Finding a Versatile Hairstylist for Your Wedding

Finding a hairstylist for your wedding day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here's our to help you navigate finding the perfect hairstylist for your wedding.

By Amanda Mitchell

Versatile Hairstylist for Your Wedding
Photo by Brett Brooner

The First Look ✨

There’s plenty to stress about on your wedding day—who has RSVP’d, who wants to sit where, how you want to look. And while there are a lot of things that can be delegated to other people (please do!), one thing that’s entirely in your hands is your wedding day hair.

And there’s a lot to think about. Wedding day hair not only has to look good through any major obstacle or issue, but it’s a hairstyle that should be classic enough to last in your photos forever. Not to mention, it’s vastly important to find a hairstylist who knows how to work with whatever type and texture hair you have.

To help you find the right person for the job, we reached out to Annagjid "Kee" Taylor, celebrity hairstylist and natural hair YouTuber, for her best tips for finding an experienced hairstylist.

What’s the Difference Between Wedding Hair and Everyday Hair?

Finding a Versatile Hairstylist for Your Wedding Photo Credit // Bellagala Photography

It’s pretty easy: It’s you, but grander. Your wedding day is a special occasion, so most people want a special hairstyle to match. Your wedding hairstyle, whether it’s a big updo or a gentle low ponytail, is just another reflection of yourself on your special day.

Finding the Perfect Hairstylist

Just like any other aspect of a wedding, finding a good bridal stylist requires a bit of research and time. You not only want someone who knows how to handle your type of hair, but also someone with bridal hair experience. If you need some help booking a talented hairstylist for your wedding day, browse Zola's Vendor directory for trusted wedding hair and makeup arists in Chicago, IL to Miami, FL and everything in between.

Before booking any sessions or trials, peep your ideal stylist’s social media pages. “You definitely want to look at examples of a stylist's past work to make sure you like their work,” says Taylor. “Also, check out any references or reviews to ensure the stylist is well liked and respected.” She suggests imagining: Will you love this hair when you show your wedding photos to your grandkids?

Here are a few questions to keep in mind when consulting with a potential stylist:

  • Do they specialize in wedding hair?
  • Have they done styles similar to the ones you have in mind? (Bring pictures!)
  • Will the style hold all day, including through a reception?
  • In case you want to change for the reception, can the style be transitioned?
  • What’s their level of flexibility and collaboration on the style?

How to Prepare for a Bridal Consultation

Always do a wedding hair trial styling day—maybe even two. Try to plan your makeup and hair trial on the same day, so you can get a better idea of what the final look will be like. Provide your stylist with as many hair inspiration photographs as you can in advance, as well as photos of your dress and your makeup inspiration, too. This will help them ensure that they’re giving you exactly what you want while also managing expectations.

To guarantee your happiness, don’t be afraid to experiment during your trial. “I've had brides try as many as six styles in a day, so you definitely want to take that time to make sure that you love the look,” says Taylor. “These consultations are almost a rehearsal dinner for the final look.”

What About the Wedding Party?

Finding a Versatile Hairstylist for Your Wedding Photo Credit // Brett Brooner

To ensure your support system looks as good as you do on the big day, you’ll want to choose a bridal party stylist that’s as good as your own. It’s common to keep the stylists in the family, hiring multiple stylists from the same salon or same team. Depending on how big the wedding party is, you’ll typically need to have one to three stylists on hand to ensure everything flows smoothly.

If you have a multicultural wedding party, it’s also important to communicate that with your stylist and any stylist involved. Hair can be particularly sensitive for some people, and not all hairstylists have been trained to do all types of hair. You don’t want to upset a member of your bridal party because a stylist made them feel inferior due to their hair texture. The best way to avoid this is to really do your research beforehand and identify a stylist that’s comfortable with the hair textures of your wedding party.

Here are some good questions to ask your hairstylist when booking for your wedding party:

  • How many stylists are needed for my wedding party, based on the size?
  • What styles for the wedding party will complement, but not overshadow, the bride's look?
  • How much time will you need to execute all of these styles? All in all, finding a versatile, talented hairstylist doesn’t have to be particularly hard. Make sure you’re communicating your needs and wants, and that they have background and experience creating the look you want. If you do all of that, your wedding day will go off without a hitch.
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