50 Wedding Hairstyles for All Hair Types

Seeking hair inspiration for your wedding day? With DIY tips from expert stylists, check out 50 diverse wedding hairstyles for every hair length, shape, and texture.

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As your wedding day approaches, you may still be thinking of the best wedding hairstyle for walking down the aisle. From twists and braids to classic buns, there are plenty of beautiful ways to rock your locks. Figuring out which bridal hair style works best, however, requires extra thought. A style that may work for someone with curly, shoulder-length hair may not necessarily work for another with straight, back-length hair.

If you’d like to try a new, pretty wedding hairstyle and need inspiration for beauty ideas, you’re in the right place. With DIY wedding hair tips and insight from expert hairstylists, we’ve put together over 70 fabulous bridal hairstyles for all hair types. Find diversity in your hair inspiration with our selections from different ethnicities, backgrounds, hair textures, and lengths.

How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle

Choosing one bridal style from the overwhelming amount of wedding hair ideas out there can be a challenge. That being said, there are some things you can (and should) consider that will make the process much easier. For our step-by-step guide, look below.

1.Consider Your Wedding Theme

The first step to choosing the best wedding hairstyle is to consider the wedding theme, including the venue, attire, and wedding colors. You’ll want the hairstyle to complement your gown and personal style, not distract from it. For example, if you have an outdoor, beach-theme wedding, the look you’re going for may be completely different than one for an indoor city hall wedding.

2. Create an Inspiration Board

Next, create a vision board with diverse sources of inspiration. While Pinterest and magazines are helpful, images of hair models most likely have professional touch-ups. A good rule of thumb is to scroll through photos of real weddings to see couples’ hairstyles during their actual wedding day. These photos can provide realistic expectations of how an ideal hairstyle will last, especially for an outdoor wedding susceptible to wind and humidity. You can also follow hair salons and stylists on social media so you can save your favorite photos of their clients’ styles.

3. Consider Your Venue and Accessories

Pro Tip: “Anything with an outdoor environment greatly affects how the hair should be styled for longevity. Next, consider any type of accessories and dress details that need to be shown. From there, you can decide the best hairstyles.” — Heather King-Labeur, Senior Stylist at Radio London

4. Know Your Hair

Lastly, and most importantly, the key to determining the perfect wedding hairstyle is to understand your hair. According to Nick Stenson, celebrity stylist for L’ORÉAL, several characteristics about your hair, including its density and elasticity, make it unique and dictate what it needs to achieve the best results.

The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for Different Hair Types and Textures

There are different ways to identify your hair, such as by texture and hair type. “The four most commonly referenced hair types come from the Andre Walker Hair Typing System,” explains Kristina Maccaro, a New Jersey-based stylist and owner of Love Lane Salon. “Type 1 is straight, Type 2 is wavy, Type 3 is curly, and Type 4 is kinky. From there, each type is broken down further into different subsections.”

hair type chart

Based on this hair typing system, we’ve pulled together dozens of our favorite photos to help guide you through the best options for your big day. From edgy cuts to twisted tresses, there’s a wedding hairstyle for you.

Wedding Hairstyles for Straight Textures: Type 1

Straight hair, or ‘type 1,” has fine strands with no curl definition. Sylvia Silverstone, an NYC-based beautician and contributor to Womenio.com, explains that people with this type of hair should use volumizing products that do not add extra oil to the scalp. Since straight hair has no shape, it requires manipulation to hold a style. Below are few choices for individuals with straight hair textures to consider for their wedding day.

1. Wand Curls

If you prefer some bounce while keeping your hair down, try curls! Using a thin curling iron or curling wand, you can create soft, natural-looking curls or, using a larger wand, beach waves on your big day.

2. Fishtail Braid

For a smooth and elegant look, a fishtail braid is the way to go. The intricate weaving together of this French style is versatile, where you can pull it to the side for a tropical boho look or pin it up for a classic touch.

3. Sleek Ponytail

Simple yet sassy, a sleek ponytail holds your hair taut and away from your face. This wedding updo is the perfect for outdoors and a great way to display earrings and a necklace.

4. Elegant Twist

Another sleek style, an elegant twist will add a vintage touch to your wedding style. You can secure your hair in place with bobby pins or a decorative comb.

5. Straight Bob

Who says straight is boring? Rock a daring, bone-straight bob on your wedding day! This style is great for oval and heart-shaped faces.

6. Low Chignon

A chignon with a few softly curled face-framing pieces is elegant, sophisticated, and understated without looking low-effort.

straight hairstyles for wedding moodboard

Wedding Hairstyles for Wavy Textures: Type 2

Wavy hair, or ‘type 2,’ is somewhat between straight and curly and is the most common hair type among women. From boho to beach, wavy wedding hairstyles are a popular choice for many wedding themes. Sylvia Silverstone suggests incorporating a lightweight mousse or gel to define your waves. Here are several fun wavy looks to try.

