Wedding Hairstyles For Men

Wedding hairstyles for men are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Grooms care about their wedding hairstyles and deserve styling tips and tricks, too. Here are some popular wedding hairstyles for men with different lengths, textures, and styles.

By Laura Hensley

Wedding Hairstyles For Men
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Wedding Hairstyles for Men

Let’s face it: Men’s wedding hairstyles do not get the same attention as women’s—even though they should. Between suits, tuxes, traditional wear and everything in between, it’s easy to focus on what to wear to your wedding and forget about your hair. We’re here to remind you that wedding hairstyles for men matter, plus serve you some inspiration.

In this article you’ll find:

Are There Really Wedding Hairstyles for Men?

Of course. Wedding hairstyles for men vary depending on hairstyle, texture, and hair length—all things we’ll get to. The important thing to keep in mind is that wedding hairstyles for men should be a bit more formal than men’s everyday hair, depending on the level of formality of your wedding. You want to look good on your special day—not only for yourself and your spouse, but for photos, too. The same goes for your facial hair; that also needs TLC.

Part 1: Wedding Hairstyles for Men Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Before we get into wedding hairstyles for men, let’s talk about etiquette and everything you need to know. This section will include how far out you should think about your wedding hairstyle, the importance of cuts, and ensuring your grooming habits are also wedding-ready.

How Soon Before Your Wedding Should You Decide on a Wedding Haircut?

Like all things wedding, the sooner, the better. If you’re not sure how you want to do your formal hairstyle for your wedding, it’s important to think about it months before your big day. Why? You’ll need to do a test run—or two—before you say “I do.” We recommend thinking about how you’d like your hair to look when you decide on your wedding outfit. Whether you opt to wear a tux, suit, or anything in between, your formal hairstyle should be part of your overall look. Your wedding hairstyle should also match the formality of your wedding. If you're getting married on the beach, a casual short haircut is OK. But if you're getting hitched at a prestigious golf club, a level of formality may be expected.

What’s Your Budget for Your Wedding Hairstyle?

Ah, the good ol’ wedding budget. You should consider how much your wedding hairstyle will cost and add it to your wedding budget. Although costs vary from couple to couple, wedding costs, on average, typically range between $10,000 to $30,000. Men’s haircut, color, or styling will likely make up a small portion of your overall budget, since cuts range from just $30 to $70, depending on your hair length, texture, type of cut, and how expensive your barber or stylist is. If you need to book a few visits to the wedding vendor for pre-wedding trials, factor those costs in, too.

Do You Need Any Color?

This is a largely personal choice. If you dye your hair and want a fresh color for your wedding, then yes, account for color. If you don’t dye your hair, you likely don’t need any—unless you want to touch up some greys or get some high or low-lights before your big day.

Just be sure to remember: Dramatically altering your hair color before your wedding may make you look different than you usually do, and you should look the way you feel most comfortable—there’s no need to change your look unless you want to. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime, so try to avoid a new trendy look.

Should the Groom and Groomsmen Have Similar Hairstyles?

Because groomsmen often have different hairstyles, lengths, textures, and colors, it’s common for members of the wedding party to rock their usual hairstyle—just with a bit more formality. While you might give guidance to all groomsmen on a general overall look, like formal, semi-formal, or casual, you can’t expect everyone to rock the exact same hairstyle.

That said, communication is key. Establish a dress code for groomsmen, and be upfront about what it entails—including their suit, shoes, and yes, hairstyle—to make sure the level of formality stays consistent across the board.

How Formal Should Your Wedding Hairstyle Be?

As a general rule, wedding hairstyles should be more formal than everyday hair. This means you can’t just roll out of bed and head right to the altar—you need more prep than that. Depending on your wedding hair texture and length, your hairstyle will likely involve some styling product. This can include pomade, wax, gel, or hairspray. Other men use tools like flat irons or a hair dryer with a round brush to create volume. Unsure how to use products? Ask your barber or stylist ahead of time for tips on how to maintain the look in case you need any touch-ups on the wedding day.

When Should You Get a Wedding Haircut?

This will come down to your individual preference as well as hair length, texture, and your desired hairstyle. As we said, it’s smart to have a trial run of your wedding haircut or hairstyle before your nuptials. Even if you’ve had your hair cut many times before by your go-to barber, wedding hairstyles require some styling, often with product. This means you should have a test run to be sure you like how your hair looks, and have time to tweak if necessary.

