The Top 35 Minority-Owned/VoC Venues in NYC

Looking to work with locally-owned, minority business owners for your wedding? Our list of the top 35 minority-owned businesses in NYC is for you.

By Anni Irish

The Top 35 Minority-Owned/VoC Venues in NYC, Dhoom Events
Photo by Vivian Pang

The First Look ✨

Supporting local, minority-owned businesses is incredibly important in today's world. In a city as diverse as New York City that also means there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from when it comes to finding venues and vendors for your wedding. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, but don't know where to start, don't worry.

When putting together your wedding dream team, being thoughtful about whom you want to work with is important. Choosing to work with wedding professionals that align with you and your partner can also be a really empowering way to start your new life together.

To help make the process easier, we put together a list of some of the best known people in the industry, across different sectors ranging from wedding planners, makeup artists, florists, DJs, photographers, and more. Each of these wedding professionals represent a diverse group, and include wedding businesses that are Black-owned, Asian-owned, Hispanic or Latinx-owned, LGBTQ-owned, Native American-owned, and female-owned, too.


Wedding planners are the linchpin when it comes to putting together your big day. Often, they have working and pre-existing relationships with many people in the wedding industry, and thus can make the process of organizing your wedding go as smoothly as possible. Here are several wedding planners from across NYC who represent a number of communities:

1. pearl lee Creative (Asian and Black-owned)

pearl lee Creative Photo from pearl lee Creative's listing

pearl lee Creative is a female, Asian and Black-owned business that is composed of two friends Pearl and Kayla. Using their years of expertise in party planning, they want to help you plan the wedding of your dreams in the best and most affordable way possible. Contact pearl lee Creative and get started today.

2. Events by Sheavonne (Black-owned)

Events by Sheavonne Photo from Events by Sheavonne's listing

With nearly two decades of party and wedding planning experience, Events by Sheavonne is a go-to professional in the industry. Sheavonne's eagle eye attention to detail, exclusive network of vendors that she has cultivated over the years, and her desire to bring each couple's dream wedding to life makes her one of the best in the industry. Learn more about Events by Sheavonne and consider working with her as you start the next chapter of your life together.

3. Nomade Weddings (Latinx-owned)

Nomade Weddings Photo from Nomade Weddings's listing

Located in Jersey City, Nomade Weddings is a primer planning service that is Latinx owned. The team at Nomade Weddings pays meticulous attention to detail, and they have the ability to help craft a wedding from either the most specific plans or from the ground up (if you don't know where to start). They pride themselves on working closely with your and your partner to make your big day special.

4. One 15 Events (LGBTQ-owned)

One 15 Events Photo from One 15 Events's listing

Erica and Alana Crasner, co-owners of One 15 Events, know just what special elements go into planning a momentous event. With almost 16 years of wedding planning between them, Erica and Alana plan every event as if it’s their own. Their ability to make the most unique elements of a couple shine on their wedding, while infusing special touches that only they can provide make them a popular choice. Learn more about One 15 Events and consider booking with them today.

Photographers and Videographers

Capturing the once in a lifetime moments at your wedding is vital. That's why hiring photographers and videographers that are on board with your vision and can perfectly capture every second of your big day, while making you look great in the process, is everything.

1. Mike Zhu Films (Asian-owned)

Mike Zhu Films Photo from Mike Zhu Films's listing

Mark and Daphne Zhu are an NYC-based videographer and photographer company. When it comes to documenting your wedding, the Zhus knows how important it is to capture the special moments that will become the ones that you will cherish for the rest of your life. With both video and photography options, Zhu Films has got you covered for all the big moments that you want to make sure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

2. Impressenshi (Asian-owned)

Impressenshi Photo from Impressenshi's listing

Originally from Malaysia, Senshi, the owner of Impressenshi, is a NYC-based wedding photographer. Inclusivity is the key to how Senshi approaches taking photographs, and she goes out of her way to make sure that everyone involved in your special day feels included. Impressenshi goes above and beyond to get the shots that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

3. The Acquahs (Black-owned)

The Acquahs Photo from The Acquahs's listing

Jones and Dashana Acquah are the owners and masterminds behind The Acquahs, a Brooklyn-based video production company. This husband and wife duo strive to bring you the best when it comes to capturing the moments that you will want to have forever. Having been through the wedding process themselves, and having worked with many wedded couples, they know exactly what to do to get the shots that matter most, and they are prepared to cover all your wedding-based events.

