15 Spring Engagement Photo Ideas

Spring is in the air, and the flowers are blooming! What better time to capture beautiful springtime engagement session photos? Here's your guide.

By Ruksana Hussain

Spring Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

The flowers are blooming, spring is in the air, and you’ve taken the next step with the love of your life—you’re finally engaged. While you want to live in the moment, it’s important to capture these memories in a way that’s guaranteed to last.

The best way to do this? An engagement photoshoot.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about planning the perfect spring photoshoot:

Plus, we’ll sprinkle some unique and creative photoshoot ideas throughout, so you can start to envision your authentic-looking engagement photos.

Spring Photo Shoot: Big Picture

Now that you’re engaged, you’ll need some professional photos to accompany your announcement. That’s where your engagement photoshoot comes into play. Let’s go over all the elements step by step and help you put together the perfect spring engagement photoshoot.

#1 Style

Engagement photo shoots can be used as the background for save the dates, wedding programs, and even thank you cards. Couples can find inspiration for their wedding photos by checking out Zola’s wide selection of card designs. For a spring photoshoot with a different look, consider these styles:

  • Boho: Couples who opt for bohemian engagement photo sessions can incorporate rustic props, amber lighting, and plenty of natural elements into their setup. This effortless photography style will pair nicely with earthy tones.

  • Photo credit: Etsy

  • Vintage: This is a great way to embody classic romance and utilize the pleasant spring weather. These sweet and wholesome vintage images will look great against rustic brown tones and glamorous gold foil for your wedding invitations.

  • Photo credit: Etsy

  • Minimalist: Simple attire paired with a monochromatic color scheme will work perfectly with chic, minimalist card designs—especially those with crisp lines and pearlescent paper options.

  • Photo credit: Lilly Ingenhoven

  • Floral: Take a traditional approach to your spring engagement photo sessions by incorporating floral and botanical elements into the overall look. Tulip field? Rose garden? Greenhouse? Floral dress? The options are endless.

  • Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

The Bottom Line: Couples can use one of Zola’s pre-made templates for some easy style ideas.

2. Color

Spring is rich with different hues, and the color palette you choose can make a big difference when it comes to a seasonal photoshoot. For a classic look that perfectly embodies the season, try incorporating some of these fresh tones into your spring engagement photos:

  • White: Adding white details—like flowers or balloons—to your spring photoshoot is a great way to lighten up your shots, creating an airy aesthetic. White clothing is also perfect for making hair and skin tones pop and a neutral palette.

  • Photo credit: Amazon

  • Pastels: Pastels and spring go together like “I” and “do.” While many pastel elements can be found directly in nature—such as cherry blossoms or lilacs—don’t be afraid to get creative. Test out pastel details with your clothing.

Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

  • Bright Shades: For the couple that wants their wedding photos to shine as bright as their love, try warm, bright tones in your spring photoshoot. Wildflowers or tulips are easy backdrops that are rich with vibrant tones.

Photo credit: Alamy

  • The Bottom Line: Flowers, clothing, and props are some of the easiest ways to incorporate your favorite shades into a spring photo shoot.

#3 Setting

Unlike the colder months, spring allows for greater flexibility when it comes to outdoor backdrops. While summer engagement photos also feature warm weather, the heat and humidity can often get in the way of a great shot. With mild temperatures, beautiful vegetation, and plenty of outdoor spaces available, there’s no better time than spring to stand in front of the camera. If you require some setting inspiration, give these backdrop ideas a try:

With mild temperatures, beautiful vegetation, and plenty of outdoor spaces available, there’s no better time for a photoshoot than spring. If you require some setting inspiration, give these backdrop ideas a try:

  • Flower Field: If you have flowers nearby, use them. Flowers are the easiest way to convey the look and feel of spring, and a field of flowers will make a great backdrop for any engagement photoshoot.

Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

  • The Beach: With warmer weather on the horizon, spring is the perfect time for a beach photoshoot. The beach offers plenty of options for changes in scenery—you’ll never run out of creative ideas.

Photo credit: Kathryn Cooper Weddings

  • A Park: While a small park may be more intimate and less crowded, a larger park can provide more options for backdrops. Try strolling along the pathways, laying in the grass, or posing on a stone bridge to mix it up.