Why is a test haircut important? You want to see how long it takes for your hair to settle into the length you most prefer, a length that doesn’t look too fresh or too outgrown. Then, use that trial timeline to book a hair appointment before your actual wedding day. In other words, if your hair hits its sweet spot seven days after a haircut, visit your barber a week before your big day. That will ensure your hair is looking its best.

Do You Need a Pro to Do Your Wedding Hairstyle?

Again, this comes down to what your wedding hairstyle will be. If you simply need a haircut before your wedding and are confident you can style your own hair on your wedding day, there’s no need to hire a pro on the day of. On the other hand, if you have a wedding hairstyle that requires a bit more skill, like braids, or if you want a cut on the morning of your wedding, then it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Should You Show Your Future Spouse Your Wedding Hairstyle?

There are no hard rules about weddings these days, simply guidelines and best practices. If you value your partner’s opinion and want them to lend insight on your wedding hairstyle, then yes, by all means. It never hurts to get the thumbs up from your future spouse on your wedding day look. They are going to be the one looking at you the most, after all.

What About Wedding Hats or Accessories?

Not every wedding hairstyle for men works for grooms. Hats or traditional head accessories may be the focal point over hair. Other grooms may simply prefer to sport a hat, like a wide-brimmed cap, on their wedding day. A lot of this comes down to personal choice.

If you’re debating a trendy hat, however, keep in mind that your wedding photos are going to last long after any style fades. In other words, make a hat decision based on your personal style—not a passing fad.

Part 2: Wedding Hairstyles for Different Lengths

Just like with bridal hairstyles, grooms, too, have to choose a look that works for their hair length. Whether you have short hair, a medium-length mane, or long locks, here are some wedding hairstyle ideas for you.

Short Hair

Men who have short hair have fewer styling considerations to think about, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to put thought into their wedding look. Even if men have short hair, there are different cuts and hairstyles that are ideal for a wedding. Product is also useful for short hair—especially when it comes to keeping flyaways in place.

Buzz Cut

A short and classic look, a buzz cut is a popular style for men who like to keep their hair real short. Because buzz cuts look best when they are fresh, schedule one close to your wedding day.

Short Taper

A short taper is a classic—and timeless—hairstyle. It looks clean and formal, making it an ideal choice for all events—even weddings at five-star hotels.

Ivy League

Ivy league haircuts are a type of crew cut, but they are longer than the typical crew. These hairstyles evoke a preppy, yet cool vibe. It’s a hairstyle that’s popular with grooms who want to look a bit more formal without going overboard.

Side Part

A side part hairstyle works for both short- and medium-length hair. It’s a popular wedding look that suits grooms with various hair textures, including finer hair. You can go for a deep side part further off to one side of the center of your head, or you can have a more subtle part that’s a bit less pronounced.

Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair allows grooms to either work with their current length, or get a haircut before their big day if they want to rock a shorter style. This comes down to personal choice. But, for grooms with hair that’s not too short nor too long, here are some popular wedding hairstyles to consider.

Long Pompadour

A long pompadour is a popular hairstyle for grooms who like the mix of classic and contemporary. This style requires hair to be longer on top, and a steady hand to brush back the top. Pomade or wax helps keep the longer top back in place. The sides should be shorter and clean.

Waves on Top

For men who have medium-length and wavy hair, loose or tousled waves on top is a great look. It evokes a casual, yet modern look. Beach weddings or an event that has rustic vibes is an appropriate theme for a wavy style. In other words, a wedding that has a semi-formal dress code for guests.


Undercuts are great for men who have curly or thicker hair and want to focus on the locks on top. Undercuts mean short sides—think a fade—and longer hair on top, and can be more subtle or pronounced. Men with natural hair may also want to wear an undercut, as it can be worn with braids or twists.

Medium Afro

A medium afro is a great way to sport natural hair on your wedding day. Afros can work for any hair length, not just medium hair, and can also work with undercuts.

Long Hair

Men with long hair have plenty of wedding options, too. Whether you want to wear your hair down or tie it back, here are some options for grooms.

Braided Ponytail

For grooms who have braids or dreadlocks, braiding them into one braided ponytail is a way to secure the hair nicely in place. It also gives men another styling option. This look also works for men who want to braid their long straight hair in place.


Men rocking buns is much more common—and acceptable—at weddings in recent years. If you have long hair and want it kept off your face, a bun is a top choice. You can have a tighter bun secured in place or a looser, more casual bun that sits at the nape of your neck. Some men will part their hair in the middle and pull their locks back that way, while others will brush their entire hair back, forgoing any part. It’s up to you and your personal style.

__Braids __

Braids are ideal for men with longer hair who want to have a new—or refreshed—wedding hairstyle. There are endless designs and options for braids, including box braids or tiny cornrows. Be as creative as you like for your wedding look.

