15 Elegant Summer Wedding Hairstyles

From breezy waves with waterfall braids to more traditional updos, summer is the golden season for a breadth of hairstyle ideas.

By Ruksana Hussain

Wedding Hairstyles That Are in for Summer
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The First Look ✨

  • When it comes to the summer months, breezy styles with bohemian elements such as flowers and braids are a go-to.

  • For something slightly less traditional, consider a wavy lob or wedding updos with an edgy undercut. Retro touches and unique headpieces are another great way to mix it up.

  • Don’t be afraid of a little mess, whether it be tousled waves or an unkempt updo. With short hair, you might even use hairspray to wear your hair down.

  • You can rarely go wrong with classic looks such as voluminous chignons and half-up styles for your bridal hair choices.

“Summer hair” can have a million different meanings… with the most important being how you visualize yourself at your wedding. No matter your specific style or the theme of the event, it’s only natural that you might be thinking about how to style your hair on your big day.

Whether you’re looking for something up and out of the way, or easy and breezy to channel the vibes of your venue, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect wedding hairstyle. Below are 11 of our favorite styles to consider this summer:

1. Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers

When everything is in bloom, it’s only natural that you incorporate the best of the season. Flower crowns, hair vines, and pins adorned with dried florals are just a few options. The ethereal elegance of this look makes it especially suitable for slightly more casual venues and outdoor celebrations.

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2. Decorative Headpiece

Turn on the DIY glam with a jeweled headband, intricate headpiece, or celestial-inspired crown. Not only is it a decorative headpiece statement-worthy, but it serves a dual purpose in dressing things up while simultaneously keeping flyaways out of your face. Trendy clips and vintage hairpins are another great way to incorporate some bling in a more understated fashion.

Photo credit: Wedding Forward

3. Voluminous Updo

If you were hoping for big hair, but want it out of your face, there’s nothing more suitable than a sky-high updo with lots of volume. Pile thick curls high on your head or tease straight locks for some extra drama. Either way, don’t be afraid to work with your hair’s natural texture to come up with an updo that works for you.

Photo credit: Fabmood

4. Textured Waves

It’s true—mermaid hair never really goes out of style. If you’re getting married at the beach or another relatively casual setting, breezy waves are an easy way to capture the ambiance of the venue, while still maintaining an understated elegance. Feel free to add a simple headpiece or pin back some face-framing pieces to create a little more visual interest.

Photo credit: Wedding Forward

5. Messy Chignon

There’s a reason this easy, romantic style is a wedding favorite. Sophisticated, simple, and low maintenance, the messy chignon or undone ballerina bun works with a variety of themes and attire choices. Feel free to use decorative pins or dainty twists to keep stray hairs in place while adding a touch of glamor.

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6. Wavy Lob

Who said longer was the way to go? In lieu of more traditional curls, consider adding some waves to a short, choppy style. Not only will it be less predictable, but it will also shift the attention to other aspects of your look, whether it be dramatic makeup or a one-of-a-kind veil. Because of the versatility of this look, it works great for both casual settings and black-tie events.

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7. Half-up Hairdo

Not just for bridesmaids, half-up styles are another summertime wedding staple. Between braids, twists, bobby pins, and stylish hair accessories, there are plenty of ways to pull some of your hair out of your face while maintaining an elegant look. If you’re worried about the length of your hair, don’t fret—pulling just a few strands into a back tuck can achieve a nearly identical look.

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8. Undone Braids

If you’re hoping to achieve bohemian vibes on your big day, there are few looks as fitting as an unkempt, braided style. Whether it be a single, knotted braid with face-framing strands, or a more traditional, wavy style with waterfall braids, there are hundreds of ways that you can incorporate the iconic messy braid into your wedding-day look.

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9. Undercut Styles

For the slightly edgy or more daring bride, buoyant waves with an undercut or an updo with shaved sides are a sure way to make a statement. Top it off with a birdcage veil or a baroque hairpin to add a touch of retro romance to an otherwise unconventional look. Just be sure that you’re okay with the commitment and grow out, given that you’ll be managing it beyond your big day.

Photo credit: Hairstyle Camp

10. Breezy Bangs

Another great way to dress down a more traditional, formal style is by adding some fringe. Draw some extra attention to them by adding a romantic headband or flower crown to a simple, half-up style. Retro updos with a bit of teasing are another way to complement bold bangs.

Photo credit: Hairfinder

11. Vintage Updo

Consider throwing it back to the roaring ‘20s or the sky-high styles of the ‘60s by adopting a vintage take on a classic bridal updo for your big day. Finger waves, barrel curls, and teased coifs are just a few ways to channel a different decade as you walk down the aisle.

Photo credit: Make Me Bridal

12. Bedazzled Bun

A simple or intricate bun but with accessories to accentuate the style is what we are going for here. Make it high, low, tight, loose, refined, relaxed, with short or long hair but remember to decorate your tresses well with crystal tiaras, rhinestone headpieces, colorful beads, or other wedding dress appropriate options. Your hairstylist can help pick an option that best complements your overall look.

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13. Braided Half-Up, Half-Down

This braided updo is one of the lesser seen bridal hairstyles but adds a certain level of intricacy to the overall look. The half-up half-down option gives you the choice of leaving your tresses open at the back but still having the convenience of most of your hair pulled back from the face. This is a great style for those will long hair or thick and flowy tresses that need some help being contained in a defined hairstyle.

Photo credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

14. Side-Swept Hair

Sweeping most of your hair to one side of your head either in a boho chic style or as a low bun is a great option for a style that’s in between leaving your hair open and tying it up in a knot. Add a bejeweled hair clip to the other side and that’s all you need to get ready.

Photo credit: Heritage Gatherings

15. Center Part with Waves

Keep things simple with a center part and gorgeous waves on either side framing your face, neckline, and bodice, depending on the length of hair you are working with.

Photo credit: All Things Hair

There is no “perfect” look for your big day, particularly when there are so many great options to choose from. So, whether you’re tying the knot in a small backyard ceremony in the Mississippi heat or hosting a sophisticated, ballroom affair in New England, finding a summer-ready wedding style should be the least of your worries.

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