18 Ways to Style Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair

From bouncy waves to braids, these beautiful wedding hairstyles for short length hair are made for you.

By Deanna deBara

bride with headpiece
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Just because the length of your locks doesn’t extend past your shoulder or brush your waist doesn’t mean you can’t have a dreamy hairdo for your wedding day. To prove our point, we have rounded up the best wedding hairstyles for short-length hair. From bouncy waves to dressed up with accessories, these beautiful wedding day hairstyles are made for you.

1. Headbands

A hair accessory can be a short-haired bride’s best friend. Thankfully, bridal hair accessories are at the top of the wedding hair trends list this year, and bridal headbands, in particular, top the list of trending wedding hair accessories. Headbands have gone from dainty school-girl accessories to bold bridal hairpieces. They show off major style, whether they’re velvet, floral, or embellished, and short-haired brides can rock them well.

When an elegant updo isn’t an option, a wedding headband not only looks chic, but it also keeps your hair out of your face so that your gorgeous bridal glow will show in every photo. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so don’t be shy about trying a few (or many) on to find the one that fits your hair and bridal style just right. A bright white hue will stand out against any color hair, and a headband with embellishment, such as a crystal headband, could add flair to a simple wedding dress.

2. Glamorous Waves

Old Hollywood movie stars have nothing on you! These soft, glamorous waves never go out of style. The waves are often achieved by using a thicker curling iron to curl your hair all in the same direction, then pinning the curls so that they have time to set, and finally brushing out the curls. And don’t forget to add some shine. With a tutorial or two, this look is easy enough to do on your own if that’s your cup of tea, but any hair stylist will have these waves in his or her repertoire. Add a vintage hair comb, a hair bow, or a few beaded hair pins to bring the glam look home.

3. Twisted Half-Up

Put a twist on your traditional hairdo. Twist back one or both sides of your part and gather the twists together at the crown of your head. This hairstyle not only looks ethereal, but it also gives your veil a spot to sit. Plus, it’s easy to accomplish. All you need is a couple of clear hair ties and it’ll be finished in minutes.

4. Cap Veil

One wedding hair piece you may not have considered is a cap veil. Also called Juliet cap veils, they look great on short-haired brides. The cap is typically embroidered with lace or jewels, and it sits directly on the top of your head, unlike other veils that are tucked in with a comb. The resulting look is classically elegant. You can wear your hair pinned back, or you can let loose waves fall out from beneath the cap for an effortless, yet beautiful and unique, wedding hairstyle.

5. Braided Half-Up Half-Down

Braided hairstyles aren’t just for boho brides. Throw in a French braid around the crown of your head, leaving out the lower half of your hair, and watch your short hairstyle go from undone to pulled together in a pinch. Plus, it looks good from both the front and the back, so photos from every angle will be beautiful.

 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Short-Haired BridesPhoto Credit // Unsplash

6. A Wet Look

We can thank Kim Kardashian and other A-list celebrities for this one. The wet look somehow achieves both glamor and effortlessness. It works well on short-haired brides who won’t be weighed down by wet hair or a ton of product. The key is to embrace your natural texture, but keep it in place with gel and make it shine with a whole lot of serum. The second key is to go bold with your makeup look and ensure that it glistens just as much as your hair.

7. A Blunt Cut

This look is served best on freshly trimmed and pin-straight hair. Chop your locks just in time for your wedding day to achieve the chic, blunt cut. Do an at-home gloss treatment one or two days before the big day to give it an extra boost of shine. If you’re feeling bold, have your stylist trim some fringe (read: bangs) and debut your new ‘do in front of all your family and friends. With a little bit of pre-wedding prep, this short wedding hairstyle will be no-fuss when it matters.

8. Birdcage Veil

The great thing about short hair is that its super low-maintenance, and it can be on your wedding day, too. With a birdcage veil, all you have to do is pin it in and your ’do goes from every day to wedding day just like that. Go bold with an attached floral wedding headpiece or a hat that will give you a more modern, fashion-forward look. Or, keep it simple and choose a netted version that will give you a classic, feminine look. Whichever look you’re going for, there’s more than one way to spin a birdcage veil.

9. Barrette

A pretty pearl, rhinestone, or metallic barrette can make a simple half-up/half-down hairstyle shine. But even if your hair isn’t long enough to tie back in a barretted half-up, you can incorporate this trendy hair accessory into your style. Simply pin a barrette closer to the front of your hair on the side, or pin back a pouf with a barrette. Pick the perfect one to blend with your wedding day style. Or go for the gold and opt for more than one. Wearing multiple barrettes stacked on top of one another is a daring way to take on this trend and take your look to the next level.

