11 Stunning Headbands to Update Your Bridal Look

Now trending on bridal runways: headbands to replace veils. Find a wedding headband that fits your bridal look with our roundup of bridal headbands for every style.

By McCall Minnor

bride in headband with new husband
Photo by Karin Nicole Photography

Before you start sifting through wedding veil styles, consider a fresh update: bridal headbands. The headband has long been a classy, straightforward accessory that transforms even the simplest of hairstyles. Recently back at the forefront of fashion, headbands made their way into a number of bridal fashion week collections earlier this year. So, whether you’re looking to swap the standard veil for something more modern or are seeking an accessory to take your look from ceremony to reception, here are wedding headbands for every style.

Crystal Bridal Headband

ElizaCrystalHeadband 1600 Photo Credit // USABride

Something borrowed, something blue, and something sparkling to catch all of your guests’ eyes. Crystals aren’t exactly new to wedding accessories. They bring brilliance to your look that will keep shining throughout the night. Top your hairstyle with a radiant crystal headband to add some timeless glamour and romance.

Shop: Eliza Crystal Headband, $99

Floral Bridal Headband

floral usa bride Photo Credit // USABride

The colorful flower crowns that once flooded our Pinterest feeds have upgraded to sleek metal blooms accented by crystals and glitter. These aren’t your typical foraged finds, though they’re longer-lasting but just as whimsical. Due to the sheer amount of options—from subtle to shining to beautiful branches—you can select the florals that best compliment your dress and taste.

Shop: Chloe Headband, $150

Shop: Matilda Headband, $245

Shop: Floral Couture Headband, $160

Beaded Bridal Headband

beaded hushed commotion Photo Credit // Hushed Commotion

Delicate beads are a classic wedding detail that just keeps giving—they’re absolutely timeless. We see them on accessories such as pendants, earrings, barrettes, and now headbands. Whether they’re used as accents or the main event, beads bring an element of refined elegance. This style reads more high fashion than your grandmother’s ‘something borrowed.’

Shop: Hannah Hair Chain, $225

Modern Bridal Headband

modern Photo Credit // Hushed Commotion

Wedding style is influenced by a number of things, including modern fashion trends outside of bridal. Because of this, even headbands have been reshaped (quite literally) to update how we can design and style them. The accessories now take unique shapes and fresh takes on classic elements. Pair one with a sleek and simple dress to encapsulate a truly modern look.

Shop: Blake Headpiece, $215

Shop: Quinn Headband, $275

Crowns and Tiaras

NeveHeadpiece 1600 Photo Credit // Hushed Commotion

The bridal crown has grown a lot since its origins as a delicate tiara. Don’t get us wrong, the wedding tiara lives on, but now you also have options that are a bit more grandeur. Wedding crowns are now made with unique materials, shapes, and styles that span from sweet, to stylish, to statement. Opt for a small comb tiara that peeks out of your hairdo or a full-on crown covered in brilliant crystals. Regardless, sporting one is bound to lend a regal look to your wedding outfit.

Shop: Neve Headpiece, $275

Shop: Joelle Vintage Crown, $150

Shop: Juliet Floral Tiara, $99

Vine Bridal Headband

vine Photo Credit // USABride

Flexible and beautiful, hair vines are a subset of headbands that allow you to style your hair in just about any way you like. Rather than being set on a headband’s typical flat surface, a vine is thin and flexible. This allows them to be easy to set within your hair. Wear one in the back above a low bun or lining a half-up-half-down ‘do.

Shop: Leona Hair Vine, $120

Whether you want to make a statement or just want to update a look typically reserved for a veil, bridal headbands are a stunning option for any bride.

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