Part 3: Wedding Hairstyles for Different Textures

Hair texture will affect which hairstyle is best for your wedding. As we know, hair comes in a variety of textures, which means one hairstyle that works for one groom may not work for the next. While men know their hair best and understand how texture affects how their hair behaves, it’s important to think about the best hairstyles for different textures. Here are some popular wedding hairstyles for grooms based on different hair textures.

Thin or Fine Hair

For men with thinner, finer hair, shorter hairstyles tend to look best. With shorter cuts, hair looks thicker. Thickening sprays or dry shampoos can also help add volume. Haircuts that look great on men with thin or fine hair include buzz cuts, crew cuts, slicked-back undercuts, and of course, a clean shave.

Straight Hair

Men with straight hair have lots of styling options. Popular hairstyles for men with straight hair include a slick-back style, pompadour, or a quiff—which is similar to a pompadour, but is typically glossier and a bit more formal. Men with straight hair may also want to add volume, which can be done with a light mouse or volume-boosting product or spray. For grooms with long, straight hair who want to wear it down, they may want to use a flat iron to keep it uniform and clean. A nice trim never hurts, either.

Thick Hair

Thick hair is often coveted, but it can sometimes have a mind of its own. It’s best to find a hairstyle that suits thick hair and works with a full-bodied mane. Some wedding hairstyles for thick hair include pompadours, waves on top, and ivy league styles. Wearing thick, natural hair down also works for grooms who want a bit more of a laid-back look (think Jason Momoa vibes).

If you want to make your hair a bit more manageable for your wedding day, ask your barber or hairstylist to thin it out a bit by adding layers. Also, avoid over-washing your hair—fresh hair can be extra voluminous.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know how to best manage your hair and which conditions affect your mane ( i.e. humidity may add frizz). A diffuser can help reduce frizz, as can anti-frizz products. Some popular hairstyles for men with curly hair include a flat-top style (think volume on top and short on the sides), controlled waves, or a slicked-back look. For men who wear their natural hair, afros or tight curls with an undercut look great.

Part 4: Wedding Styling Tips for Men

After you decide which wedding hairstyle is right for you, you still need to make sure the style looks fresh on your big day. After all, you may need to do some touch-ups to keep hair in place for photos, or after a few hours of busting a move on the dance floor. Here are some styling tips for men at their weddings.

Have Product

Product is your best friend—so long as you don’t overdo it. If you’re doing your own wedding hairstyle, you will likely need to invest in the right products for your look. This can include pomade, gel, or hairspray. It’s helpful to keep this product in your wedding suite or in a location you have easy access to on your wedding day. This will allow you to duck away for any touch-ups as necessary.

Consider a Pro

We’ve said it once, but it deserves to be repeated: If you’re not an expert at styling hair and don’t feel confident you know how to create a wedding look, hire a pro on your wedding day (if budget permits). This may simply mean visiting the barber the morning of your wedding, or having a stylist on site to touch up your hair after they’re done with your partner’s hair. The key thing to keep in mind is that your hair is going to be in your wedding photos—it’s important it looks as good as you want it to.

Be True to Yourself

While you may be tempted to try out an entirely new look for your wedding, you want to feel like yourself on your big day. This means choosing a wedding hairstyle that actually reflects who you are as a person and how you feel most comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with doing your hair more formally or using products that you rarely use, but you don’t want to dramatically alter your look—unless that’s true to you. Bottom line: You want to feel your best. Go with a hairstyle that makes you feel that way.

Don’t Forget About Your Skin and Facial Hair

The hair on your head is important, but so is your facial hair and your skin. Don’t forget about it. Take care of your wedding grooming, and make sure it’s part of your process. For all the info you need, check out our guide on how to groom your beard for your wedding day. You also want to make sure you take care of your skin by drinking lots of water, moisturizing, and getting plenty of rest. A facial never hurts, either—plus, it’s a perfect excuse to get pampered and relax.

Zola: The Destination for All Your Wedding Needs

Men’s wedding hairstyles are an important part of their look on their wedding day. Between what suit, tux, or outfit you decide to wear, your wedding hairstyle should be considered and complement your look. It’s important that you pick the right style that suits your hair’s length, texture, and style.

Zola is here for you for every step of the wedding planning process, from deciding what hairstyle works best for you, to breaking down the duties of your groomsmen. Whatever advice you need or questions you have, we’re here to answer them. We take the stress out of wedding planning, so you can focus on the fun stuff: getting married.

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