27 Bridal Party Jewelry Pieces for Every Wedding Style

Dress your bridal party in jewelry that speaks to your wedding theme. Here are gorgeous bridal party jewelry picks for every wedding style.

By Elizabeth Blasi

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Photo by Aurora Lux

Once you and your partner decide your wedding style, it’s time to make sure all the wedding details fall beautifully in line. We’re talking details big and small—all the way down to the accessories. You may bridal party dresses picked out, but don’t forget the jewelry. Whether you want your wedding party in one staple piece or an assortment of jewelry, consider how each piece fits in with your overall wedding vision. To inspire you, here are bridal party jewelry options for every wedding style.

Classic or Romantic Wedding

If you’re looking for your wedding day to embody refinement with high-end characteristics and finishes, you may be having a classic wedding. While the location, decor, flowers, and couture are quality, they’re also subtle and sophisticated. When it comes to matching jewelry to fit this aesthetic, think elegant and timeless.

The Details Pearl Pendant

majorica details pearl Photo Credit // Majorica

This dainty and stunning pearl pendant necklace adds a layer of elegance to any bridesmaid dress. Originating from Spain, this piece (made from pearl, gold, and silver) features a 12mm white round pearl on an adjustable chain.

Cluster CZ & Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

nadri cz cluster Photo Credit // Nadri

These drop earrings are a staple piece of jewelry to dress up any look. The freshwater pearls give the earrings a timeless touch and the cubic zirconia stones add a lovely shine.

Polly Earrings

hushed commotion polly Photo Credit // Hush Commotion

Crafted from moonstone ivory beading and pearl teardrops, these earrings are both stylish and refined. Each set is crafted by hand to ensure quality and authenticity.

Bryony Bracelet

robyn rhodes bryony Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Made of sterling silver and finished with a rose gold plate, this bracelet adds a glisten of shine thanks to sparkling hearts embedded into the setting.

Glamorous Wedding

From chandeliers to beaded dresses, you can never have too much sparkle and pizzaz at a glamorous wedding—bridal party jewelry included. No stone is too big and no detail is too intricate.

Tender Bangle

majorica bracelet Photo Credit // Majorica

Available in both steel and gold, this chic bracelet combines crafted metals with a 12 mm white round pearl. Originating from Spain, this specialty designed piece will spark conversations on the big day and long after.

Small Freshwater Pearl & CZ Chandelier Earrings

nadri freshwater Photo Credit // Nadri

These bold, statement earrings combine pearl and cubic zirconia to create the ultimate glisten to match glamorous bridal party attire.

Nolana Earrings

robyn rhodes nolana Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Channel your inner Mrs. Daisy with these alluring earrings. Set in a variety of precious metals, the CZ stones are embedded throughout the piece to give true sparkle.

Gemstone Dangle Choker

catherine weitzman choker Photo Credit // Catherine Weitzman

This stylish piece is crafted from an 18K gold-fill chain and dressed with beautiful Keishi pearls. It’s versatile, too—it comes with a 2-inch extension so it can be worn long or short.

Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are a lovely celebration of the past. When it comes to vintage wedding day accessories, think of items you may find while antiquing. Think in the “something borrowed” headspace.

Birthstone Necklace

moon and lola birthstone Photo Credit // Moon and Lola

Add a layer of personalization and meaning into your vintage wedding look. This birthstone necklace features genuine Swarovski crystal set in a gold finish.

Beverly Necklace

robyn rhodes beverly Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Create a custom vintage piece with this Beverly Necklace. Engraved with the letter of your choice, this handmade oval pendant doubles as a keepsake for your bridal party members.

Azin Earrings

robyn rhodes azin Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

A piece of jewelry so beautiful and timeless, you’d expect to see them tucked away in your grandmother’s collection. Crafted as a singular drop of white jade, these earrings can be worn with many ensembles.

Pearl Ball Dangle Earrings

majorica pearl ball Photo Credit // Majorica

The blunt combination of pearl and precious metal gives these stunning earrings a vintage feel.

Beach or Coastal Wedding

Whether you’re getting married on a white-sand beach or overlooking the water cliffside, there’s a lot of fun details that can go into creating a coastal-themed or beach wedding. Natural beauty plays a heavy hand in creating a coastal ambiance—from earthy textures to reflective stones and hues.

Branch Earring with Briolette

catherine weitzman branch Photo Credit // Catherine Weitzman

Replicated from real branches and accompanied by glistening bulbs of blue topaz, these dangling earrings are a beautiful accessory to a beach wedding backdrop.

