20 Bridal Hair Accessories That You’ll Love

From consulting with your hairstylist to honing in on your style, we have tips on finding bridal hair accessories that you’ll adore.

By Jennifer Prince

20 Bridal Hair Accessories That You’ll Love
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The First Look ✨

  • Your wedding gown will determine your hairstyle and the bridal hair accessories that you can wear.
  • If you want to use live flowers and greenery in your hair, talk to your hairstylist and florist.
  • No matter your hair length or texture, there is a wedding hair accessory that’s perfect for you.
  • Modern accessory trends include both minimalism and maximalism, along with metallic tones and subtle colors.

One of the first things that brides-to-be do after getting engaged is search for a wedding gown. Finally, finding the perfect fit and saying “yes” to the dress is such a great feeling. As a result, finding your gown determines many other things about your wedding day look. The design and neckline of your dress will help you and your hairdresser decide the best style for your big day.

Part of choosing a bridal style involves selecting a wedding hair accessory. There are many options to complement your wedding hairstyle, from detailed tiaras to delicate bridal hair clips and combs. So, whether you’re considering an updo or have a short, pixie cut, here are 20 bridal hair accessories that you’ll love.

Part 1: Bridal Hair Accessories List of 20 Ideas
Part 2: Bridal Hair Accessories for Various Styles
Part 3: Tips for Working With Your Florist on Bridal Hair Accessories
Part 4: What’s Trending Now for Bridal Hair Accessories

How Do I Include Bridal Hair Accessories into My Look?

If you have an elaborate dress and are wearing jewelry, your wedding hair accessory shouldn’t compete for attention. “Don’t let your jewelry and your hair accessories clash,” states Shani Gailbreath, owner and hair and makeup artist at Canvas + Coif in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Purchase a few pieces that you can return if you don’t need them,” she suggests. “Bring them to your hair preview appointment to try them on so that you can see how they will look with your hair fixed and jewelry on.” Your stylist will be able to help you choose a bridal hair accessory that will enhance your look.

However, don’t feel like you have to purchase a ready-made wedding hairpiece if you want a more natural look. “If jewelry and bling isn’t your style, you could always ask your florist to create a floral hair accessory to wear,” advises Gailbreath. A few loose blooms or stems of greenery can be a beautiful touch for your wedding day.

Bridal Hair Accessories List of 20 Ideas

Bridal-Hair-Accessories List-of-20-Ideas Photo Credit // Zola

5 Fresh and Artificial Flower Wedding Hair Accessory Ideas

Flower Crowns

Although they’ve been in style for a few years, flower crowns aren’t going anywhere soon. So, whether you choose a wreath-like, flower-laden circle or prefer something a bit understated, there are many options. If fresh flowers are too heavy for your desired style, talk to your floral designer about using artificial blooms. Quality silk flowers can be blended with natural buds or be used on their own.

Floral Headdress

Similar to a flower crown, floral headdresses are high-impact hairpieces that attract attention. Most of the flowers are concentrated in one direction, such as the front hairline, creating a unique look. Blooms can also be off-center for a more deconstructed style.

Flower Combs

Combs are a fabulous way to construct a statement piece in a small area. However, depending on the weight, you may need to select lightweight items. Flowy greenery and pampas grass work well for larger hairpieces. Nestling a bridal hair comb on top of a chignon or the bottom of an updo is a gorgeous application.

Floral Wedding Hair Clips

When just a slight accent is needed, floral hair clips can do the trick. Much like a small barrette, they can hold hair back away from the face. Floral clips are also ideal for accenting strategic places on braids and in half-up half-down styles.

Flowered Headbands

Headbands are the champions of holding hair out of the face in flawless style. Add flowers, and your floral headband can pack a beautiful punch while accenting your facial features. Keeping the hair out of the way in such a stylish manner is a gorgeous wedding day look.