4. Just a Love Story (Black-owned)

Just A Love Story Photo from Just a Love Story's listing

Tori-Ann Taylor is the owner and photographer behind the camera at Just a Love Story. Taylor goes above and beyond to get to know her clients, to make them feel comfortable, and to get the perfect shots on their big day. With seven years of photography experience, you know that you're in good hands.

5. Luis Zepeda Photography (Latinx-owned)

Luis Zepeda Photography Photo from Luis Zepeda Photography's listing

Luis Zepeda brings over eight years of photography and editorial experience. And, when it comes to capturing the perfect shots for your wedding, his trained eye and keen attention to detail have made him a cut above the rest. Zepeda's friendly demeanor and his ability to put people at ease also translates into the photographs he takes that will last a lifetime.

6. East of Eden (Latinx-owned)

East of Eden Photo from East of Eden's listing

Benjamin Doughty and Christina Rosado are the the owners and videographers behind East of Eden, an NYC-based company. They are looking to tell your unique story, and, with their help and expertise, they capture all the gorgeous moments of your wedding.Through their creative and cinematic approach, you will want to revisit your wedding video for the rest of your life.

7. Justin McCallum Photography (LGBTQ-owned)

Justin McCallum Photography Photo from Justin McCallum Photography 's listing

Justin McCallum is a photographer that places the stories of the people he is working with in all the images that he takes. Whether you want to capture those tender, loving moments between you and your partner on your wedding day, or cut loose on the dance floor with your friends and family, McCallum's easygoing nature helps him get every shot you want, so that you can look back on them forever.

8. Marilyn Lamanna Photography (LGBTQ-owned)

Marillyn Lamanna Photography Photo from Marilyn Lamanna Photography's listing

Marilyn Lamanna's love of photography comes through in every image that she captures. Her zest for life and desire to capture the stories of those around her is evident in the photographs she takes of couples and the wedding celebration. Her artistic eye and creative approach will produce beautiful photographs of your big day.

9. Shelby Philips (LGBTQ-owned)

Shelby Philips Photo from Shelby Philips's listing

Shelby Phillips is an NYC-based photographer that prioritizes her relationship with each client. This means that she gets to know you and your partner, as well as the kinds of photos that you are after, so that she can then put a plan into action. Phillips will go above and beyond to capture every moment of your wedding day, and you will love the end result.

Beauty Artists and Florists

Some of the most important wedding details come down to beauty and flowers. Flowers can set a tone and help to enhance your big day. And, ranging from hair to makeup, feeling good and looking great are all vital things that you need for your big day.

1. Juju Glamour (Asian-owned)

Juju Glamour Photo from Juju Glamour's listing

Juju Glamour, owned and operated by Judy Chung, is a world-class makeup artist who wants to make you and your wedding party look and feel your best. Chung brings over a decade of beauty and wedding industry experience, and her work has been featured in a number of national and international campaigns. With Juju Glamor you know that you’re in great hands, as she will make sure that the look you have in mind is delivered flawlessly.

2. Truly Happy Beauty (Latinx-owned)

Truly Happy Beauty Photo from Truly Happy Beauty's listing

Margie Bresciani, owner of Truly Happy Beauty, brings over a decade of commercial beauty industry combined with bridal experience. This resume has resulted in Bresciani helping to make wedding parties look gorgeous for over a decade in the Metro NYC area and beyond. Her capable team specializes in makeup and hair styling services, so no matter the look that you have in mind, the Truly Happy Beauty team will work with you to make it a reality.

3. Tanaya J Makeup (Black-owned)

Tanaya J Makeup Photo from Tanaya J Makeup's listing

Tanaya J has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, and her results are the best reflection of her expertise. She has worked on wedding day, editorial, fashion, beauty, and television/film makeup, so you can be assured that Tanya J Makeup will produce a stunning look for your walk down the aisle.

