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Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles

We’re outlining everything you could ever need to know about the top spring wedding hairstyles.

By Rachel Varina

Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles
Photo by Stacy Able Photography

From the fresh flowers to the long-awaited sunshine, spring is one of the most stunning times to have a wedding. The snow has melted and, now that the holidays have come and gone, everyone’s ready to celebrate again. If you’re planning a spring wedding, you’re probably trying to find ways to channel the bright colors, stunning vistas, and cheery vibes the season brings.

Between the dress, the venue, the florals, and the decor, there are a lot of different elements that come together to set a wedding vibe. And while you might not have realized just how integral your hairstyle is when pulling your wedding look together, stylists agree: It can make or break your look.

That’s why we’re outlining everything you could ever need to know about the top spring wedding hairstyles. This way, you can celebrate the special occasion in a style worthy of the season.

Table of contents:

How to Pick a Spring Wedding Hairstyle

If you’re wondering how to find the perfect spring wedding hairstyle, there’s actually a lot to consider. From the wedding venue to your day-of getup, here’s what you need to keep in mind before pinning down your day-of look.

Consider the Wedding Venue/Location

“When thinking about a spring wedding hairstyle, a bride may want to consider a couple of things before committing to the ‘I do’ hairstyle,” says Jordynn Wynn, the co-founder of INH Hair. “A big consideration is the location and venue.” Since spring is known for weather that changes at the drop of a hat, pay close attention to where the celebration will take place. If the venue is outdoors or the location is somewhere warm and humid, it’s a good idea to think twice about super sleek or hair-down styles, especially if your locks tend to frizz or lose shape in damp weather.

Pro Tip: Consider Having a Plan B Hairstyle

“Since spring comes with unpredictable weather changes—mostly humidity and rain—a good strategy in case of any unpredictable weather is to have a possible plan B hairdo planned out,” suggests Wynn.

This is especially a good idea if you’re the bride or in the wedding party. Having a hair plan is an essential part of wedding planning. If your venue is outside or your celebration is in the springtime, consider having another hair option in case you wake up to rain or heavy air. This way you can still enjoy the day without worrying about your hairstyle deflating or frizzing. And before you panic about a little shower on your big day, remember: Rain on your wedding is actually a sign of luck! “If, even after all this planning, something happens and it’s not quite perfect, try not to sweat it too much,” says Wynn. “You likely won’t even think about your hair once you lock eyes with your new spouse.”

Consider Your Day-of Look

What you wear to a wedding will greatly determine how you want to style your hair, so before you take any inspo pics to your stylist, pick out your day-of outfit. “Warmer months come with more options to ditch long sleeves and go for strapless, halter, or spaghetti strap dresses,” says Wynn. “Compare the dress type with different wedding hairstyles to decide what combination complements them (and the bride’s personality and style) the best.”

Once you know what you’re wearing, it’s a good idea to consider any accessories you’ll be rocking as well. Typically, bold accessories or a busier gown pairs nicely with a more understated hairstyle. Regardless, it’s a great idea to show your stylists not only photos of hair inspiration, but also pictures of your gown and accessories. This way, they can help you land on a style and envision the whole look.

Consider Your Personal Style

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch your own aesthetic. In fact, wedding experts agree that it is essential that you still feel like “you” on your wedding day. This will not only help you feel at ease, but can also help remove any jitters. Besides, your partner wants to see you up there at the altar.

That’s why Wynn suggests you look for ways to elevate the style(s) you gravitate toward and feel most comfortable with. Whether that means you elevate your signature ponytail or switch up your normal braid with a fishtail, blending the formal with the everyday is how you’ll feel your most beautiful for any special occasion.

Consider Your Hair Length and Type

While your hair type and length are major factors that come into play when selecting a spring hairstyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a style that your current length doesn’t allow. “Hair extensions are the perfect addition to spring wedding styles if the bride wants to easily add natural-looking length and volume. But, it can be tricky to know what to consider before investing in hair extensions, and they can be pricey,” says Wynn. “Look for brands that cater to your hair length, style, texture, color, and of course, price point needs.”

“Another aspect to consider about hair extensions is if the brand's hair is weather-proof or pre-styled. This is important to consider with unpredictable spring weather and styles a bride may want with hair extensions,” Wynn explains. “One last-minute thing to consider is if you (the bride) wants low-maintenance or high-maintenance hairpieces. Hair extensions that require a stylist for taping, sewing, beading, bonding, gluing, etc. tend to require a lot more maintenance and commitment than clip-ins on the big day.” Before purchasing any extensions you intend to use for your wedding, it’s a good idea to chat with your stylist to ensure they’ll work for your vision.