11 Ready Made and Custom Bridal Hair Accessory Ideas

Hair Vines

Not quite a comb, not quite a headband, floral vines are pieces meant to be secured with bobby pins. However, their versatility is unmatched as they can accent braids or enhance the top or bottom of an updo. Depending on their length, your hairdresser can weave them within braids or curls.

Embellished Bobby Pins

Decorative bobbies are small but mighty. Use them in quantity to pin hair back in one area. Another idea is to place them along the length of a braid as accent pieces. Bobby pins are also perfect for securing and adding bling to a stylish bun or chignon.

Hair Pins

Similar to bobby pins, hairpins are a bit larger and have more space in between the tines. However, hairpins have more significant embellishments and often bear small clusters of wispy beads or small flowers. Your stylist can use them singularly or in groups to accent or secure hair.

Hair Clips

Another small hair accessory, hair clips open at one end and clip into place, hence the name. Many feature gemstones, beads, and small flowers. They are ideal for securing hairstyles while adding a bit of color and dimension where needed.


Tiaras are a gorgeous accent for many hairstyles. Some lay flat to the head like a headband, and others go in a more vertical direction. Tiaras are often embellished with clear crystals or other faux gemstones and focus on the front of the head.


Those that love following the royals may enjoy wearing a crown on their wedding day. Although these headpieces are large, some are lightweight and designed to be worn all day. Unlike tiaras, crowns are a full circle of metal and gemstones intended to sit on top of the head.

Hair Combs

Wedding hair combs do wonders to secure a hairstyle while looking gorgeous. Most bridal hair combs have beading or delicate wiring, and they often incorporate sparkly stones. Another aspect about combs is that their widths vary, so you can easily find one that blends with your style.


Barrettes are tiny powerhouses that latch closed to give added security to your wedding day hairdo. Depending on their size, barrettes are perfect to accent just about any hairstyle. Even if you wear your locks down, hair can be secured behind your ear with a barrette. Utilizing these will keep flyaways out of your face and makeup.

Hair Chains

Part necklace, part hairpiece, hair chains are long strands that are sturdier and heavier than hair vines. A hair chain can beautifully accent a half-up, half-down style. It can also accent the front hairline, which is perfect for a throwback ‘70s vibe or boho look.

More Hair

When it comes to hair accessories, don’t forget about one thing—more hair. Additional hair can enhance your style more than anything else. Consider placing extensions, adding pieces to bulk up your bun, or opting for a wig. Extra (or totally different!) hair is transforming. Talk to your stylist about temporary or longer-lasting options to make your wedding day hair dreams come true.

Wedding Veil

Lest we forget the ultimate wedding day hair accessory, the wedding veil has been a frontrunner for decades. Veils come in various lengths and are made of lightweight fabric. Brides can also wear them in tandem with another bridal hair accessory.

4 Quirky Bridal Hair Accessories


Although bridal hats rose in popularity in the ‘70s and ‘80s, today’s headgear is of a different breed. Long gone are silky, white wedding hats—thankfully. Instead, modern brides opt for adorable hats, such as cowboy, fedora, or sun hats for summer weddings.


If you live in England, a fascinator may not be deemed quirky. However, in the US, they are unique additions to the wedding day look. From tiny hats inspired by guests of royal weddings to flower and feather-laden headbands, fascinators are gorgeous and often one-of-a-kind.


Most brooches—vintage pins meant to be worn on a jacket or blouse—are heavy. Therefore, make sure that they are placed in a secure area of your hairstyle. Scouring antique stores for pins is a great way to find a piece to accent your look.

