Wedding Coloring Pages for Kids: How to Include and Entertain Your Smallest Guests

Plan a child-friendly wedding with these fun coloring pages and activities for kids.

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Wedding planning can be stressful, and often feels like an endless game of 20 (thousand) questions coming from all directions. One of the big questions your guests have is if their kids are getting invites, too. Ultimately, when you consider inviting children, you’re balancing your budget, space, and entertainment plans.

The decision can be controversial since 25% of people believe kids should be invited to a wedding. Still, if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, it’s hard to pay $50+ a plate for a 6-year-old who really just wants mac and cheese. Then you have to keep them busy, which can be costly and challenging when considering age and ability differences.

If you decide you want a child-free wedding, that’s totally acceptable and your guests will still love you for it. If you decide you love all of your little cousins and just need the perfect way to include and entertain them, then we have the tips, wedding coloring printables, and activity guides you’re looking for.

How to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding


Kids are bundles of energy and, depending on their age and relation, probably aren’t that interested in your life-long commitment to love. It’s a tough task for them to sit through the ceremony, cocktail hour, and grown-up speeches when they’re just waiting for the cake. However, if you plan ahead, everyone can enjoy a beautiful, kid-friendly wedding.

Assign a task.

Kids love to help, and luckily someone way-back-when was a genius and made involving kids in your wedding a tradition. If you’ve filled the ring bearer and flower-child positions and still want to include other children, know there are plenty of to-dos left!

You can always invite children to hand out programs at the ceremony and help guests find their seats at the reception. Children too old to be a flower-child or ring bearer (though there is no age limit!) can be included as junior attendants to the couple’s wedding parties.

Host a kids’ table.

When you have a kids’ table or activity room, kids can entertain each other while parents get some time to mingle as adults. When you set up the table with age-appropriate games and activities, the children can stay busy with minimal supervision.

Important things to keep in mind about a kids’ table are to keep it age-appropriate and make it fun. Consider skipping the table cloth and covering the table with butcher paper so the kids have a huge canvas to color on. You can also set out games, like a centerpiece of Legos and building challenges to keep them engaged.

Gift fun favors.

Small gifts will help the kiddos feel special, while also giving them something to do at the reception. Slime, glowsticks, and bubbles are quick and easy favorites. Crafts like friendship bracelets and fortune tellers can keep them busy, and they get to bring their DIY favor home to keep.

Provide activity pages.

Wedding coloring pages and printable activities are in every on-the-go parent’s survival kit for a reason. They’re cheap, fun, and soothing activities to keep children mentally engaged. They’re also super customizable to children's interests and abilities, and there are options for every age group.

There are a lot of ways to include and entertain kids at your wedding, but you already have so much to plan. To help alleviate some of your stress, we’ve prepared six wedding coloring printables and activities for your littlest wedding guests.

Wedding Coloring Pages and Activities for Kids

We’ve created printables for kids of all ages and abilities to feel included and welcomed at your wedding. Each printable includes an activity and coloring component, so kids can stay engaged and share their creativity when they’re done.

Share your wedding day memories.

Kids of all ages can enjoy completing this card, and it’s a great memento to keep or gift to the couple. Children can draw the newlyweds on their big day and fill out the prompts with memories and advice for the pair.



Decorate your own wedding cake.

This activity allows kids of all ages to design their own wedding cake. It includes prompts to choose their cake and icing flavors, then top it off by drawing a cake topper. It’s guaranteed no two cakes will be the same, and kids can have fun coming up with creative cake combinations.



Plan your dream wedding.

Everyone can enjoy coloring this page using the couple’s wedding as inspiration, or by designing their own party. Older kids will have fun coming up with party themes and palettes as they plan their own dream wedding.



Choose your wedding rings.

Choose your wedding bands by coloring this printable with your favorite stone and color combination. The flower border adds to the coloring fun.



Solve a wedding crossword.

This wedding-themed crossword is better for older kids and great for teamwork. Challenge their knowledge of wedding traditions and themes and they may learn something new!



Fold your fortune.

Fortune tellers are a favorite and kids enjoy making them, so you can encourage older kids to help others who may struggle to fold them. These are customizable, so each kid will have a different fortune teller to play with. You can even pre-fill one with fun facts about the couple as a fun game for kids and adults.



Inviting kids to your wedding adds to the fun and makes it easier for parents to join your celebration. Kids just need support, and it’s important to recognize a child’s limits to prepare them for success with plenty of activities and games. Then everyone can enjoy the party and send you off to the next chapter of your life with lots of love.


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