Flower Girl Hair Ideas

Looking for some flower girl hair ideas? Here are flower girl hairstyles to inspire you and the wee members of your wedding party

By Laura Hensley

Flower Girl Hair Ideas
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The First Look ✨

  • Don’t overlook your flower girls’ hairstyles; you must give guidance on what you’d like at your wedding.
  • For flower girls with short hair, hair ideas include pigtails, headbands, and au natural with a bow. When it comes to flower girls with medium to long hair, hair ideas include braided hairstyle crowns, ballerina buns, and updos.
  • Let your flower girls’ parents or guardians know early on what you’d like them to wear, and whether their hair will be done with the rest of the bridal party or if they're expected to come ready to go.

Whether you have one flower girl or a group of them, flower girls add an instant cute factor to your wedding day. While flower girls—who are typically young family members or children of close friends—are charming regardless, you’ll need to consider some hair ideas for them that are both age-appropriate and match your wedding style.

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Hold Up, Do I need to Consider the Flower Girls’ Hair?

In short, yes. Flower girls’ hairstyles should not be overlooked, as they are just as much part of the wedding party as everyone else. It’s a good idea to give guidance to the parents of a flower girl, so everyone looks cohesive on your wedding day.

Part 1: What Flower Girls Do And How to Pick One—or a Few!

Flower girls play a special role in weddings—one that warms not only the heart of you and your spouse but also the hearts of all your guests. Their job, aside from looking sweet, is to sprinkle the aisle with flower petals before the bride makes her way to the altar. While it’s not mandatory to have flower girls involved in your nuptials, it’s a nice way to incorporate a younger sister, niece, family member, or child of a close friend.

What Flower Girls Do

Flower girls got their start in Ancient Rome and their role has slightly evolved from the old days. Marriages were often arranged, and back then, having children was the main purpose of getting hitched. Young girls would tend to the bride, symbolizing her transition from girlhood to adulthood. The girls would also walk down the aisle ahead of the bride carrying wheat and herbs to represent good wishes of fertility.

Nowadays, wheat at weddings is mostly found in bread baskets. Flower girls scatter flower petals (hence their name) from a flower basket and can also help out with the bride’s train if they’re older. Flower girls are also considered part of the wedding party and are often included informal photographs.

Some couples opt to include flower girls throughout the wedding, too and have them help out with tasks like greeting guests and handing out ceremony programs. Of course, the age of the flower girl will inform what she’s able to do. No one expects a four-year-old to read a seating chart.

How to Pick Flower Girls

Picking flower girls is often an overlooked aspect of building a wedding party, but it’s important to think ahead. Typically, flower girls range in age from three to nine years old. While there’s no hard rule, once a loved one hits the pre-teenage, they should be considered a junior bridesmaid instead.

Flower girls are often the children of family members of the couple. Think cousins, nieces, young siblings, step-siblings, or the daughters of close friends. The parents and the child must be both able to partake in the wedding. While it should go without saying, you want to include flower girls whose parents or guardians are at the wedding and/or able to get them to the event. It’s a lot to ask of a young child, so having parental support is important.

How Many Flower Girls Should I Have?

As many as you’d like. If you have a big family or lots of adorable wee ones, you might want to include several flower girls, so no one feels left out. All of them can scatter petals, or you can have a pair of younger flower girls walk first with the flowers and an older flower girl follow you, holding your wedding dress train. Get creative—the options are endless.

How Early Should You Ask Flower Girls to Be in the Wedding—and How Should You Ask Them?

Like most aspects of wedding planning, it’s good to be organized and start the work early. Being a flower girl doesn’t require the same time or financial commitment that being a bridesmaid does, but it’s still a commitment that both the child and parent need to agree to. You need to factor in the time it takes to shop for a flower girl dress, including shipping time. Make your requests a few months ahead of the wedding to give everyone enough prep time.

Once you get the parent or guardians OK, it’s time to ask the young one if they’d like to be a flower girl. You can get creative and send them a little gift, or you can ask them in person with a special note and a big hug. Just be sure to let the child know if there’s going to be more than one flower girl on the big day. You don’t want a kid thinking they’re the star of the hour only to find out it’s a three-person job.