7. Voluminous Waves

Enhance your natural waves using a curling iron or by twisting your hair on itself to form a bun overnight. Once gently brushed out, your waves will be much more fluffy and bouncy.

8. Bouncy Blowout

Sexy and sleek, this blowout is a balance between smooth and voluminous.

9. Tousled Bohemian Waves

Create a beautiful boho look by adding a floral headpiece to your tousled waves.

10. Half-Up Ponytail

A classic half-up, half-down ‘do is a genius way to keep your face cool while allowing the remaining tresses to frame your features. It’s also great for veils of all styles.

wavy wedding hairstyle moodboard

11. Middle Part

A deep middle part adds a dose of volume to soft waves. It also allows your natural (or iron-perfected) waves to softly face your face.

12. Tucked Behind the Ears

Turn soft waves into a sleek, old Hollywood style by simply tucking your hair behind your ears. For added protection, secure the hair with a few well-placed bobby pins. You can even tuck some hair with a few pins, then allow a few face-framing pieces to fall in front for a chic down ‘do.

Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Textures: Type 3

Curly hair, or ‘type 3,’ grows in spirals and can range from loose curls to a corkscrew shape. With natural volume and bounce, you can confidently rock your crown of curls down the aisle as is, or work them into a cute ‘do! “For curly hair, braids, twists, buns, or updos are great choices,” says Kristina Savina of WeddingForward.com, “The magnificent accessories make your hairstyles more stylish and luxurious.” Take a look at these curly creations as bridal hairstyle options for your wedding day.

13. Curly Fishtail Braid

Fishtails aren’t just for straight hair! Add this stylish braid in your curls for an elegant, bohemian look.

14. Long, Loose Curls

Go au naturale on your wedding day with lush, flowing curls. Leave them exactly as they are or smooth some hair oil or gloss over them for a chic, glossy look.

15. Pinned-Up Curly Tresses

Messy and fun, create the pin curl look with your natural curls, leaving out a few strands around the front of your face.

16. Side-Pinned Curls

The side-pinned curls style is a great option to reduce frizz at an outdoor wedding. Adorn your curls with a glamorous hairpin.

17. Curly Chignon

Chignons have many variations that work for any length. Simple twist your hair taut from the nape of your neck and pin it with your favorite clip.

18. Well-Placed Ribbon

Don’t get us wrong: A simple half-up half-down hairdo is already beautiful. That said, you can make it your own with a well-placed accessory. Instead of a headband or hairclip, opt for a beautiful piece of ribbon. Tie it where your half-up meets in the back, securing it in a ribbon. You can even tuck a few small flowers or pieces of greenery in there, too.

curly wedding hairstyles moodboard

Wedding Hairstyles for Kinky Textures: Type 4

Kinky hair, or ‘type 4,’ has the tightest curl pattern of the categories. This type of hair resembles tight coils or zig-zag coils that require manipulation, such as a blowout or rod set, to stretch them out. Ghanima Abdullah, stylist and hair expert contributor for The Right Hairstyles, says that dreadlocks and even afros are trending at outdoor weddings, where people are embracing their natural textures.

Whether you decide to stretch or fully embrace your coily shrinkage, the following beloved wedding hairstyles for type 4 textures are sure to inspire you.

19. Free-Fall Coils

Whether stretched or shrunken, embrace your texture! Say “I do” with free-fall coils and cute headpiece as a glamorous addition.

kinky wedding hairstyles mood board

20. Cornrow Bun

Another take on the classy bun, gently braid your coils up into a knot. Accessorize with sparkling jewels and hairpins.

21. Curly Locs

Dreadlocks are versatile! Wrap your locs into curl rods or bantu knots overnight. Unravel them the day of your wedding to create luxurious, bouncy curls.

22. Blowout Afro

Loud and proud, make a bold statement on your wedding day with a beautiful blowout.

23. Pinned Coils

Protect your coils from heat and humidity with this classy, pinup ‘do.

24. “Messy” Bun

Gather your hair into a purposefully messy, beautiful bun at the nape of your neck. This tousled hairdo is effortlessly beautiful and easy to add hairbands, flower crowns, and hair pins to.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you’re afraid there aren’t many options for short hair, think again! With short hair, you can take advantage of headpieces and other hair accessories to create a finished look. From fresh cuts to beautiful bobs, wedding hair styles for short hair can still be fun and creative. Check out our favorite picks below.

25. Finger Waves

Originally a 1920s favorite, this vintage hairstyle has reemerged as an elegant and sophisticated vibe. Using mousse and a fine-tooth comb, your or your stylist can guide your hair into mesmerizing S-shape waves.