Photo credit: DIPP Photography

  • Somewhere Personal: You may be inclined to take your engagement photos at a place that’s meaningful to your relationship and shares your love story. Ideas can include the location of your first date, first kiss, or even the spot where you got engaged. Photo credit: Lily & Lime

  • The Bottom Line: Take advantage of this opportunity and choose a location with beautiful, natural backdrops. Make sure you’re wearing the proper clothes to fit the setting.

#4 Outfits

Outfits are an essential part of any good photo, and couples planning a spring engagement shoot have tons of options. Consider some of these spring engagement photo outfit ideas:

  • Breathable Basics: Loose-fitting button-ups and blouses will give you a full range of motion for hugging, holding, and dancing with your fiancé on camera. Flowy pants, dresses, and skirts will add an ethereal vibe.

Photo credit: Idalia Photography

  • Flowy Fabrics: This is especially important for spring engagement session photos since you’ll most likely be outside and moving around quite a bit. Opt for breathable, airy fabrics—like cotton, linen, or silk.

Photo credit: Wandering Weddings

  • Hats: Hats can make a great accessory for a spring photoshoot, but you’ll want to make sure you choose the right kind. Wide-brimmed sun hats are a stylish option that fits perfectly with a springtime theme.

Photo credit:Rocky Mountain Bride

  • Fun Prints: Now that the sun is out, your wardrobe can reflect the happiness and vibrancy of the weather. Floral, paisley, and polka-dots are some fun options that evoke the energetic feeling of spring.

Photo credit: My Sweet Engagement

  • The Bottom Line: For the perfect spring photoshoot, you’ll want to wear something airy, breathable, and cheery. Opt for light colors, flowy shapes, and festive prints.

Spring Photo Shoot Dos and Don’ts

Below are some common issues you may encounter when preparing for a spring photoshoot, plus ways to make the process easier on yourself, your partner, and your photographer.


  • Book Your Photographer ASAP: For a proper engagement photoshoot, you’ll want to take your photos as soon as possible. Book ahead to secure a top-notch photographer during what’s often the busiest wedding season of the year.

  • Bring Multiple Outfits: You don’t have to haul an entire wardrobe to the photoshoot, but a quick change or two never hurt anybody. Not only will different outfits help diversify your shots, but they can also come in handy in the event of a dreaded stain.

  • Coordinate With Your Partner: Complementary or similar colors lend themselves to a more seamless look. Pick out clothes that are equally formal (or casual), and make sure one person isn’t overshadowed by the other in terms of style.

  • Show Off Your Wedding Photography: In addition to using these photos on saving the dates and wedding programs, you can also add them to your very own wedding website. Fortunately, Zola makes it easy for couples to customize their free wedding websites.


  • Be Distracting: When it comes to engagement photos, avoid wearing anything too distracting. Logos, graphic T-shirts, and clashing colors and patterns are some common mistakes that fall under this category. Try to keep your attire subtle yet stylish.

  • Cover Your Face: While a nice sun hat can make a great addition to your spring attire, make sure it's angled in a way that doesn’t hide your face. The same goes for long hair, sunglasses, and even each other during certain poses. Avoid covering one another’s faces.

  • Forget Touch Ups: From rogue winds to unexpected showers, you never know what’s in store on a spring day. If you’re wearing makeup, bring a compact for last-minute touch-ups. Keeping a comb, hair spray, and deodorant on hand never hurts, either.

The Bottom Line: Planning is always a good idea for an engagement photoshoot. There’s no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to looking your best.

Put a Spring in Your Step with Zola

The number one way to ensure your wedding planning goes smoothly? Using Zola, of course.

From finding the right engagement and wedding photographer to designing gorgeous, customizable paper products that feature your springtime session front and center, Zola is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding. You can add your stunning shots to your free wedding website, your save-the-date templates, and your thank you cards—without an ounce of design experience or editing expertise.

With Zola’s easy, affordable, and stylish features, you’ll have everything you need to show off your stunning engagement and wedding photography for the world to see. Take the guesswork out of wedding planning, and get everything you need in one place, with Zola.

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