4. Henna by Naty (Latinx-owned)

Henna by Naty Photo from Henna by Naty's listing

Henna is a beautiful art form that has been around for centuries, and if you’re looking for a practitioner for your wedding, Henna by Naty is it. With a background in fine arts and graphic design, plus over 10 years of experience, Natalie (aka Naty) wants to connect and empower people through the henna that she creates for them. Naty wants to bridge cultural gaps and educate people about this practice, while also creating beautiful henna designs for your wedding and other special events.

5. Koat Floral (Asian-owned)

Koat Floral Photo from Koat Floral's listing

This NYC-based floral design studio specializes in creating one-of-a-kind floral decorations. Using natural and textured florals and plates, Koat Floral approaches each wedding with your vision in mind while helping bring it to life.

6. Alexis Denise Floral Design (Black-owned)

Alexis Denise Floral Design Photo from Alexis Denise Floral Design's listing

Alexis Denise Floral Design works hard on behalf of their clients to create truly stunning and unique floral arrangements for weddings and beyond. Owner and Designer Alexis Denise prides herself on being able to bring a couple's floral ideas to life, while also getting to know you in the process. She is committed to giving you everything you want in florals for your big day, and making it a great experience in the process.

7. PlanterRob (Black-owned)


Photo from PlanterRob's listing

PlanterRob, aka Robert Jefferies, works to cultivate and create anti-racist messaging through the floral designs that he creates. Using his larger social justice cause, PlanterRob wants to create beautiful arrangements for you, as well as empower you through his larger approach to plants and the floral industry on your wedding day.

8. Andy and Cynthia (Black/Latinx/LGBTQ-owned)

Andy & Cynthia Photo from Andy and Cynthia's listing

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Andy approaches the way he creates his floral arrangements much like a fashion shoot. Focusing on his client's vision, Andy and Cynthia want your imagination to run wild with your wedding day dreams, and they will help to make it a reality.

9. By Yena Designs (Asian-owned)

By Yena Designs Photo from By Yena Designs's listing

Yena Jung is the creative director and founder of Yena Designs. Jung and her team help couples create beautiful floral arrangements for their wedding events in a creative and fun way. Jung's meticulous attention to detail and keen eye for both color and style will be a huge asset to planning the floral arrangements for your big day.

Cakes, Desserts, and Caterers

Food plays a huge role in any wedding, and it’s essential to find both the right caterer to wow your guests’ taste buds, as well as a delicious cake to end the event on a sweet note.

1. Brent Bakes (Asian-owned)

Brent Bakes

Photo from Brent Bakes's listing

Brent Bakes is an Asian-owned, small business located in Staten Island that specializes in desserts and baked goods for all occasions. If you’re looking for beautiful, delicious cakes and treats for your wedding, book a consultation with Brent Bakes to find out more.

2. The Black Cake Company (Black-owned)

The Black Cake Company Photo from The Black Cake Company's listing

Angela Price is the owner of The Black Cake Company. With over 35 years of experience producing the rich heritage of the black cake tradition, she is a go-to person when it comes to catering desserts. Specializing in black and rum cakes, the best part is that Price's cakes are made to order and can be shipped worldwide.

3. Daniel Colonel LLC (LGBTQ-owned)

Daniel Colonel LLC Photo from Daniel Colonel LLC's listing

Daniel Colonel LLC is a NYC-based pastry chef that developed a love for the sweet things in life early on. This passion for food has culminated in his business where he truly wants to tell a story through handmade desserts that he creates. Your unique love story can come to life through one of Colonel’s creations.

4. Paisley Restaurant (Asian-owned)

Paisley Restaurant Photo from Paisley Restaurant's listing

Check Beck has earned his rank in the culinary community. Previously working as the executive chef at Tamarind, which earned him a prestigious Michilen Star, he now mans the kitchen at Paisley where his take on Indian cuisine comes to life. Specializing in a variety of regional dishes that come from across India, Chef Beck and his team will take the time to develop a menu for your wedding that will be truly delicious and unique.