Consider Your Comfort Level

Before opting for extensions or an elaborate updo, it’s a good idea to consider your comfort level, says Wynn. “There are no real rules to spring hair, but comfort and longevity of style are two things I would also consider, because on your big day you want to focus on your I dos without worrying about your ‘do,” Wynn explains. Some people find accessories like combs or headbands give them headaches, whereas other people would prefer not to feel the potential pull of extensions. Consider this before you choose a style that could potentially cause you a headache on the special day.

Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles of 2022

“Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with flowers, plants, and trees coming back to life. Lean into the spring wedding season by taking inspiration from nature and trying something light, fun, and fresh,” suggests Wynn. “You might even want a few subtle face-framing baby hi-lites that look like you’ve had a moment in the sun.”

If you’re looking for some spring wedding hairstyle ideas, here are a few expert-recommended looks that are sure to take the stage in 2022 and beyond:

Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair for spring weddings is chic, classy, and cool, and we love seeing brides rock a short cut for their wedding days. Here are a few different spring styles to consider:

  • Add a floral-adorned headband to slicked-back hair for a feminine-meets-modern look.
  • Change up your part, and rock a birdcage veil for the ceremony.
  • Add some product for a spunkier style, and add some sparkly clips for even more glam.
  • Go product-free to soften up your look, and clip in a few sprigs of baby’s breath for even more romance.
  • Get a fresh buzz a few days before the celebration for a sophisticated and put-together look.

Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Here are a few of our favorite style options for medium-length hair (hair that falls between the collarbone and shoulder blade):

  • Opt for a loose, low bun with escape tendrils that will still look set even in the most unruly weather.
  • Add some light waves to your hair, pull up one side, and secure with a live flower for vintage-meets-romance.
  • A classic half-up, half-down style will keep your hair out of your face and hold from the ceremony to the final dance.
  • Slick your hair straight back with product, and wear it down your back for the ultimate chic spring look.
  • Showcase your natural texture by using some product for additional volume and sweeping your hair to the side in a dramatic side pony.

Top Spring Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair (whether natural or achieved with extensions)—any length past your shoulders—gives you tons of options by way of style. Here are a few of our favorite looks for spring:

  • Big barrel curls pinned half-up will keep you cool while letting you showcase your length.
  • Opt for a high, ballerina-style bun for outdoor ceremonies or potentially windy events.
  • Choose a thick, fishtail braid with seasonal tuck flowers between the strands.
  • Curl your locks for an elevated take on your classic look.
  • Braid the front portion of your hair, and wear the rest down, securing the end with a sparkly clip or flower.

Where to Find Additional Spring Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

“Luckily today, there are so many easy ways to find inspiration right from home,” says Wynn. “The best way a bride can find the ultimate dreamy wedding hairstyle is to grab their laptop and start researching. A good place to start is on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.”

Not only are wedding accounts a great place to find inspo, but so are photographer, venue, and makeup accounts as well. If you love the vibe of an artist or style, save it. The more you narrow down what you like, the easier it’ll be to select your spring hairstyle. Wynn also suggests paying attention to your own posts and noting any hairstyles you feel are reflective of your personality.

Haircare Tips and Tricks for Spring Brides

Here’s how to get your hair in tip-top shape for your spring wedding and keep it looking picture-perfect for your honeymoon and beyond.

How to Select a Stylist for Your Spring Wedding

Finding the right person to make your wedding hair dreams come true can seem stressful, but Wynn says the key here is to have patience and an open mind. “It might take a few trial runs and salons to find the right person, but remember that stylists do weddings all the time and have lots of experience,” she explains. “The right person for your style may not be your regular stylist. Hairstylists sometimes specialize in a certain area like color, cutting, or braiding, and your usual pro might not be the best fit for your vision.”

Simply be professional and open about what you’re looking for, and ask your regular stylist—as well as friends, family members, and co-workers—for suggestions. Wynn also suggests scheduling a few meetings with stylists prior to going in for trials to see if your visions and aesthetics align.

The Importance of a Hair Trial for Spring Brides

Heading into your hair trial, Wynn says that the first thing you want to do is have a wide selection of inspiration photos, and if possible, carve out time to try a few different stylists with your pro because “as is the case with the dress, the style you were envisioning may look completely different on.” Once you’re in the stylist’s chair, be honest and straightforward about what you do/don’t want. “Don’t be afraid to speak up during the trials—even if it’s with your regular stylist. It’s your day, make sure you’re getting what you want. It’s so worth the momentary discomfort.”