10. Big Bouncy Curls

Volume, volume, and more volume. If we’re speaking your language, you’ll want to go for big, bouncy curls on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to amp up the texture. Start with a bouncy blowout and secure your hair with big velcro rollers to get large curls that are soft and secure. When you take them down, be generous with the hairspray and texturizing spray and you’ll have a bouncy ‘do that’s dance floor-ready.

 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Short-Haired BridesPhoto Credit // Unsplash

11. Floral Hair Pins

Floating accessories is another wedding hairstyle trend that is hard not to love. These floral pins look so dainty and pretty tucked into a short-haired bride’s style. They appear as though they are actually floating. They also help pin the hair back in a way that feels fresh and effortless. If you want to emulate this style, but florals aren’t really your jam, you’re in luck. You can also find floating rhinestones, feathers, rings, and more. Take your pick of bridal hair pins and watch your guests' jaws drop.

12. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins never go out of style, but they do become even more stylish. They are every hairstylist’s best friend, and for good reason, as they keep hair in place. But they can also look chic doing so. Sweep back your bangs with a set of two or three extra-large bobby pins and you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle with your best face forward. You can choose a hue that blends with the color of your hair, or pick a color, metal, or material that stands out. If you’re wearing your hair down, consider pinning them two to three inches down from your part. If you’re wearing your hair back in a low updo, place a few bobby pins closer to your ear. And, if you’re wearing your hair in a half-up/half-down, place a bobby pin an inch or two directly above your ear and move backward with the remaining pins. You can also choose to pin just one side, or rock both. See, the stylish options are endless.

13. Rows of Braids

If your hair has a lot of texture, but you want it out of your face, you know, so that your fiancé can look longingly into your eyes all night, you’ll want to pull it back. Wedding day braid hairstyles are a great option that is both secure and stylish. Braid multiple sections of hair straight back, or opt for one thick braid down the center. Either way, you can finish the braids off at the crown of your head, or carry them down the ends of your hair.

14. Half-Up Bun

We love a half-up/half-down style just as much as any other girl, and the half-up bun hairstyle is one of our favorite iterations. It’s so simple, and yet, so chic. Simply gather the top half of your hair, pull it back, and loop it around itself in the cutest little ballerina bun, er, half ballerina bun. Or start tying the gathered half off in a ponytail and avoid pulling it all the way through on the second time around. Either of these wedding updo variations will give you a chic knot at the back of your head. Don’t forget to throw some waves in so the half-down half of your half-up/half-down style looks just as good.

15. Hair Clips

A hair clip is a small hair accessory that can make a big statement. Wedding hair clips often feature gemstones, beads, lace, or small flowers, so they can really add a pop of color or texture to your bridal style. You can choose one or stack a few together to secure your hair and compliment your wedding dress.

16. Hair Vine

Bridal hair vines are a versatile option for short-haired brides to enhance a half-up/half-down ‘do, accent braids, or add some sparkle to your bridal look. You can choose to wear bridal vines—which are often decorated with flowers, jewels, pearls, or other accents—on your crown or resting on your forehead. If it’s long enough, you can even weave it through your braids or curls. Whatever you choose, your hairdresser will secure them with bobby pins so you don’t have to worry about the vine slipping out of place while you’re dancing the night away.

17. Tiara

You don’t have to just feel like a princess on your wedding day. You can look like one, too! Whether you have chin-length locks or a pixie cut, why not rock a tiara as your bridal headpiece? Some lay flat to the head, more like a headband, while others sit in a vertical direction on top of your head, like the royals wear. If you’re looking to add bling and sophistication to your bridal look, a tiara could be the perfect accessory.

18. Flower Crowns

For short-haired brides who are going for an earthy, hippie vibe or those who are planning an outdoor ceremony, a flower crown can really tie the whole look together. You might think the only option is a full-bloom wreath-like circle crown, but if that’s not your style, there are daintier options that are more understated. A flower crown as your bridal hair piece will work with your hair up or down, straight or wavy. And if you choose silk flowers over fresh flowers, they’ll last forever—and you’ll have a beautiful keepsake from your special day.

Short-haired brides, rejoice. There are beautiful wedding hairstyles that work for your personal style and bridal look. We know the options can feel few and far between, so we hope that these wedding hairstyles for short length hair are just the inspiration you need to feel confident in your hair and look your best on your wedding day.

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