5. Kinky Taco (Black-owned)

Kinky Taco Photo from Kinky Taco's listing

Kinky Taco is a Black-owned food truck and caterer that can create a special food experience for couples who are looking for an out-of-the-box food experience. Utilizing African American flavors that blend Cajun and other influences, their menu was developed by chef Airis Johnson, a Food Network “Chopped” Champion. This is a truly next level taco experience, and Johnson's training and unique take gives it an even more elevated spin.

Bands, DJs, and Venues

1. Red Rooster Harlem/Ginny’s Supper Club (Black-owned)

Located in the iconic Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, Red Rooster has a reputation that truly precedes itself. Named after the speakeasy that attracted many prominent artists, musicians, and politicians to it over the years, Co-Creators Andrew Chapman and Marcus Samuelsson, have created a space that wants to celebrate the community, while also paying homage to its cultural and culinary contributions. Red Rooster is the perfect wedding venue for couples who are looking for a space that will inject their special day with joy, delicious food, and great drinks.

2. Atrium82 (Black-owned)

Atrium82 Photo from Atrium82's listing

Located in the heart of Park Slope in Brooklyn, Atrium 82 is a community-owned space that wants to uplift those around them. This unique and luxurious space offers clients an affordable option to hold their wedding at, while also letting them run wild with their creativity in terms of how they want to transform it. It’s conveniently located to downtown Brooklyn, Prospect Park, and other buzz-worthy areas, plus it offers a number of great perks, such as Tiffany stained glass, gorgeous hardwood floors, and exposed brick.

3. Marcus Ho DJ (Asian-owned)

Marcus Ho Photo from Marcus Ho DJ's listing

Marcus Ho is a DJ with over 16 years in the entertainment industry. Music has always played a huge role in Ho's life, and he wants to create exciting and memorable events for the people he works with. From classic hits and slow jams, to the latest in EDM and techno, Ho works closely with couples to curate a musical experience that you will remember.

4. Dhoom Events - Indian Wedding DJ (Asian-owned)

Dhoom Events - Indian Wedding DJ Photo from Dhoom Events - Indian Wedding DJ's listing

Dhoom Events prides itself on specializing in South East Asian weddings; however, they can seamlessly create a musical experience for any event you may have. When it comes to wedding DJs, Dhoom Events knows first hand how important it is to take the lead from the couple that they are working with. Their motto is “Your event, your way,” and Dhoom Events seeks to make your wedding as memorable as possible by giving you the experience you will love.

5. Remixologists (Asian-owned)

Remixologists Photo from Remixologists's listing

Remixologists is a team of skilled DJs in the metro NYC area that want to bring the dance party to your wedding. With their client-focused approach, ability to get the crowd on their feet, and desire to keep you and your guests dancing all night, they are guaranteed to give you a musical experience of a lifetime.

6. Finer Touch Entertainment (Black-owned)

Finer Touch Entertainment Photo from Finer Touch Entertainment's listing

With over 25 years in the DJ and entertainment industry, Finer Touch Entertainment’s team of skilled DJs, MCs, bands, and entertainers works closely with each couple to help deliver the music you want for your wedding. Their team offers a full range of services, and with their diverse background you can rest assured that you and your guests will have a night to remember.

7. DJ Avera (Latinx-owned)

DJ Avera Photo from DJ Avera's listing

DJ Avera's energetic style and vast musical knowledge is everything you could want in a wedding DJ. Whether you want to rock out to the classics, or slow it down, DJ Avera has all of your musical bases covered. She works closely with couples to develop a musical program to ensure that it's perfect for you and your guests.

8. Bottino (LGBTQ-owned)

Bottino_NYC Minority-Owned VoC Venues Photo from Bottino's listing

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Bottino is an Italian restaurant with much more than meets the eye. With its stunning backyard space with exposed brick that is able to be used year round, friendly and skilled staff, and delicious food, it's the perfect spot to host your wedding ceremony, reception, and other bridal events.

Zola: Build Your Dream Wedding Team

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