ponytail,” explains Garmers.

Curly Ponytail

There are plenty of ways to let your curls shine on your wedding day. Do a high ponytail or even a low one, but secure the curls with a braid for a chic take on this style.

Glam Ponytail

If you are getting married during the warmer months and you are worried about your ponytail going flat, pump it up with volume! Put volume in the front and a sky-high wavy ponytail in the back because it will keep the hair off of your neck. You can even rock a braided ponytail instead.

Boho Ponytail

“Boho everything is here to stay and a boho ponytail gives you all the options to do whatever however you want,” says Garmers. “Braids, curls, waves or just a more undone hairstyle is definitely fun and low-stress when it comes to maintenance. You don't have to worry so much about how every hair will or won't stay in place so it gives you the freedom to just enjoy yourself. You can definitely do some accessories like flowers, pearls or a fun hair vine,” says Garmers. She adds that to add texture to this look, use dry shampoo.

Part 2: Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles for Men

Wedding ponytails aren’t just for the brides-to-be. Grooms can also take advantage of the classic style if they have longer hair. Here are some looks to consider.

Half Up-Half Down

This style isn’t just for women, in fact, guys can rock a ponytail as the up portion.

Braided Ponytail

Braids into a ponytail can add some versatility to a man’s style. Braid your hair, then leave some room at the ends to pull it into a ponytail. It’s set for the day and night!

Sleek Ponytail

“Grooms with longer hair wishing for a more sleek look can definitely make this work for their wedding day style. The key is keeping all the hair sleek. Get a blowout to create a uniform sleek look and then flat ironing the hair allows for a more polished, uniform look from scalp to ends,” advises Garmers.


If you have dreadlocks, the ways to style them are endless! Whether you pull them back into a half-up half-down style, or pull them back into a ponytail, you’re sure to make an impression on your wedding day. If you don’t have time to grow your dreadlocks long, you can work with a stylist to create them or use smaller braids to mimic the style.

Classic Low Ponytail

One of the most effortless styles for men with long hair is the classic ponytail. Often secured at the nape of the neck, a classic pony can tame wayward locks the whole wedding day.

Textured Ponytail

“Grooms with curly or wavy hair might want a more relaxed ponytail, so using product while the hair is wet/damp is key,” says Garmers. “Make sure you take the time to even distribute the product from the scalp to the ends and then either diffuse it or allow it to air dry. You may need to go back through and tend to curls or waves that need a bit of assistance to do what you want them to do before pulling it all back into a ponytail. Using the right size curling iron will allow you to do this in a natural-looking way like you just woke up that way.” Cue up Beyonce.

Part 3: Considerations for Wedding Ponytails

Trying to determine which style will work best for your wedding can be overwhelming. Pinterest and Instagram are filled with cascading ponytails, loose ponytails, and even side-swept ones with bangs. But there are a few things to consider that may help you narrow down the perfect ponytail for your wedding day.

Look at Your Wedding Gown For Inspiration

Once you say yes to the dress it sets the tone for a memorable wedding day. The perfect gown will also inspire your hairstyle. Take a photo of your wedding gown to your hairdresser during your consultation appointment. Look at the details in the dress to see what you want to spotlight, such as beading, then it may determine the type of accessories you’ll put in your hair. If your gown has a high neck, then a high ponytail may work best to show it off. Or, if the neckline is low, you can consider wearing a low ponytail that’s swept to the side. Your hairstyle is like putting the icing on the wedding dress cake, so make it memorable!

Think About Your Wedding Jewelry

Whether you are wearing something borrowed or something new, you’ll need to factor in the type of jewelry accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day when it comes to your ponytail style. Some wedding ponytail hairstyles may not work with certain necklaces, or earrings, but also consider if you plan to add barrettes, pins, a tiara, or even a veil.

Consider Adding Hair Extensions

From clip-in ponytails to buns for brides-to-be dreaming of a wedding ponytail, these extensions can help you reach your hair goals for your wedding. Your stylist can work with your hair to add clip-ins for volume and length. They can also help with matching the colors if you aren’t certain of the color or type of hair to purchase.

Zola: Helping You Tie Up Loose Ends For Your Wedding Hair

Remember your hair is your crown and however, you decide to wear it is totally up to you. Whether you decide to create a high, low, or even messy ponytail, it’s your day and ultimately you decide what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Zola is here to help you every step of the way from finding the right look and how to achieve it so that you look your absolute best on your wedding day.

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