Themed Hair Accessories

When attached to a comb, pin, or headband, just about anything can become a bridal hair accessory. So, whether you’re having a “Star Wars”-themed wedding or holiday event, choose something quirky to secure in your hair.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Various Hairstyles

Bridal-Hair-Accessories-for-Various-HairstylesPhoto Credit // Zola

As expected, your wedding day hairstyle will determine what you wear in your hair on your big day. With highly detailed styles—or if you have fantastic hair—you may be able to select something small. However, adding an accessory to your hair can also enhance and elevate simple styles. Here’s our guide on options to consider for your special day.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Hair Worn Down

“If you are pulling one side back away from your face, this is where a beautiful hair detail would be lovely,” says Gailbreath. You could also go bold with a tiara or floral bridal headpiece for a boho wedding. A classic, simple flower crown or floral wedding hair clips would also add depth to your look. Another option is to leave your hair down and pull the front back slightly with a dainty headband.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Curly and Natural Hair

Depending on how you choose to wear your hair, curly and natural-haired folks have plenty of options. Have your hairstylist strategically place small bobbies or hair clips to pin curls into place, especially on a windy day. Ringlets also look lovely when accessories are added where hair is pinned into position for an updo.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Half-Up Half-Down Styles

Accentuating the place where your updo stops and hair starts to flow downward is a stunning look. “For half-up half-down styles, a simple pin, a few single pearl inserts, or a comb with details works beautifully,” adds Gailbreath. A wedding hair accessory would further enhance the natural division created by your hairstyle.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Short Hair

Short-haired brides can wear hair accessories. Alternatively, if you’re a groom who loves bling, a small hairpiece may also be appropriate. Shorter hair provides a fabulous opportunity to add embellished bobby pins or small combs. A small, sparkly barrette would also be gorgeous to pin bangs back, if necessary.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Updos

Depending on the intricacy of your updo, you may not need a hairpiece. “If your hairstyle is intricate with lots of texture and detail, no accessory is needed at all,” recommends Gailbreath. “Let your hair be the focal point.” If you prefer to have details in your hair, subtly add florals or embellished bobby pins to accentuate your look.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Buns and Chignons

Slightly different from a looser updo, buns and chignons are more structured. Often, brides will choose to accent the bun with a comb on the top or bottom, depending on where the hair is placed. A delicate bridal hair accessory can also be placed around the bun’s circumference, as long as it’s not overpowering.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Braids

Braids are trendy for a reason—they’re gorgeous! Whether you choose to have a simple braid as a headband or have a head full of chunky braids, seize the opportunity to accentuate your hair. Bobbies can be added down the length of the braid. In addition, your florist could provide a few fresh blooms or greens to add dimension.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Low Ponytails

A sleek, low pony doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing. However, your stylist can also add interest with an understated hair decoration. “A simple ribbon that compliments your wedding colors tied delicately around your ponytail is a lovely addition,” suggests Gailbreath. If that doesn’t suit, consider adding small pins or a dainty barrette to secure your hair near the temple or behind the ear.

Tips for Working With Your Florist on Bridal Hair Accessories

Tips-for-Working-With-Your-Florist-on-Bridal-Hair-Accessories-UnsplashPhoto Credit // Unsplash

First, consult with your hairstylist about your look.

Adding fresh blooms and flowy greenery to your style creates a cohesive look. Coordinating your hair accents with your bouquets and centerpieces is the perfect way to carry out a theme. At your hair consultation, ask your stylist for suggestions on the structure and placement of your floral piece.

Then, work with your florist to come up with the perfect wedding hair accessory for your big day. As with any part of wedding planning, pin your favorite floral hairpieces on Pinterest. Doing so will help your florist get an idea of what type of look you desire.

Talk to your florist about keeping your headpiece fresh.

Just like you want to keep your wedding day hair and makeup fresh, florals also look best when they’re unwithered. Therefore, your floral designer should provide you with instructions on keeping your accessory looking its best. However, this requires briefing them on your getting ready time and how long you expect your wedding day to be.

The freshness of your wedding hair accessory could be dependent on the blooms you select. Also, mention if you’ll be doing any heavy dancing, so that your floral designer can reinforce your hairpiece.

Consider a second floral hair accessory.

In the case of extremely hot or long wedding days, your florist may need to create a second piece. Having a second identical, (or close to equal, as an exact match is difficult when dealing with fresh elements) hairpiece can be a lifesaver when blooms start to wilt.

