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14 Wedding Veil Styles and Lengths Every Bride Should Know

From birdcage to ballet, there is an abundance of options when it comes to your wedding veil. Peek through our veil style guide to see which look and length best suits you and your wedding style.

By McCall Minnor

Whether you consider it your pièce de résistance or the cherry on top, your wedding veil completes your wedding day look. Sure, there are dozens of other wedding hair accessory options at this point, yet the veil remains a mainstay. From birdcage to ballet, there are plenty of wedding veil types to choose from. Start planning your final touch with our wedding veil style guide. Find out what length and styles go best with your complete look and your wedding style.

Wedding Veil Types

Birdcage Veil

Also known as a bandeau veil, this is a short and playful veil that typically covers the eyes, but can skim the nose or land at the jawline. Birdcage veils are usually made of net, lace, or tulle and feature a decorative comb or clip.

Standard Length: 4-9 inches

Works Best For/With: vintage-style weddings

Birdcage veils evoke dreamy vibes from decades past. They look beautiful with a bold lip, beaded or lace gown, and retro accessories.

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Blusher Veil

A thin piece of tulle that covers the face and ends at the shoulders. Blusher veils are meant to be pulled back as a reveal before the couple’s first kiss. These veils are often combined with other veil styles to conceal the face and, once pulled back, add some volume and detail.

Standard Length: 30 inches

Works Best For/With: traditional ceremonies or as a touch of drama

Incredibly versatile, blusher veils complement countless dress styles, from classic to bohemian. Since blushers end up pulling away from the face, they’re also ideal for those who want something simpler and low-fuss.

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Cathedral-Length Veil

The longest veil style available, cathedral-lenghth veils touch the floor and extend beyond a wedding gown’s train. Also referred to as a royal veil, cathedral veils are ideal for grand entrances and dramatic exits.

Standard Length: 100-120 inches

Works Best For/With: formal or glamorous themes and historic settings

Cathedral-length veils are usually detailed and intricate. They can be hard to maneuver in so you’ll want to assign members of your wedding party to straighten it out as needed throughout your ceremony.

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Chapel-Length Veil

A formal, single-tier veil that reaches the floor and rests a few inches beyond the gown. Chapel-length veils create the illusion of a train and can be combined with a blusher for extra extravagance. Typically made of tulle, these veils may have some lace or satin detailing along the end or edges.

Standard Length: 90 inches

Works Best For/With: traditional weddings and elegant gowns

Chapel-length veils are quintessentially wedding—and are also quite common. These veils work well with floor-length gowns of all styles, from elegant to bohemian.

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Double Tier Veil

A veil consisting of two tiers, or layers. Typically, each layer in a double tier veil is a different length and can be created with two veils or a veil and a blusher.

Standard Length: 30-72 inches

Works Best For/With: simple and sophisticated wedding styles

A veil with more than one tier can add subtle detail and volume to a sleek hairstyle or dress.

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Traditionally worn by Indian women for Indian or Hindu weddings, the dupatta is a long veil that covers the head and shoulders. It’s often heavily detailed with embroidery, beading, and bold colors.

Standard Length: 80-100 inches

Works Best For/With: traditional Indian and Hindu wedding attire, such as saris and lehengas

The dupatta is often paired with other accessories, such as jewelry and hair pieces, for a unique, extravagant look.

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Elbow-Length Veil

A veil that drapes over the shoulders to the length of your elbows. Elbow veils can be placed high up on the head for a retro look or set further back for a sophisticated touch.

Standard Length: 25-32 inches

Works Best For/With: both ball gowns and minimalistic gowns

Since the veil ends where a ball gown’s volume begins, it highlights a big skirt or train. Likewise, elbow-length veils can frame your face and complement a simpler look.

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Fingertip Veil

A mid-length style that extends down the back and reaches your fingertips.

Standard Length: 38-40 inches

Works Best For/With: semi-formal wedding themes

The middle length allows for a long veil style that isn’t too unwieldy and allows for a lot of movement.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 1.53.54 PM Photo Credit // Zola

Flyaway Veil

On the shorter end, the flyaway veil just brushes the shoulders. It often includes multiple tiers and is made of a stiff tulle that creates volume that “flies away” from the wearer.

Standard Length: 18 inches

Works Best For/With: informal or less traditional ceremonies

Flyaway veils are a more playful and quirky addition than other styles. They’re a great option for those wearing shorter gowns or outfits with back details.

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Juliet Cap

Named for romantic icon Juliet Capulet, this is a historical 1920s style that creates a wrapped cap-like appearance around the head before falling around the shoulders or back. Most Juliet caps are decorated with lace, beads, pearls, or a stylish clip above the ear.

Standard Length: 25-60 inches

Works Best For/With: romantic or bohemian wedding styles

It pairs beautifully with lace gowns with a lot of detail. This style can also emphasize an Art Deco theme.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.02.25 PM Photo Credit // Zola

Mantilla Veil

A single-tier veil with detailed lace trimming that usually lays flat on the head. Mantilla veils typically start a few inches behind the hairline and fall around the shoulders.

Standard Length: 30-90 inches

Works Best For/With: regal and romantic wedding styles

Mantilla veils pair best with chignons or hair worn down so the veil can rest on your head and fall over your shoulders.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.02.56 PM Photo Credit // Zola

Pouf Veil

A piece of tulle or netting gathered and pinned to a comb to create a bubble. Pouf veils are typically worn off-center, providing height and detail to your hairstyle.

Standard Length: 9-12 inches

Works Best For/With: unconventional, informal, and mod weddings

Pair a pouf veil with a minimal gown to add character and make a bold statement.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.05.07 PM Photo Credit // Zola


A veil with more than a single tier, or layer. Tiered veils can consist of anywhere from 2-4 layers but usually contain 2-3.

Standard Length: 30-72 inches

Works Best For/With: lavish and glamorous wedding ceremonies

Wear a multi-tiered wedding veil over a sleeker, more minimal gown to create a luxurious, striking ensemble.

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Waltz Veil

Also known as a ballet veil, the waltz veil falls between your fingertips and ankles, usually along the mid-calf.

Standard Length: 60 inches

Works Best For/With: ethereal wedding day looks

Waltz veils make for stunning additions to editorial wedding photos. These veils are also optimal for dancing and moving about without fear of tripping (hence the name).

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