50+ Wedding Colors and Trends for 2021

Considering new wedding colors? Check out our list of over 50 wedding color ideas for every season and emerging trend.

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The First Look ✨

From seasonal favorites to carefully-curated mood boards, these wedding colors and trends will inspire you every step of the way. Already know which season you need inspiration for? Jump to that specific section below:

If you’re one of the many couples who’ve rescheduled their wedding date this past year, you may be considering a few changes. Choosing a new date requires some extra thought, especially for the wedding theme. Since your new wedding date may fall in a different season, we’ve compiled a list of over 50 wedding color ideas to choose from for your special day.

Spring Wedding Colors

With flowers in bloom and warmer weather, many couples have their hearts set on a spring wedding. You’ll have a plethora of spring wedding colors to choose from, including florals and pastels. Below are are several wedding colors to consider:

1. Pink and Sage Green

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Sage green is a soft color that mimics the grass and freshly grown leaves. This shade works well with many colors, especially a pop of pink for that Spring-in-bloom vibe!

2. Vibrant Florals

In addition to symbols of love and romance, many flowers, such as daisies and peonies, represent life, prosperity, and good luck. From centerpieces and bouquets to accessories and wedding cake designs, flowers are easy accents to incorporate into your wedding theme.

3. Rose Gold and Ivory

At the corner of elegance and glamour, a rose gold wedding scenery will have you falling in love all over again. Rose gold is a marvelous color for bridesmaid gowns, groomsmen ties, and when paired with ivory, dreamy rose golde wedding invitations.

4. Emerald and Berry Pink

Emerald green is another fresh, outdoorsy color that looks great with bright, floral colors. Add a bold berry pink to your bouquet for a splash of flair!

5. Blush and Lavender

Soft and romantic, blush and lavender wedding colors create a warm and inviting look. From pale peonies to dusty pink carnations, there are plenty of flowers to incorporate with blush hues.

6. Gold and Peach

Warm, pastel colors like peach are eye-catching and mood-boosting. You can add elements of gold, such as vases, for a luxurious sparkle. These two wedding colors are great additions for multiple palette ideas, such as mint, cream, or rose gold! peach spring wedding colors

7. Earthy Neutrals

Create a timeless, romantic garden wedding with gentle earth-neutral tones such as beige, mocha, olive, and ivory. This color palette works well for a vintage vibe or bohemian bliss.

8. Coral and Mint

If your date falls on or after memorial day weekend, you can have a beach wedding ceremony! With a dazzling backdrop of sand and sea, go for a cool, watercolor pastel mint balanced with a bright coral.

9. Silver and Soft Blue

Add some silver sparkle and elegance to your wedding! This color easily complements the soft blue color for a calming, enchanting style. Consider incorporating light blue glassware and shimmers of silver into your wedding reception.

10. Orange and Gold

Late spring is the perfect time for bold and bright wedding colors. High-intensity colors like orange represent creativity and enthusiasm. A metallic gold and coral orange for a bright and cheerful feeling.

11. Peach and Cream

Elegant and sweet, a bright peach matched with cream adds a touch of romance to your wedding decor. This color pair works great with other pastels, such as dusty blue and mint. If cupcakes are on the wedding food menu, peach and cream-colored icing will add the perfect pop of color to your dessert table.

Summer Wedding Colors

For the season when daylight is brighter and lasts longer, it’s no coincidence why summer weddings are so popular. Warmer weather means more fashion options for the wedding party, easier traveling for guests (hello vacation!), and best of all, plenty of lovely summer wedding colors. Here are a few sensational color ideas to explore:

12. Platinum and Aqua

If you loved the nautical bachelorette party theme, you’ll have a blast incorporating those color schemes into a beach or island destination wedding. Watercolors like aqua and hints of platinum silver will shimmer beautifully beneath the sun.

13. Blush and Gold

Romantic soft colors like blush work well in almost every season and across many palettes. From bridesmaid dresses to florals, blush will never go out of style. You can pair it with a metallic color such as gold for a luxe appeal.

14. Blue and Yellow

For outdoor venues, a bright yellow will embody the cheerful and radiant season on your special day. While yellow can stand on its own with white accents, adding blues such as navy or teal are fun color combinations to incorporate in decor.

15. Lime and Blue

There are endless possibilities for green color schemes during the summer. Whether you’re going for a nature-inspired style or tropical romance theme, lime green accents are bright and fun! Shades of light blues are versatile to pair with lime, adding a touch of chic.