Delicate Pearl Jewelry Set

usabride set Photo Credit // USA Bride

Handwired with a beautiful floral design, this set is sure to complement the glistening sand and waters of an iconic coastal wedding. Dressed with freshwater pearls and crystal stones, the precious metal designs make for a stunning, beachy aesthetic.

Gemstone Dangle Bracelet

catherine weitzman gemstone Photo Credit // Catherine Weitzman

This bracelet is crafted from an 18K gold-fill chain and paired with unique Keishi pearls, giving it the ultimate eye-catching glisten. Originating from Hawaii, this signature piece belongs on the beach.

Koa Star Earrings

catherine weitzman koa Photo Credit // Catherine Weitzman

Match the starfishes and shells on the beach with these intricately textured earrings. With the option to finish in 18K gold vermeil or recycled sterling silver, these earrings have the ability to match with any bridal couture.

Modern Wedding

Industries are constantly evolving and new trends emerge daily. Currently, the modern wedding theme encompasses minimalism and sleek lines. These same attributes can be applied to the modern selection of bridal party jewelry. Keep the focus on design—think geometric and sculptural shapes and unusual textures.

Hawthrone Studs

moon and lola hawthorne Photo Credit // Moon and Lola

Dainty and geometric, these studs fit into the progressive trend of simplified and stunning jewelry pieces. Featuring glistening CZ crystals, these earrings have the option to be finished in both silver and gold.

Derek Gold Earrings

robyn rhodes derek Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Available in either white or black, these earrings are a chic addition to any look. Crafted from mother of pearl and handmade by Robyn Rhodes, these earrings subtly glisten with their soft sheen and gold-finish setting.

CZ Petite Cuff

nadri CZ Photo Credit // Nadri

This dainty cuff comes in two finishes: rhodium-plated silver and 18K gold-plated silver. While simple, the embedded CZ stones give this bracelet a beautiful shine when caught by the light.

Asa Earrings

RR asa Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

While geometric in nature, these earrings are anything but stiff. The Asa Earrings feature a rectangular white jade stud complemented by long chains that add an element of movement and fun.

Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings can mean anything from experimental decor to decadent flower crowns. Usually set in a natural environment, it’s common to see characteristics that reflect and incorporate natural elements. When it comes to bridal party jewelry, look for pieces that blend in floral designs, unique stones, and recycled metals.

Large Botanical Heart Necklace

catherine weitzman botanical Photo Credit // Catherine Weitzman

This botanical heart necklace is crafted from 18K gold vermeil and features a two-sided glass chamber of delicately styled dried flowers. The floral arrangement in the necklace signifies growth, which is a beautiful message to carry into your wedding day.

Andi Ring

RR andi Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Coming in both a gold or silver overlay, this ring is one of designer Robyn Rhodes’ best sellers—and for good reason. The ring features two druzies that are adjustable for any finger and hold colorful stones.

George Necklace

RR george Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

The first drop chain necklace on our list, this beautiful piece of jewelry is perfect for layering with other necklaces for a unique look.

Jojo Necklace

RR jojo Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

Dressed with a purple druzy pendant, this signature piece hangs on the end of a beautifully, delicate Y-chain. This is the perfect accessory for any bridal party gown that exposes the neck and chest bone area.

Alternative Wedding

Every wedding is unique and special—alternative weddings take that up a notch to focus on particular quirks and personal touches. Think unexpected, one-of-a-kind pieces as you search for bridal party jewelry.

Austin Necklace

RR austin Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

The Austin Necklace comes in both gold and sterling silver and features a large rectangular bar that hits at the base of the neck. It’s unique nature and versatility makes it easy to wear as a staple piece even after the wedding.

Swirl Twisted Flower Pearl Stud Earring

majorica swirl Photo Credit // Majorica

Extremely versatile, this set can be mixed and matched countless ways to add dimension, creativity, and personalization to your look. Whether you decide to match the left and ride side or leave one side different than the other, there are no rules on how to style these earrings.

Grant Earrings

rr grant Photo Credit // Robyn Rhodes

These earrings are dressed with turquoise spears and dainty chains that are connected to an iconic angular hoop—giving these earrings depth and texture.

Throwing a wedding with a theme we didn’t mention? Try looking through Zola’s Fine Jewelry selection to see if a piece speaks to you for your wedding party on your special day.