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Frequently asked questions

What questions should we ask wedding videographers?

Aside from logistical questions about packages, pricing, and availability, it’s also important to use your conversation to get a sense of their personality. This person will be with you and your loved ones every step of your wedding day, including, if you want, in the dressing room! It's very important that you and your partner both feel comfortable with them and their working style. Talk about your venue, how you want to feel when you look at your video, and which videos from their portfolio you like best. If you have a photographer already, also ask if they’ve worked with that photographer before, or how they work with photographers generally—both will be trying to capture the same moments!

How much should we tip our wedding videographer?

A good tip ranges anywhere from $50 to $100—perhaps even more if they brought an assistant. If you’re using a larger company, the tip may be included in your contract or fees. Uncertain whether to budget in a tip? You can always wait until you receive your final video, then send a gift or a tip as thanks.

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