And once you’ve decided on a stylist, don’t change your mind at the last minute. “It is hard to put trust into one person, but the trial runs are done, the inspiration is perfect, and now it's time for a deep breath. let the stylist make the magic happen.” Not only is changing your pro last minute inconsiderate, but it’s also pricey, and you’ll run the risk of the new stylist not being able to pull off the look. Wynn’s final piece of advice surrounding hair trials is to be prepared and talk through your plan with your stylist so you’re both on the same page. “Spring weather is unpredictable, so having a backup hairstyle or quick anti-frizz hair hack ready to go will be necessary not to overlook.”

When to Get a Haircut Before Your Spring Wedding

Wynn suggests getting your final cut three to four weeks before your wedding date. This gives you time to adjust to the length and let it settle. If you find yourself faced with split ends, Wynn says you can opt for a very light trim the week prior, but warns against doing anything major.

When to Get Your Hair Colored Before Your Spring Wedding

Getting your hair colored before your wedding can feel a little daunting. “Having anywhere from three to six months gives a bride room to prep and change any hair aspects they may want,” says Wynn. Any hair color treatment desired for the big day should be finalized six weeks before the wedding date, which allows the color to settle in and look more natural.” That said, if you’re doing any significant cut or color changes, Wynn says they should be done at least eight months before the wedding. This allows plenty of time to let it grow out or change it if needed, and the time leading up to the wedding can be all about maintenance and upkeep.

How to Care for Your Hair Before Your Spring Wedding

Proper hair care is essential in the days leading up to your wedding. “It’s the time to let your hair breathe and prepare for the big styling day,” says Wynn. “Sometimes a tiny trim is needed to get rid of any last-minute split ends, and that’s okay, as long as no major hair cutting or coloring is happening.”

As for the night before the wedding, Wynn says you’ll want to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and steer clear of any styling products. “This will be helpful for any wedding updos, curls, and any other styling,” she explains. “You don’t want to show up to your appointment with wet hair, and clean but slightly lived-in hair holds styles a bit better.”

How to Ensure Your Spring Wedding Hairstyle Lasts Throughout the Event

If you’re worried about your hairstyle lasting until the end of the night, here are a few tips Wynn suggests to increase the lifespan of your look:

  • Have semi-dirty hair (wash a day or two before the wedding)
  • Consider pre-styled, quality extensions
  • Use a lot of hairspray (ask your stylist for the best ones for your hair that will hold but provide movement)
  • Ask a bridesmaid to hold a touchup purse with bobby pins, a small comb, and Quick Slick, which cleans up flyways without any messy residue.

4 Hair Accessories Perfect for a Spring Wedding

Spring hairstyles are all about sunshine and fresh feels, so incorporating that sentiment with your hair accessories is a great way to lean into the season. Here are some of our favorite spring hair accessories that can be incorporated into a variety of styles for an elevated yet on-trend look:

Fresh Florals

We love when brides and maids tuck fresh flowers in the updos, braids, or even behind their ears for a fun, flirty, vintage look. Chat with your florist about incorporating a few additional stems into your order for your hairdresser to weave into your day-of look.

Faux Flowers

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or don’t want to stress about a fresh flower drooping throughout the celebration, find a few matching faux flowers to use in your hairstyle. Whether they’re tucked into an updo or come in a full headband, there’s plenty you can do with florals. It’s a good idea to bring them to your hair trial, so you and your stylist can play around with a few different style variations to find what works best.


Scrunchies are once again the hottest hair accessory around, so showcase your fun side by selecting an elevated scrunchie and rocking a sleek, low ponytail to your celebration. If you’d rather something more elegant for the ceremony, a scrunchie is a great option for the reception to keep you cool while you hit the dance floor.


Headbands are not only sleek and stylish, but they pair perfectly with veils and updos, and they’ll keep your hair off your face through the ceremony and reception. Win-win!

Zola: The Spring Wedding Destination

At the end of the day, selecting a hairstyle can feel like a huge undertaking, but the pros suggest taking a step back and remembering what the day is all about. “It can be stressful and emotional when it comes to wedding hair, but simply choose a wedding hairstyle that feels right to you,” says Wynn. “Trends—or the opinions of mothers-in-law—probably won’t last. The feeling that you have on your day is the only thing that matters.”

That’s why Zola makes it easy with your vendor searching, planning, registry, and pro advice all in the same place. So you can spend less time stressing and more time celebrating everything that goes with your sensational spring wedding.

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