Common Flower Girl FAQs

Do Flower Girls Need to Carry Flowers?

While the name in and of itself implies flower girls should only carry flowers, that’s not the case. Flower girls can carry balloons, hold signs, scatter glitter or confetti instead of petals, walk a beloved pet down the aisle with them, or hold the hands of bridesmaids or other members of the wedding party. It’s really up to you.

Do Flower Girls’ Dresses Need to Match?

No, but they often do. Typically, flower girls sport white dresses to match the bride and some couples opt to have them sport identical dresses to one another. That said, if flower girls are of varying ages and have their sense of style, it may be best to let them pick their looks that work within your wedding theme and aesthetic. You want them to feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

Should Flower Girls Be Part of Pre-Wedding Activities?

If you’re having a wedding shower, it’s nice to invite flower girls. Depending on the age of your flower girls, allowing them to bond with other members of the wedding party can help them feel more at ease on the big day.

Since flower girls are part of the wedding ceremony, you might want to include them in the rehearsal, too. If they aren’t part of the official rehearsal dinner, it’s a good idea to ensure they’ve had a practice of walking down the aisle, so they know what to expect on the wedding day. It can help reduce nerves or confusion as to who does what and when once you go over it a few times.

How Will Flower Girls Head Down the Aisle?

This one depends on the age of the flower girl. If a flower girl is very young, she may need to be escorted by a parent or an older flower girl. Young ones can even be pulled in wagons/ Older flower girls can walk by themselves or next to another flower girl for support.

Part 2: How to Coordinate Flower Girl Hair on Your Wedding Day

Now that you know the 411 on flower girls, it’s time to talk flower girl hair coordination. There are many different styles for flower girls, but regardless of the hairstyle you choose, it’s important to think about who will do their hair and where.

You also need to consider your wedding theme and style. If you’re having a boho wedding, a floral crown and loose curls are perfect. For a winter wedding, an updo or bun may be best. Use your discretion, and find inspiration from the hairstyles you and your wedding party will be wearing on your wedding day.

If the flower girl is older, it can be nice to include her in the bridal party’s wedding hair and makeup session. Kids often love playing dress-up, and it’s a really sweet way to make her feel super special and part of the celebration. While this can be an added cost with the wedding makeup artist, if it’s within your budget, it’s a great way to thank the flower girl for being part of your big day. See what your wedding hairstylist will charge to do kids’ hair. A junior stylist may be able to tag along just for the kiddies.

If you go this route and have the flower girls get their hair professionally done, you should take into consideration their age and attention spans. If you have lively five-year-olds who are prone to running around, it’s often best to have their hairstyles done just before the ceremony starts to reduce the chance that the hairdo will get ruined or come out of place. Likewise, if an older flower girl is helping usher in guests as part of her duties, she may need to go earlier than others so she’s ready in time. A wedding schedule is super useful for this.

If you’re asking flower girls to come to the wedding with their hair already done, be sure to let their parents or guardian know exactly what you’re looking for and how to execute it. If all flower girls are wearing white headbands, be sure those are in the hands of responsible adults. If you’re asking the flower girls to come with ponytails, share photographs ahead of time so everyone is on the same page. Don’t pick something super complicated or elaborate The key here is to make it as easy as possible.

If you aren’t enforcing a standardized hairstyle for flower girls, you have less to worry about in regards to coordination. Still, it’s a good idea to convey ideas so parents aren’t left scratching their heads.

If you have a wedding coordinator or someone who's helping out on-site, it’s part of their job to round up members of the wedding party and get them ready to walk down the aisle. You can have them make sure all the flower girls are set with their hairstyles and ready to go.

Part 3: Flower Girl Hair Ideas for Short Hair


Pigtails is an easy and cute hairstyle for very young flower girls. For kids that still have thin baby hair, pigtails are a way to keep the hair up and off the face with little effort. They’re also great for accessories, like little white bows or embellished clips. Ribbon can also be tied around flower girls’ pigtails for an extra aww-factor. For flower girls with hair that’s long enough to curl, a few twirls of a wand can add a bit more formality.

