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Frequently asked questions

How much does hair and makeup cost for a wedding?

According to Thumbtack, wedding makeup artists cost $90–$475 per person on average in 2022. Here at Zola, we recommend putting aside around $300 for your own wedding hair and makeup. Services for wedding party members are generally less expensive, as the artist or stylist will spend less time perfecting the look. Be sure to have a transparent conversation with your wedding party if you expect them to cover their own costs.

How long does wedding hair and makeup take to do?

The more involved the look, the more time it will take. In general, allocate 60–90 minutes for your own looks and 30–45 minutes for each member of the wedding party. Extensions, extra thick hair, and intricate makeup all take longer. Communicating who (with pictures and descriptions) is getting what (again, with photos) to your stylists will help them plan an accurate timeline.

Who usually pays for hair and makeup for the wedding party?

Traditionally, whoever is asking for the services should pay. However, this may not be in the budget for every couple. If you’re planning on having your wedding party pay, be transparent when you first ask them to be in the wedding party itself. Then, they can choose whether it’s possible for them to participate.

How much should we tip for our wedding hair and makeup artists?

A good rule of thumb is to tip 15–20%.

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