26. Deep Side Part

A deep side part can naturally add volume to any short cut. It also creates the perfect placement for a flower or other accessory.

27. Accessorized Buzz-Cut

No hair, no problem! Flaunt your fabulous buzz cut as is, or add a headpiece for a little pizazz.

28. Asymmetrical Bob

A balance between classy and glam, rock an asymmetrical bob down the aisle. Easily create the look with a simple side sweep and tuck.

29. Pixie Cut

pixie haircut photo Halle Berry and Michelle Williams proved that pixie cuts are here to stay! Style your pixie with gentle curls or a bold flip.

30. Spotlight Headband

Keep your tresses sleek and simple, while adding some drama with an eye-catching headband. We especially love a padded headband, here.

31. Delicate Twists

Twist a few front piece of your hair backwards and secure with a beautiful clip or pin. This adds a soft detail to your look, while also keeping some hair out of your face as you celebrate.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

With medium-length hair, which falls anywhere between your collarbones and shoulder blades, choosing the right hairstyle helps accentuate your facial features. Scroll through a few of our top choices for some gorgeous wedding hair inspo.

32. Outward Flipped Curls

If your hair lacks shape or volume, flip out the ends to create a nice curly bounce!

33. Beach Waves

Adorn some soft beach waves with a bright floral headband.

34. Loose Knot

Whether high or low, this messy bun is great for a romantic and relaxed style.

35. Twin French Braids

Twin French braids are a cute and versatile hairstyle. Pin them up for an elegant touch or merge them into one braid.

36. Soft Curls

Tease your shoulders with soft, sensual curls. Even if the curls drop as the day progresses, they’ll fall into cute waves for the reception!

37. Braided Half-Up Half-Down

Create a half-up hairdo by making a braid of either side of your face and pulling them around the back of your head. This simple addition adds tons of interest to your hairstyle—and you can take it even further by tucking some fresh blooms into the braids.

38. Hollywood Waves

Part your hair to the side and ask for big, sleek, and brushed-out curls. The result will be an old Hollywood-esque ‘do that adds tons of style and volume.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Calling all “long hair don’t care” ladies! The best thing about styling lengthy locks is the versatility. From pinned updos to flowing tresses, it all comes down to comfort. For an outdoor wedding ceremony, celebrity stylist Nick Stenson suggests to limit the hair you have covering your neck. Below are a few wedding hairstyle ideas for long hair to consider.

39. Twisted Low Bun

You can’t go wrong with an easy, low bun. Whether messy or sleek, this hairstyle looks great with a glittery tiara or headpiece.

40. Tucked Braid

Pin your hair back into a cute braid and secure it with a hair piece or floral accessory.

41. Half-up Topknot

Toss up all of your hair to the crown of your head for a super quick and chic look. Topknots are versatile for all hair types and are easy to accentuate.

42. Brushed-Out Waves

Brush out your curls to create luxurious, lush waves. Touch up with hair oil for a glossy finish.

43. Sleek and Straight

Using a straightener and hair sheen, you can walk down the aisle with this smooth, shiny style.

44. Low Ponytail

Gather your long tresses into a sleek low ponytail for a put-together, stylish look. Tie a beautiful ribbon to the ponytail for a dose of color and texture.

45. Boho Elegance

Compliment long, wispy waves with a regal hairpiece. Consider headbands, tiaras, and crowns adorned with jewels and pearls for easy-to-pull-off elegance.

Protective Wedding Hairstyles

Last but not least, protective wedding hairstyles are a great way to prevent breakage from snags and heat damage and work for every hair type. Protective styles consist of low manipulation, where the ends of your hair strands are tucked away, such as in braids and buns, or pinned up using hair accessories. Here are a few unique protective hairstyles to try.

46. Ballerina Bun

High or low, the ballerina bun is a graceful look that keeps your hair up and in place.

47. French Braid

French braids never go out of style and can add a simple bohemian touch!

crown twist hairstyle image

48. Side-Swept Pin

Simply pull all of your hair to the side and pin it up with an accessorized hair clip for a beautiful, classic style.

49. Pin Curls

Protect your tresses in this chic, elegant hairstyle. Use hairpins or dazzling accessories to pin your hair in curled positions.

50. Hair Extensions

Last, but not least, use hair extensions for the final wedding look. Extensions allow you to flaunt any style while your actual hair ends remain safely tucked underneath!

Now that you have an abundance of wedding hair ideas to add to your vision board (and, perhaps, a few for your bridesmaids), the next step is to research hair stylists in your area. To find a local wedding hair stylist, you can use our vendor directory of prescreened beauty professionals and sort by price, availability, and signature style. You can also check out our guide to wedding hair and makeup costs to determine a wedding budget for your stylist.

And if your groom or groomsmen are looking for some hairdo inspiration, we’ve got that, too.

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