Side Part With Bows

A side part is simple, but oh-so-sweet for flower girls. Part the flower girls’ short hair on either side just slightly away from the center and hold it in place with a bow clip. The hair accessory can match the color of the dress, or it can contrast the dress for a pop of color or texture. Think tulle, lace, or satin. Not a fan of bows? Try holding the hair in place with an embellished clip.


Headbands are perfect for young flower girls, especially those aged three to five. It can be hard for young flower girls to keep their hairstyles pristine (they’re kids after all!), so a headband is a safe way to make sure that their hair is set while they’re walking down the aisle and posing for photos. There are endless flower girl headband styles, including ones with real flowers, artificial fabric flowers, bows, and decorative details, like sequins or rhinestones.

Natural Curls

For flower girls with beautiful natural curls, let them shine on the wedding day. Natural curls can be worn with hair accessories like crystal bobby pins or adorned with a tiara. A flower crown is also a great option to wear with natural hair.

Loose Waves

Curling flower girls’ hair with either sponge rollers or a curling wand is a way to make flower girls feel all grown up and glamorous. Loose waves can be worn down or pulled back with bobby pins. The beauty of loose waves is that they fall naturally throughout the night, so there’s less worry about making sure the hairstyle remains intact.

French Braids

French braids are a classic flower girl look. They can be done with short hair or long hair and styled in many different ways. For flower girls with shorter hair, French braids are an ideal style that looks fancy and formal in a pretty effortless way. Flower girls can have two French braids running down both sides of their head and tied with ribbon or one French braid down the back of the head.

Au Natural

For young flower girls whose hair is still growing in, letting their locks run au natural is an easy, sweet style that’s both age-appropriate and adorable. If flower girls are prancing down the aisle with their hair as-is, you can add a tiara or flower crown for a touch of fun. If you do add a flower crown on top of the hair, be sure it’s secured tight enough with either a ribbon or pins.

Part 4: Flower Girl Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

Flower Crown

Who doesn’t love a flower crown at a wedding? Some couples opt for crowns made of real flowers that match wedding boutiques, while others choose fabric flower crowns. The artificial ones are often much cheaper and last longer. If bridesmaids are wearing flower crowns, flower girls can sport matching ones. It’s a cute way to keep all members—younger and older—looking consistent.

Half Up. Half Down

For flower girls that have medium to long hair, an effortless yet classic hairstyle is a half-up, half-down look. This hair idea can be executed in many different ways: with curls, straight hair, half-pony, half-bun, or fishtail braid cascading down the remaining hair. If a professional hairstylist is doing the flower girl's hair, they may suggest some creative kid-friendly ideas based on your wedding aesthetic and wedding theme.

Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are fantastic. Not only are they effortless, but they’re also a go-to flower girl hairstyle for girls with medium to long hair. Buns can be secured in place with bobby pins—including decorative ones—and hair sprayed. Throw on a floral scrunchie for an added oomph.

Natural Curls

Regardless of hair length, natural hair and curls look fantastic for flower girls of any age. Flowers can be added for a touch of glamor, either tucked behind the ear or through a flower crown. If you want to scale back on the hair accessories, flower girls can wear their natural curls just as they are.

Braided Crown

Braids are popular flower girl hairstyles. There are so many wedding hair ideas that involve braids, including braided crowns, that use the flower girl’s hair to create a design around the head. Flowers can be added into the braided crown design to match the petals the flower girl will scatter down the aisle.


Let flower girls feel as special as the bride with a more formal updo. An updo is a popular hair idea for flower girls with longer locks, as stylists can create whimsical designs with curls, braids, twists, and baby breath or flowers. The options are endless.

Zola: The Place for All Your Flower Girl Hair Inspiration

Flower girls are an adorable part of a wedding procession. Even though they’re often the youngest members of the wedding party, it’s important to consider the flower girls’ hairstyles as part of their look. This not only makes them feel special and included on your big day but also helps their parents know exactly what you're looking for. Make sure the flower girls’ hairstyles are age-appropriate, realistic to execute, and reflective of your wedding theme.

At the end of the day, even if they rip off their headbands or pull out their bun, flower girls are adorable and will make all your guests say “aww” before you wow them.

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