16. Turquoise and Pink

You’ll love this pastel pink and euphoric turquoise duo in your wedding decor! Use this bold and bright color combo to create popping bouquets, dessert tables, stationery items, and accessories for your wedding party.

blue summer wedding colors

17. White and Champagne

Clean and smooth, champagne is a trendy, unique color that looks beautiful and luxurious with a classic white. Add some lush greenery and gold for a rustic-inspired wedding theme!

18. Red and Pink

Red is a classic romantic color that works for almost every season. You wouldn’t immediately think to pair it with pink, but once together, these two create a fabulous, bold statement of love. Include bits of gold with the color pair in your ceremony venue, such as tablescapes and overhead decor, for some pizazz!

19. Fuchsia and Green

Any greenery accents will pair well with bright colors to give your summer wedding a fresh, natural feel. Fuchsia is a vibrant hue of pink and purple that commands attention. If bold is your style, this playful, eye-catching color looks great in flower bundles and balances well with other neutral shades.

20. Yellow and Mint

For a fresh, nature-inspired look, green and vibrant yellows go beautifully with outdoor wedding venues. Shades of pale mint green add a cool contrast to the yellow. These colors work perfectly for lemon or yellow flower centerpieces and even mason jar cocktails!

21. Periwinkle and Gold

Periwinkle is a soft, watercolor shade that mimics a gorgeous summer sunset. You can play with the blue and purplish undertones across several summer color palettes. Add sparkles of gold to your accessories for a dreamy, boho-inspired look!

Fall Wedding Colors

Drawing inspiration from colorful autumn leaves, your fall wedding colors can incorporate gorgeous palettes such as rich jewel tones and natural shades. Also, this is a great season to wear a classic long-sleeved wedding dress and an outdoor, harvest-themed wedding. We’ve put together several elegant color schemes for you to try:

22. Brown and Red

Brown wooden elements of an outdoor forest ceremony mix well with deep shades of red. Decorate the ceremony and reception areas with red rose petals and cranberry-colored fabrics in your venue decor as romantic accents.

23. Burgundy and Gold

As a blend of dark red and purple, Burgundy is a luxurious shade for fall nuptials. Gold accents complement well with this color, especially for decor. From golden candle holders to red velvet cake and wine pairings, you’ll have a blast putting together these colors for your big day.

24. Teal and Rust

For a chic bohemian style, rich colors like dark teal and rust orange look glorious in an outdoor fall setting. The natural scenery of autumn leaves is a beautiful backdrop for burnt orange bouquets and tabletops florals.

25. Champagne and Latte Brown

These neutral colors also mimic the seasonal color changes and look fabulous with golden sequins. Champagne and a smooth, latte brown pair create a classic vintage vibe for any style!

26. Orange and Brown

Celebrate the autumn season with some pumpkin spice! If you have an October wedding, pumpkins are a fun, inexpensive decor option for orange and brown schemes. You can place them along the ceremony aisle, within table decor, and as the perfect autumn photo booth prop.

orange fall wedding colors

27. Gold and Velvet

Another great color combo for outdoor scenery, gold and velvet mix well with wooden elements. Incorporate red fruits into your florals for a unique bouquet style. Take it a step further with golden sequins in the wedding dress for a gorgeous majestic glow!

28. Emerald and Ivory

Embrace the fall season with deep jewel tones like an emerald. This deep green with a touch of ivory gives off a vintage flair and works well across many color palettes.

29. Green and Yellow

The best thing about green and yellow colors is that they work for both the spring and fall seasons. Opt for a mustard yellow, which looks delightful with outdoor greenery. For a unique floral arrangement, consider using preserved flowers with pops of yellow as centerpiece decorations!

30. Navy and Burgundy

Navy is a classic hue for a late October or November wedding. You can pair it with a pop of color like burgundy for an elegant fall celebration.

31. Coffee Brown and Cream

Cream mixes well in coffee, so why not together in your wedding? Coffee brown is a rich, luxurious color. When paired with a soft, elegant cream, you have the perfect color combination. Gold works as a fabulous accent for this duo, easy to incorporate into decor and stationery.

Winter Wedding Colors

It may be cold and gray outside, but the right winter wedding colors can spice up the season. A white, wintry backdrop is the perfect photo-op for a pop of color. When choosing a winter wedding theme, don’t be afraid to step outside of the classic gold, red, green scheme. Here are some of our favorites:

32. Slate Blue and White

Slate blue is a calming and soft blue-gray color, similar to a winter sky view. When paired with snow-white, this combo creates a beautiful highlight of the season.