However, having your florist create a unique second hairpiece can showcase a different look. You could either keep your hairdo the same and swap hairpieces or have a new look altogether. Heading into your reception with a new hairstyle is a fun take on having a second dress. Plus, changing your low pony into an updo is more economical than purchasing a different wedding gown for your reception.

You can freshen bouquets by placing them in water, and your centerpieces can be spritzed if they start to fade. Conversely, you can’t dip your hairpiece or hydrate it properly when it’s on your head. Therefore, if you don’t want a second accessory, choose blooms that will last without water.

Choose the blooms and greenery for your hairpiece wisely.

One option is to utilize greenery, such as a variety of eucalyptus, which looks perky without water. As a rule of thumb, the waxier the leaf, the longer it will last. Although magnolia is a large leaf, it can look stunning when added to a flower crown. Some herbs, such as rosemary, also last when not placed in water.

As far as actual blooms, don’t feel pressured to exactly match your bouquet flowers. Your floral designer can help you select blooms that will coordinate with your existing color palette. However, dianthus, poms, Queen Anne’s lace, nasturtiums, yarrow, strawflower, and hellebores tend to last longer.

Listen to the advice given by your florist (and hairstylist).

Wedding daydreams can turn into nightmares when couples don’t listen to the advice given by their chosen wedding vendors. For example, a lush, heavy headpiece may not be practical for the bride who wants to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Instead, talk to your floral designer about other options, or incorporate lightweight silk flowers into the design. Another option is to make the hairpiece easily removable so that your look stays intact minus the florals.

Your hairstylist and floral designer may also have other advice or suggestions for your hairdo and wedding hair accessory. If you’ve selected vetted professionals, listen to their guidance and their reasonings for offering different tips. Ultimately, it’s your day and your look, but take their advice to heart.

What’s Trending Now in Bridal Hair Accessories

Whats-Trending-Now-in-Bridal-Hair-Accessories Photo Credit // Zola

Gain inspiration from minimalism.

Whether you love following the trends or desire a classic look, you can incorporate modern style for your big day. The influence of mid-century modern and minimalistic design is seen in today’s bridal trends. “Simple, modern pieces are in style, as is the concept that less is more,” states Gailbreath. “Consider using a geometric pin, a pearl hair clip, or a simple bobby pin that matches your jewelry color. You can also go floral with some greenery or small white flowers to complement your wedding dress and wedding aesthetic.”

Opting for luxe is totally acceptable.

Although minimalism is having a moment, so is the luxe, lavish, and overstated. Floral headdresses, large crowns, and oversized bridal accessories are also totally en vogue. This fact permits bold brides to showcase their style and personality with a statement wedding hair accessory. Whether the hairpiece incorporates a colorful palette or mixes neutral tones of green and white, feel free to go big.

Think about commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece.

Of course, wedding hair pieces made from fresh flowers are one-of-a-kind, whereas a commissioned piece is meant to last. So, scour Etsy or contact a local artisan for handmade bridal hair accessories. DIY brides can also test their skills by making their bridal hair clips and hair combs. If you choose to DIY, be sure to start creating well in advance to avoid any last-minute issues.

Maximize your look with large quantities of small embellishments.

Although a single, sizable bridal hair accessory can make a beautiful statement, it may not be something you’d consider wearing again. For more longevity, choose multiple smaller pieces, such as bobby pins, tiny combs, or barrettes. Likewise, a collection of delicate hair accessories can make a lovely statement when clustered together. As a result, you will be able to use them well beyond the wedding day.

Gold tones, natural shapes, and muted gemstones are en vogue.

Even if you don’t want a fresh flower headpiece, gain inspiration from natural shapes with your accessory. Tones of gold—rose, yellow, and green—and brassy hues are the perfect complement to your wedding day style. Muted pastel gemstones or stones in hues of white or clear are also showcased in today’s trending styles.

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