33. Forest Green and Gold

Gold is a neutral yet sparkling accent that pairs well with many colors. For an outdoor setting, a natural forest green paired with a touch of gold can form an intimate yet relaxing blend.

34. Lilac and Lavender

As soft shades of purple, this duo will add a sense of tranquility to your special day. Consider hints of lavender and lilac in your bouquet or table decor to create a gentle ombre look.

35. Ruby and Sage

Some couples prefer the traditional Christmas colors during their winter weddings, and that’s okay! A ruby red and sage green decor are easy to find during this season. Add hints of gold to your wedding for an exciting holiday feel.

36. Red and White

A romantic red and winter white is a favorite for both the holiday season and Valentine’s Day. This bold contrast with either silver or gold jewelry creates a passionate, sophisticated look for your wedding entourage.

red winter wedding colors

37. Rose Gold and Ivory

We are head over heels for this luxurious color combo on wedding invitations. From champagne glass to menus, ivory and rose gold decor adds a classic, romantic touch to any wedding style.

38. Purple and Gold

It’s a royal affair! Go for deep purples and shimmers of gold for an elegant winter wedding. You can incorporate various shades of purple into flower arrangements as well as the bridesmaid dresses.

39. Cream and Green

Greens are the perfect gender-neutral colors that also give your wedding a natural, organic vibe. Add cream and gold into the palette for a beautiful, rustic theme. If you’re already thinking green, take it a step further with these fun eco-friendly wedding ideas.

40. Black and Gold

Did someone say black-tie event? This classic color combo always works well during the winter season, especially for a ballroom venue.

Other Fun Wedding Color Schemes

Don’t worry if you haven’t set a new wedding date yet. There are plenty of fun, creative wedding colors that work year-round! Here are a few of our favorite color schemes and themes that look great in every season.

41. Pantone’s Color of the Year

Have you heard? Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Ultimate Gray! Pairing this gray hue with Illuminating Yellow as the supporting color, the Pantone Color Institute describes this union as aspirational.

42. Mauve and Neutrals

Mauve is a neutral pale purple that, although not a pastel, pairs beautifully with other neutral colors. Mix mauve with soft ivory and greenery for a refined, elegant look.

43. Dusty Blue and Cranberry Red

Modern yet chic, this grayish-blue blend with a pop of red is a lovely duo. Are you hosting a brunch wedding? Browse dusty blue wedding invitations, and add some delicious cranberries to your reception table decor!

44. Gold and White

Keep it simple! A classic white with gold looks elegant in every season, especially for an outdoor garden wedding. Whimsical and romantic, nature is an admirable backdrop for pastel-colored florals and neutral-tone attire.

45. White and Black

Classic and timeless, you can never go wrong with a white and black color scheme. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look, almost any color can adorn this palette. Consider adding gorgeous metallics or bright accents for a dynamic pop!

46. Lavender and Gray

Lavender and gray are the perfect choice for a subtle yet elegant wedding scheme. Various shades of purple, including plum and lilac, blend well with this color combo. Lavender also works well with gold and green accents.

47. Rainbow

Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen wear various colors of the rainbow to create a candy-colored palette for your wedding! You can also plan for guests to toss fun, mixed-colored confetti during your wedding send-off!

shades of gray wedding colors

48. Ivory and Olive Green

If you were obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic wedding gown in Sex and the City, you’ll adore this gorgeous color scheme. From botanical arrangements to tablescape decor, ivory and green are simplistic yet elegant colors to incorporate in your wedding.

49. Black and Blush

If you decide to ditch the traditions and tie the knot at a city hall wedding. Try this black and blush duo for a touch of color! This pair also looks great in an edgy, rock and roll-inspired wedding theme.

50. Teal and Gold

Non-traditional yet bold, teal and gold are an eclectic duo. Teal is a gentle watercolor that fits any season and brings a feeling of tranquility. With hints of gold, teal wedding invitations and tablescapes are beautiful additions to any celebration.

51. Metallics

From sequined tablescapes to sparkly shoes, metallic hues will complement any wedding style in every season. Use gold, silver, and copper to add hints of shimmer to your wedding aesthetics or as stand-alone colors for full-on glam!

We also have plenty of tips on how to create a vision board to help brainstorm new ideas for your big day. Once you’re set on wedding colors and a theme, you can update your invites to match! Whether it’s finding inspiration or securing vendors, Zola is your one-stop-shop for all things weddings.